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Master of the Airwaves

We have been Phil Hendrie fans since the first time we heard him debate the security specialist, Brad Rifkin, on airport and airplane security while returning from a LA Clippers game one night long ago. We continued to listen as Phil had his many guests each night. We became hooked even foregoing television to listen to Phil. Phil has to be the most addictive radio personality on the air today. Without Phil, nighttime radio in LA would be a barren desert. He was finally syndicated by October 1999! Now the whole country hearing Phil and all the great guests he has on "the stinking show".

Phil with us at a CD signing!

We have become diehard Phil Hendrie fans, falling into the first type of Phil listener, fans who understand exactly what the Phil Hendrie show is all about. The second type fan , like the first type, understands exactly Phil's humor but will attempt to call in and get past the screener to add to the show (a difficult task with Mike Crozier screening). The third type of listener is clueless about the show and does not realize that they are as much a part of the show as Margaret Gray, the late R.C. Collins, Steve Bosell, Bobby Dooley, Daryl Weber, Mavis Leonard, Bud Dickman et. al.

So check out these links especially our links on Phil's guests which we update as often as we can.. We like to think it is a very comprehensive guest list from "the stinking show"! Any additional info on these guests is always appreciated. Just email us. Most new guests are found on " Oh Sweet Jesus , Will They Never End?" or "Phil's Guests Are As Vast As Phil's Mind".

Our Favorite Phil Guests

Featuring Mavis Leonard, Margaret Gray, Brad Rifkin, Darryl Weber, Harvey Wireman, and Bobby Dooley.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, Do They Never End?

Featuring Roland Selb, Jeff Dowder, Clara Devore, Lloyd Bonifide, Bud Dickman, Chris Norton, Robert Green, Austin Amarca, and Brass Vallejos.

More Guests Of Phil

Featuring Jim Seals, Steve Bozell, RC Collins, Ted Bell, Jay Santos, Rudy Canoza, and Doug Danger.

Phil's Guests Are As Vast As Phil's Mind

Featuring Clara Barrett, Orville James Simpson, Mavis Gardner, Roland Howe, Bob Green, Austin Webb, Art of LA, Dr. Jim Saddler and Al Darkman.

Is the Caller There?

Featuring David Oliva, Father Dwayne Poppick, Bob Bakian, Brigadier Johnson Jameison, Art Bell, Nick Cardale, David G. Hall, George Milliken, Raj Fineen, Charlie LaFountain, Karl Mizla and Warren Benman.

Lawsuits by Steve Bozell

We mourn the death of a dear friend, the late great ShuckandJive page. It was a watermark in the Phil Hendrie landscape. But like the Phoenix of old rising from the ashes, so has a new site, My Crappy Site.

Phil Hendrie Links

Roary's Great Phil Sound Page--Brand NEW!!
Planet KPOP, A Legend In Its Own Time
The Hendrie Catapult, A Unique Site
Atomic Martini Productions Miami Archives
Brett Bayne's Hendrie Diaries, A must See!
The Phil Hendrie Show
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Sweet Jesus, Jamal's Great Summary of Guests
See the 1999 Cartoon of Phil
Phil Hendrie, Jackball or Genius?
MetaSpy, Site Phil Talks About
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Your Phil Hendrie Fan Club
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New Phil Hendrie Sound Page
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A New Phil Hendrie Site

Join Jim Sweeney's Unofficial official E-Mail List. You can subscribe by going to Phil Hendrie News Groupor email . Put the word subscribe in the body of the message.
This forum is the best Phil Hendrie Forum on the Net!!(Well, ok it is the only one of two but it is still the best!!)

phil signing cds

Clearly Phil is a special celebrity who really cares. His nonchalant attitude screens a man with deep concerns and passion for charity. Phil has earned over $170,000 from the sales of his Best of Phil Hendrie '98 CD for My Friend's Place.

Phil has made over $150,000 for My Friend's Place from sales of The Best of 1999. Way to go Phil!

The first official signing of the Best of '99 took place at Rock Honda in Fontana CA on Dec 18, 1999. Over 500 people came out and $10,000 was made for My Friend's Place. Go to The official Phil Web Site and you can order it online for $20 plus $3 something shipping and handling. The CD is great. If you love Phil Hendrie you will want this CD. We just hope Phil will keep making an annual CD! The Best of 2000 "The #1 Rated Phil Hendrie Show is now out and has already made over $150,000 as of August 10 2001. Phil was going to name His Best of 2001 tentatively "I Do All the Voices, You VCR Hugging Geeks"! but finally decided on Bring It On. Go to the official site to order it or click My Friend's Place on this page to order it.


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