Cancel, Cover and Open Category Competiton of the Month.

All club members present at the monthly meeting can submit one entry for the Cancellation, Cover and Open Competition of the month.

Cancel of the month (Category 1): The cancel of the month entrant shall be a single loose postage stamp from the Netherlands and related areas, with a cancellation.

Cover of the month (Category 2): The cover of the month entrant shall be a cover, entire or postcard, postal card, address card, or other card suitable for mailing.

Open competition (Category 3): Open competition shall include those items not encompassed by categories 1 and 2. It can include cancels on pairs, triples, and higher, and on piece, and documents not directly going through the mails.

On presentation of the entry to the club, the members in attendance, except the President or in his absence, the presiding officer, will by majority vote, elect the most desirable cancellation, cover and open category presented. In the case of a tie vote, the presiding officer will cast the deciding vote. Upon completing the vote, all entries submitted will be returned to their respective owners. A copy of the winning entry will be retained by the secretary, or other member assigned this task, who will accumulate all monthly winning entries. The winning entries will be presented to the membership and wives at the annual dinner and again a vote will be taken as described above.

December 2003

Cancellation of the Month
(Cancel of the Month, December 2003; entered by Bill Chevalier)

A small round cancel on the 5 cent
Princess Wilhelmina (NVPH # 35, Scott # 41)

Town: Berlikum, located in the provonce of Friesland
NW of the capital Leeuwarden

Date: 16 MRT 95 (March 16, 1895)

Time: 12-8 V (between midnight and 8 AM)

(Don’t) Deliver on Sunday
(Cover of the month, December 2003; entered by Hans Kremer)

During the first half of the last century mail was still delivered on Sunday. Some religious groups objected to this. To let the sender decide if he/she wanted his/her letter delivered on Sunday special stickers were issued.

The first sticker came out in 1912. It had a red text on a yellow background: “Niet Bestellen op Zondag” (Don’t deliver on Sunday).

July 1920 the second sticker, shown here, came out “Bestellen op Zondag” (Deliver on Sunday). It had a white text against a blue background.

End 1925 the third type became available. Again “Bestellen op Zondag” (white text; red background), followed in 1934 with the fourth and last version, red on yellow background “Op Zondag Bestellen”.

Sunday mail delivery came to an end in April 1940.

The cover shown here was mailed on 9-10-1921, which was, as expected, on a Saturday.

(Third Category winner, December 2003; entered by Hans Kremer)

Starting in 1925 the Dutch PTT sold advertising rights to local governments. The advertising was done by applying cancels on all outgoing mail. The cancels were applied by hand at the postoffices and contained a text promoting a particular strong aspect of the municipality.

Over the years 53 different municipalities in all took advantage of this opportunity.

The last towns making use of this type of cancel (during the 1970’s) were Aalsmeer, Lisse and Waalwijk.

The cancel shown here was used at the Middenbeemster and Noordbeemster postoffices from March 1926 through the end of 1927. These towns ar located about 15 miles North of Amsterdam, in the province of Noord-Holland.

The text: “IN BEEMSTER GAARD UW EIGEN HAARD” can roughly be translated as
‘Make your home on the soil of the Beemster’.

The Beemster used to be a lake but became a polder in 1629.