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NKOTB birthdays! Personology reports of the New Kids On The Block! Joe McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg
Get the scoop on your fave New Kid, based on his birthday. Check it out, it's really interesting!

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May 14


May 14 people are quick to recognize both present and future opportunities. Extremely modern and up-to-date in their outlook, they may even have an eye to how the world will appear one or two hundred years from now. Yet they live and work squarely in the present. Some born on this day display a marked disinterest in the past and largely regard tradition as a collection of bad habits. Not surprisingly then, May 14 people are not at all shy about making a break with traditional methods in their field of endeavor. They have more confidence in their own plans than what is written in the book, unless of course they have written the book themselves.

With great nervous energy those born on this day push themselves on, seeking perfection, but their need to eliminate all faults from what they do can be a bit extreme. As a matter of fact, it is May 14 people's capacity for moderation that bears most strongly on their success; those who can't pace themselves tend to wear themselves out, and their highly critical focus places strain on family, friends and co-workers. It can, of course, be difficult for a child to please a May 14 parent, at least where performance is concerned.

Although hard-driving and demanding, the emotional affect of those born on this day is usually low-key, and they can be very private in regard to spiritual matters. Typically, May 14 people are alternately dynamic and contemplative. It may, therefore, be difficult for those who live and work with them to know when to approach and when to stay away. Should they catch a May 14 person in the wrong mood, they may be sorry indeed. May 14 people are not the most patient with those who misunderstand them. They strongly prefer that work be done in sync with their own rhythm, which at one time may be maddeningly slow, at another lightning quick. Generally, however, those born on this day favor a measured pace, not wishing to rush over details.

Because they are often ahead of their time, May 14 people may be misunderstood and even scorned at the beginning of their career. They demand respect, however, and sooner or later others begin to appreciate the value of their work. Basically, it just takes people a hit of time to catch up with them.

May 14 people faced with an acute physical disability or disease often combat it by mentally shrugging it off, refusing to be daunted. As a matter of fact, most obstacles in their path tend to be ignored. More highly evolved May 14 people will, however, give ear to critics they respect, and assimilate good advice. This proves exceedingly valuable; those who refuse to listen face the danger of both mental and physical burnout as the years pass. May 14 people will learn that their energy is not inexhaustible nor their recuperative capacity unlimited. It is also important for them to realize that they can ultimately achieve much more when those around them are allowed to feel grounded in their own sense of time and values.

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May 17


May 17 people have a fundamental approach to life and a desire to get down to basics. Those born on this day are inevitably involved in making simple, though , often quite profound statements, be they artistic, economic or political. Their refusal to deal in any unnecessary complexities or compromise their beliefs marks an unusually straightforward approach to life.

May 17 people are not noted for their tact; they usually say just what they think--take it or leave it. This attitude is likely to arouse antagonism as well as win support. Although they would seem to be reducing problems by avoiding complications, just the opposite usually happens. Controversy often swirls around them, when what they might prefer is just to be left alone. Those born on this day are not quiet, but neither do they give away a lot about themselves, usually playing their cards close to the vest. It may be difficult to get them to open up emotionally, but if they trust someone they will be quite honest about what they are feeling. This matter of trust is crucial to them, therefore theirs is not won easily. Perhaps May 17 people could be less guarded and more accepting of the good intentions of others.

Those born on this day tend to be very proud, however, preferring not to ask help from anyone; they are usually solo players, going it alone in most situations. But though they may not advertise it, they have a deep need for affection, particularly for the emotional support of family and friends. Behind the cool armor of a physically formidable or even forbidding presence, there is an emotional side, which can be tender as a pussycat or wild as a caged tiger itching to break out. Those born on this day particularly should avoid the use of hallucinogenic or mind-expanding drugs which can have the effect of releasing volatile emotions in a most destructive manner.

May 17 people may appear fanatical, so great is their zeal for what they do. Their powers of concentration are remarkable, their ability to responsibly produce great, but their health and staying power often fail them in the long run. More highly evolved May 17 individuals will learn to channel their energy in a steady and less highly charged manner, and to be happy and content with themselves.

Sometimes those born on May 17 are frustrated with their lot in life, deeply dissatisfied with what they have to do to survive, and come to be filled with resentment over it. They must learn to either accept their situation, even embrace it joyfully, or change their outlook or occupation and move in a different direction. They are less likely to opt for the latter alternative, however, for once they embark on a course they usually see it through to the end, be it bitter or sweet. Simply learning to be happy is probably the greatest single challenge to those born on this day.

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December 31


Those born on December 31 are drawn toward aesthetic experiences of many types. In their careers they often work to promote beauty or harmony in one form or another., Indeed, many December 31 people display what amounts to a worship of literature, art and music. But since making something beautiful often involves first getting rid of ugliness, those born on this day can also be concerned with locating, exposing and eliminating disturbing elements in the world around them.

December 31 people must beware of dictating to others concerning what is or is not beautiful. They may need to be reminded that their opinions, no matter how studied, are simply another person's taste. Yet many December 31 people have an unerring sense of the needs of their society and perhaps a good idea of how to satisfy them. They are usually up-to-date pragmatists, not easily given to sentimentality or reactionary attitudes. Perhaps those born on this day are at their best when at the forefront of a mission to promote beauty and stamp out ugliness. All things that are ugly are a personal affront to them.

December 31 people can be very much taken up with their own personal appearance and the image they convey to others. Consequently they are usually well-groomed, well-dressed and put their best foot forward in social or business situations. They are less superficially narcissistic as practical; they understand that first impressions count and that one doesn't always second chance.

Harmony, stability and beauty are the principal ideals which December 31 people strive for in their personal and family lives. Rarely do they cause trouble when things are going well. Their self-knowledge rates high and with it an accompanying knack for satisfying their needs without arousing too much opposition. They know very well what they can and what they cannot do. Because they rarely take on a job they are incapable of finishing, they often succeed in their endeavors. Their goals may be modest ones, but they are attainable.

Less highly evolved December 31 people must beware of getting carried away by a crusading attitude and arousing antagonisms, negative energy and accompanying failures. They must learn to go about their business in a quiet, unassuming way and achieve the same results with half the trouble. Usually big displays of emotion work against December 31 people, and most born on this day are aware of this.

December 31 people know what side their bread is buttered on, and would prefer not to rock the boat, but if forced to make their opinions known can surprise others with views. Indeed, success often depends on their ability to bring their idealism and their pragmatism into balance with each other.

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August 17


Those born on August 17 are powerful and explosive individuals. They have the high wattage of those born on the previous day, with whom they have much in common, but unlike the latter are very taken up with running the show. Their drive to rule has the underpinnings of a well-established earthiness which grounds their dynamic energies. Most August 17 people, men and women, are dominating authoritarians at heart, who do not brook any challenge to their right to rule whether acting as parents, teachers, military people or even friends. Indeed, those born on this day often run into trouble when their controlling nature becomes too hard for others to handle.

Paradoxically, August 17 people can display a very quiet and even solitary temperament and a strong desire to protect their private life. Outside of their work or social involvements they would prefer to be left alone. Though very outgoing at times, perhaps "the life of the party," they are hardly wanton exhibitionists, preferring not to waste their energies in grand displays. Those born on this day carry a certain refinement and charm with them, but can also be forbidding enough to keep admirers at arms length.

One of the greatest challenges to August 17 people is to control their argumentative side, along with a tendency to be alternately antagonistic or defensive. If allowed free reign, such urges can create serious difficulties for them, not only making enemies but also alienating friends and family. Those who love and understand August 17 people will try to cope with this untamed energy and readily forgive explosive words and actions. But there reaches a point where those born on this day may push the tolerance of others too far.

Psychologically, many August 17 people exhibit such behavior because of hidden insecurities and repressed inferiority feelings carried over from childhood. Typically, they have experienced serious problems with one of their parents (often of the same sex) whom they alternately hated and adored. In addition, they may not have taken the pains to really know themselves, and thus when encountering misfortune may brood or grow frustrated rather than learn from experience. Perhaps psychological counseling can help those born on this day to understand themselves better.

Because of their deep natures and their sophisticated thought patterns, these versatile people have a great deal to offer in many areas if they can get a handle on their energies. Though August 17 people very rarely act with malicious intent, they can be driven by forces beyond their control, forces often kept bottled up inside. Various forms of mental discipline can help them manage these "hurricane" energies, i.e., learning to monitor early warning signs and calm the winds before a storm develops.

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November 29


Those born on November 29 have a knack for provoking others--sometimes to thought, at other times to conflict. They like to stir up the pot and usually their presence alone leads to some change in the status quo. Sometimes branded as troublemakers, they are not overly concerned with what others think of them.

November 29 people know how to push emotional buttons. They can get great mileage out of a cutting comment, a raised eyebrow or a telling silence. They may in fact regard themselves as watchdogs of the truth, and woe to anyone who presumes to depart from it! Their capacity to punish such transgressors can be frightening, since they know exactly where and when to strike. They must beware, however, that just punishment does not turn sadistic and lose its underlying integrity.

November 29 people may not contribute so much to the stability of social and political institutions but they certainly keep them honest and on their toes. In their personal life those born on this day do tend to hang in there and can actually provide security for their family and friends in the long run. They are a bit like a stationary hurricane--whirling around but not necessarily leaving anytime soon. Those who dare to enter into the hurricane's eye can be sure that they will be protected from harmful outside influences.

The person who suffers most, ordinarily, from the labile emotions and unsettled feelings of a November 29 person is that person him/herself. They may cause trouble for others, but it is difficult to imagine what it is like to be under their skin. This feeling of being uncomfortable with themselves and at the mercy of their own internal process is one which more perceptive people can see in them.

As far as ambition and drive are concerned, November 29 people are usually far too busy with everyday matters and their own personal problems to think about conquering the world. Socially and careerwise, they often reach a certain level and stay there. However, through their talent for surviving attacks they may be able to go on wielding their provocative influences for quite a long time. If there is a danger that they will be deposed from their perch, it is most likely from colleagues who grow tired of wrestling with them over matters of contention. The same thing may be true of patient mates and friends, who eventually figure that life would be a lot simpler (albeit more boring) without their contentiousness. If November 29 people wish to a happier life they must learn to be a bit less provocative and sometimes let things run their own course.

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