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Mrs. Urbach's Gifted and Talented "Challenge" Home Page

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Challenge Web Pages

Mrs. Urbach's Gifted and Talented Resource Web Page

Individuals Who Have Had A Positive Influence On Our Culture and World

Mrs. Urbach Presents Notable Presidents

Independent Study Resource Links

Lessons for Challenge

5th Grade Tiger Challenge Class

Revolutionary War Project

Lesson Plans for Citizenship Proficiency

Civil War Page

Oregon Trail Project

Women In American History

Social Studies Teacher's Lesson Plans and Links

Escape To Freedom: Underground Railroad Project

English Class

Take This Job and Love It: Career Activity Page

Fun Page

Bloom's Taxonomy

English Class

Fun Page

Civil War Page

Citizenship Proficiency Page

Homework Helpers

Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

The Internet Public Library

Math Forum

Ask Dr. Math

Kathy Schrock's Mathematics Page

Encarta Encyclopedia

Education Index

Welcome to NASA's Quest Project

United Nations Cyber School Bus

The Whitehouse

The Library of Congress

American Memory: Library of Congress


Educational TV & Radio

The Discovery Channel

The History Channel

PBS 45 & 49

PBS Online

NPR Online


Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Channel

A&E's Biography

The News





USA Today

The New York Times

WFMJ Channel 21

WKBN Channel 27

WYTV Channel 33

[1staroll]Teacher Resources and Web Pages

High School Graduation Qualifying Exam

Marcia's Lesson Plans

Education World Lesson Plans

Teachers Helping Teachers: Lesson Plans

The Learning Page

ALPS: Harvard Teacher Resources

The Global School House

The School Page

Teacher Features

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Lesson Plans and Resources For Social Studies Teachers

Crossroads American History Resources

Lesson Plans for Citizenship Proficiency

Oz's Kingdom: a History Teacher's Web Page

NCSS Teaching Resources

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

Walls' Lakeview High School History Web Page

Teacher Tid Bytes

National PTA

Mrs. Robinson: Newton Falls Junior and Senior High School English Teacher's Web Page

Mr. Baker: Newton Falls High School Social Studies Teacher

Kimmy Smith, An English Teacher's Web Page

National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

ADD and ADHD Information

CHADD: Children and Adults With ADD

ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted

Gifted But Learning Disabled

Center For Applied Motivation

Newton Falls Junior and Senior High School Web Page

Trumbull County Educational Service Center

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Zoom Cable Internet Provider

Cboss Local Community Page

Newton Falls Community Web Page (NFIN)