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This particular matrilineal order has it’s lineage ties directly to prophet Mohammad (sws), his first wife Khatija (ra), and the seven paternal-fraternal orders at the earliest eras of Islam in Central Asian Sufism.During the soviet regime all the Sufi orders became inactive or suppressed in underground hiding to practice their spiritual beliefs. After the liberation of Central Asian countries, all the male orders became dominant assimilating many female orders into their branches. Many of the females Sufis who were liberated emerged into a new era,and were encompassed into the paternal-fraternal orders, excepting one matrilineal order which had remained active. Sufi matrilineal order “Nabi Gul Nur Jihaniyya” also known as "tariqat Gul Nur Jihanniya". This order still holds it’s many ties with the a few male dominated Sufi orders in Central Asia and else where in the world as listed here:








Matrilineal Sufi order Gul Nur Jihaniyya had cell groups world wide, each having an grandmother Atin-Oy –apkaiys - murshidas - teacher who presides over the women members called murids-students.These Atin-Oy apkaiys - murshidas are independent cell groups from each other, and operate with their own duties towards their students, and touch bases with their spiritual grandmother grand sheykha-Piri head of the order once a year or as needed basis.

The first founding father was Prophet Mohammad (svs), and his first wife Khatija bint al- Kubra (ra), who was the mother of this particular order,and especially women’s orders, and all Sufi orders. In the early modern eras of Sufi matrilineal order “ Nabi Gul Nur Jihaniyya,” the spiritual head administrator of this order, was Es Sayed Grand sheykh-Pir Mustapha Nazim Razviy until his death in 1600s. The kalifat-line passed onto his eldest daughter Es Sayeda sheykha-Piri Mamouneh Gulnur bint Razviy, who became the head administrator until her death in 1800s. The kalifat-line then passed onto her young son Es Sayed sheykh-Pir Mohammad Kabir Razviy, whose premature death occurred during WW II. The kalifat-line was passed onto his eldest daughter Es Seyeda Kubra Nur Jihan bint Razviy, who was just a young child at that time, and her maternal grandmother was given charge of her young granddaughter’s spiritual care.

On the maternal side of young child, granddaughter of Es Seyeda Sheykh-Piri Margoubeh Khani Utush, who was then also was the spiritual administrator until her death in mid 20th century. The kalifat –line was passed onto her granddaughter then young woman Es Seyeda sheykha-Piri Kubra Nur Jihan bint Razviy. Who became the head spiritual administrator on into the present day matrilineal Sufi order Gul Nur Jihaniyya.

The head quarters for this matrilineal order were originally in Central Asian countries,of Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Khazakistan and Tajikistan, with a small branch in China and Turkey. The original head quarters moved to the United States in the late 20th century; where young woman Es Seyeda sheykha-Piri Kubra Nur Jihan bint Razviy resides, and presided over her variety of duties. Es Seyeda sheykha-Piri Kubra Nur Jihan Razviy is known today by her given titled name: Es seyeda sheykha-Piri “Ane-Nuranem- Grandmother of Light”, a very appropriate,honorable title that was bestowed upon her by brother sheykh-Pir of Yessaviyya order in Uzbekistan.Presently she is affectionately known by all who know her as "Piri Nuranem," and is currently retired from her primary work, as professor-practioner of Alternative Medicine theraphies,Ethno-Botanical Nutrition, and Comparitive Religions in medicine.Upon her retirement it freed some more time,enabling her to concentrate on her varied duties consisting of: Sufi Spiritual Counseling. Education - Dawah. Eclectic writings. Research, and Natural Sufi healing. Radiant Valley Association was a Sufi oriented cottage entity within the umbrella of Tariqat Gul Nur Jihaniyya. All the products were handmade, designed, handcrafted, and were lovingly made for mostly women and children,and also included were many other free services.Currently sheykha -Piri Nuranem and entity R.V.A., are retired. A Hu!

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