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Michael Rushton's
1975 Cosworth Vega


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This is me working on my Vega


Right now my 1975 Cosworth Vega is still being re-assembled. I have hundreds of hours in the body work. There was surface rust on the bottom 10 inches of the body and the top sides look like it was left out in a hail storm. My friend Laurie Daniels (a professional bodyman) did the high skill work and I did most of the sandblasting and body sanding. Because it is black, I wanted it perfectly straight. After the bodywork we put on one gallon of DuPont urethane primer, followed by two gallons of fill primer. There was much block sanding between coats of primer. Laurie was a bodyman at GM garage when Vegas were new and he says that the car is better than the factory paint now. We used DuPont Chroma urethane for the topcoat and it is STRAIGHT!!

It is a rare Chevrolet Vega in that it came with a 4 valve per cylinder dual overhead cam engine designed by Cosworth Engineering for Formula racing. Other unique features of Cosworths included: cast alloy wheels from England, stainless steel tri-Y headers and multi-port computer controlled fuel injection. Each car was numbered with a special dash placque. My Car is #1194.

It is a black 4 speed car with a black vinyl interior. I have stripped it down to bare metal, taken out the windows and sandblasted away the rust. The car was all original except the multi-port fuel injection was replaced by Weber 42DCOE side draft carbs -- 2 x two barrels. I rebuilt the motor, starter,water pump, carbs and alternator. I put in a new clutch, door/hatch and hood rubbers, battery, brakes, shocks, NOS carpet, and 205 / 60R13 Comp T/A tires. All new paint and a new stripe kit finish the job.

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