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Unofficial MelissaFerrickGuitarTab

Unofficial MelissaFerrickGuitarTablature


all tablature at this site may only be used for private study,

scholarship, or research and any claims expressed below

are not the responsibility of melissa ferrick, her management,

or record company.

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Asking For Love

Blind Side

Blue Sky Night

Break Up Song

Crack The Mirror

Cracker Jack Kid

Do It Over

Don't Say Goodbye



Everything I Need


Favorite Person In The World

Fear And Time

Feel Like Makin' Love

For Once In My Life


Frog Named Freddy

Gotta Go Now

Happy Song

Hello Dad


Hold On

Honest Eyes

I Am Done

I Am Not

I Like It That Way

I Still Love You

It's Alright

I Will Arrive

Let Me Go

Little Love

Love Song

Massive Blur


North Carolina

One Night Stand

Particular Place To Be

Sky Above

Some Kinda Nerve

Somebody Help Me

Somehow We Get There

Stand Still

The Stranger

Taken A Liking

Ten Friends

Then So It Is

This Is Love

Til You're Dead

Time Flies

To Feel Real

To Let You See Me

Trouble In My Head

Welcome To My Life

When You Left

Will You Be The One

Willing To Wait

Win Em' Over

You've Known It All Along

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