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Austin's Art

Work In Progress
Hello, my name is Austin Jordan Yarbrough, I am 6 years old.

We will be celebrating my birthday on April 13.

Here is some of my art work, which my mom is collecting for the time when I am all grown up and become a famous artist :o) for now, you need to be patient, she is just learning html and her pages are very-very slow.

To see some of my art work, please come back soon, or go to the Nurturing Center on the page called "Art", where you can learn some wonderful ways to use crayons.

Here is my first real painting, I made it with crayons and acrylic paints, this is a portrait of my most favorite companion, her name is Limie, she is becoming "REAL" her coat is very soft and a bit old in some areas, she lost half of her eye, and I don't even remember how :o( ...but I love her just the same, all the time.

If you would like to visit my mom's other sites they are
linked here...