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This site is dedicated to my wife!
She has been very patient with me!

This site is about collecting camel images from around the WWW,
so if you like, please feel free to look around, send me images,
urls, or contact me about camels.

Why camels, you might ask? Well my initials, and my sons initials, are KML.
I got the nickname of Kamel from friends at high school and I gave the
nickname Kamelito to my son.

Then when I was about 18 I made a kiln fired camel and started my collection.
Now, many years later I have about three to four hundred camels,
made out of just about everything.
They are from all over the world, from the middle east to Russia
to Las Vegas and a few from right here in San Diego, Ca.
Even my sister, a great artist, has made me a few.

If you would like to share your images, stories,
like to find out about my collection or tell
me about yours, please email me.
I would love to hear from other collectors!

Please go to my other pages to see what I have found on the great WWW

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Be sure to check out my links page, it is taking on an international flavor!
There is also a link to a site called that
deals with the more serious aspects of camels.

If you click on the Collections link in the table below
you will find some pictures of my collection and
some of a collection sent to me by a visitor to my site.

I was contacted by an artist named D. Meister, she found my site
and noticed I had four of her paintings. She sent me two more!!
I moved them to thier own page and put a link to her site. How great
would it be to have a camel painting personally commisioned.
Click on the Meister link in the table below to see her beautiful work.

visitor pics

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