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KeithV in San Diego


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I have now built a website to encourage RS America owners to join the Porsche Club of America RS America Registry - which I am now the Registrar for.

If you are interested in RS Americas please go to

Hello, welcome to my website, my name is Keith Verlaque and I'm an ardent fan of Porsche cars. I am fortunate enough to have owned three 911's. I currently own a Fly Yellow 1993 911 RS America, which I bought to replace my guards red 1986 3.2L Carrera (see pictures below), I also owned a 1977 Carrera 3.0 in England in the mid eighties.
My enthusiasm for the marque led me to join the Porsche Club of America - San Diego Region. The amount of fun I've had learning and laughing with PCA-SDR has significantly increased my enjoyment of Porsche ownership, by both driving and socialising with people who really know how to have fun with a Porsche!
My involvement with PCA has increased to the point where in 1999 I was very proud to be elected to the office of President of San Diego Region - which currently has over 1300 members in San Diego alone.
The images below are just a few random thoughts and ideas I feel might be of interest to likeminded car enthusiasts (read "Porsche fans").

1993 911 RS America

The car below is my 1993 911 RS America. According to a certificate of authenticity that was issued by the Porsche factory in Stuttgart, out of a total of 649 RS Americas built in 1993, this is one of only three that were special ordered in "Fly yellow" which is not a Porsche colour and is significantly brighter than Porsches' speed yellow. This particular hue is favored by certain Italian cars - FIAT's and the like! I've entered the car in a couple of concours events with some success, but I much prefer to autocross it.

The "RS" stands for Renn Sport - which loosely translates from German as Sport Racing. The RS cars were a lightened, limited edition of the 1993 2 wheel drive 911 Carrera (C2) and were only made for one model year to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original 1973 Carrera RS.

The original 1973 RS was 2.7L, had 210 bhp and was available in Europe but not in the US. Porsche decided to build the '93 RS both to European spec and a limited number in compliance with US regulations. These models were 3.6L and the factory quoted 247 bhp. with a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 162 mph. The US spec cars were assigned the name RS America.
Due to larger than expected customer orders, Porsche continued to build RS Americas through '93 and therefore some cars were not released until '94.

The '93 RS was basically a variant of the C2 stripped of certain "creature comfort" options to save weight. Deleted items include rear seats (which were replaced with two storage compartments), sunroof, air conditioning, radio/stereo and sound deadening between the engine and the passenger compartment. Interestingly enough, RS Americas built in 1994 were NOT fitted with the two storage compartments but instead had two rear seats per the regular C2.
The 911 C2 Turbo 17" wheels were standard equipment as were light weight door panels with no storage compartments and a webbing strap instead of the standard (heavier) interior door handle mechanism.
My car was ordered with all four options available for the RS, which are: limited slip differential, sunroof, air-conditioning and a radio with 2 speakers.
It is also equipped with dealer installed electrically adjustable door mirrors - a vital racing accessory!

The easiest way to recognize an RS America is that it has the large fixed rear spoiler or "whaletail" as opposed to the regular C2 "letterbox" type motor-driven spoiler that mechanically deploys and stows depending on vehicle speed. Additionally there is an "RS" decal in front of each rear wheel well at the aft end of the door sill and of course the "RS America" rear deck lid emblem.
When the cars were delivered to the US, the "RS America" emblem and side decals were shipped loose in the glove compartment and dealers were given an instruction sheet showing to how to correctly locate the emblems on the car. Consequently, not all RS Americas are fitted with model identification badges.

Street Vs Track.

When the RS America was introduced it was the cheapest 911 available and sold for $10,000 less than a fully equipped C2. Ironically, at todays prices the market value of an RSA is approximately $10,000 higher than a C2 in similar condition with similar mileage.

RS Americas in Sacramento at Porsche Parade 2000

Porsche Parade is the Porsche Club of America's annual event where Regions from all over the USA get together for one week in a different city each year. In 2000 it was in Sacramento California and over 700 Porsches entered.

The pictures are of the five RS Americas that ran in the autocross at CAL-EXPO in Sacramento, plus an additional black car that didn't compete but who's owner didn't require much persuasion to come and join the group photo's.

Click here to view more RS Americas at Parade 2000

1986 911 3.2 Carrera

The car below is the 1986 3.2 Carrera in which I began learning to Autocross with the San Diego Region of the Porsche Club of America.

It may not be a Turbo S ...

... but I really enjoyed it during the 3 years I owned it!!!!

The rest of the cars on this site do NOT and have never belonged to me .... ..............Unfortunately !!

The 993 Turbo S

This is Porsche's 911 Turbo S ... the production equivalent of the fabled 959 of the mid to late eighties. This vehicle was developed by Porsche for the "discerning" customer who's requirements surpass those of the "regular" twin Turbocharged four wheel drive 400 bhp street car. With approximately 500bhp on hand, a top speed of something in excess of 200 mph, and a zero to 100mph time below most cars 0 - 60 mph times, it is certain to quell all but the largest appetites for acceleration, top speed and handling.

The 996 Turbo

This is Porsche's 911 Turbo for the year 2000 ... the production supercar that takes over from the hallowed 993 Twin Turbo as Porsches performance flagship.
With 415bhp powering all four wheels, a top speed of 189 mph, and a zero to 60mph time 4.2 seconds, it is more than adequately equipped to fit the bill.

"OK, but if it really WAS my car, you would date me .... right?"

Porsche's 50th Anniversary at Laguna Seca

The above picture shows some (not all) of the Porsche racing cars that competed at the 1998 Monterey Historic races at Laguna Seca racetrack to celebrate Porsche's 50th Anniversary year. These were historically significant cars, ranging from Porsches first Le-Mans winner to Carrera Panamericana race winners and even several of the legendary 917 Can-Am cars including the Sunoco 917-30 with 1500 bhp and also the Paris-Dakar winning 959. These cars were not just around for show, they were being driven ..... and hard! So hard in fact, that several times wheels were locked up going into turns with too much speed and many drivers got the car sideways at least once. The Sunoco 917 was spun at turn 2 and came to rest within three feet of the armco. Imagine having to go and tell the Stuttgart management (who were all present at the event) "Sorry ... but I just totalled the Porsche Museum's most prized exhibit!"

Porsches' 911 GT3 as supplied from the factory "ready to race" ...

..... (trying very hard to look as sharp as my street car!!)

The Rothmans 956.

The Rothmans 956 at the Laguna Seca 1998 Monterey Historic races for Porsches 50th Anniversary.

The last of the air-cooled 911 models - the 993 - in Twin turbocharged form, with full factory aerokit. The colour co-ordinated wheels are an option that personally, I would NOT select.

What is a Panamericana?

Above is the Porsche design study or one-off "concept car" from 1986 called the Panamericana. Although the Panamericana never entered production, aspects of its design were used. For example the lighting was developed to become the 993's "Litronic" system. The "radical" zip-out canvas roof shows a strong resemblance to the sliding glass Targa roof that also appeared on the 993. This car was displayed in September 1998 at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles as part of the museums "Tribute to Porsche". Personal thanks go to Pioneer Centres, San Diego's Premier Porsche Dealer on Miramar Road for the invitation to attend the Museum's private showing.

Thanks for your time, I hope you found something that interested you.

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