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Kevin Keinert's Edsel Website

Before we talk about the Edsel, the next two links below are dedicated to my other hobby, the Sega R360 flight simulator arcade game from 1992.

My Sega R360 website
R360 Quicktime movie (.mov file)

Here are a few pics of my 1958 Edsel Citation. It only had 50,000 original miles on it when I purchased it in May, 2004. The original owner won this car in a Simmons Mattress Company contest back in 1958. She had to "name the StrongMen" (see ad below) and write in 25 words or less "What I like about my Beautyrest mattress".

This is the contest ad. It ran in the April 28th, 1958 issue of LIFE magazine.
It's a fairly large image so you can read all the text (Sorry for the wait you dial-up surfers...)

Here is a picture taken of the lady that won the Edsel. Second from the left is the Simmons Co. sales rep that presented the car to her. Next is the owner of the furniture store where she bought the mattress. He also won an Edsel for selling the mattress to her. Fourth person is the brother and co-owner of the furniture store.

This is an article that was published in the Bedford Democrat about the event.
It is dated Nov. 13, 1958.

The lady that won this car passed on in 1993. She had no children, so as part of her estate, the car was given to a former boyfriend who resides in Modesto, CA. That is how this Virginia car made it's way out west to California. The boyfriend (who is now 85 years old at the time of this scribling, May 2004) had decided that it was time to let someone else "purchase the right to maintain it" for awhile. So, how did I find this car for sale ???
How else,...
on eBay !

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Kevin Keinert
4351 Beverly Dr.
Santa Maria, CA. 93455
(805) 937-8881

Thank you for visiting, Kevin.

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