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Sit back and relax! Nothing has really changed much from the last time that I updated this page except for a few pieces of news here and there. An even better picture of me is still to come. This has been updated Thursday, January 30th.

Fridays and or Saturdays this , there's an open mike night over at Celebrity's Cafe in Dublin. So poets, singers, musicians, drummers, and everybody else come down there. There's been a good crowd. Jenn commands you to.

About me, there are the basics...I was born in Garden Grove and raised in Huntington Beach (both in Orange County in Southern California). After that, I ended up in Colorado Springs for a year. Now I have been stuck in the San Francisco Bay Area for about seven years.

Things I like consist of everything but country music, good food, great friends, and just all around hanging out. For some reason, I found myself addicted to pool. I cleared a few tables out on some people a couple of weeks ago. LUCKY WEEKEND! ;-)

For the longest time,I've been trying to get back onto editing this site and FORGOT THE PASSWORD to get in until tonight.

With Faire season coming up that means that I'm finally going to be a McLiquor this year! Then there are also the usual things like playing Rounders in full bodice and skirt. Anyone planning to go, please let me know. I would like to organize a big group to go.


Changes in Jenn History

  • My e-mail address changed: it's now
  • I finally got a car
  • My brothers moved up here from Orange County. Now I'm not the only one that still can't get used to the people here.
  • Working sort of in the death industry


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