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The Graphix Gallery

Rules. If you take a graphic you must follow these rules.

<a href="">I Got Some of My Graphix from the GRaphix Gallery</a>

Welcome! This is the new and improved Graphix Gallery! Where you can find the best Graphix on the net! You have seen and read the rules above if you are going to take a graphic. Please follow those rules thouroghly. You ISP adress has been sent to my e-mail address using ISP Cap. Therefore, I can find your homepage address, and check to make sure you have linked me. I'll also check my guestbook. OK. Enough strict talk. Go ahead and view the graphix:

Butterfly Graphix
ROXY Graphix
Welcome GRaphix
Flower Graphix
Hate Graphix
Love Graphix
Sixties Graphix
Star Graphix
Misc. Graphix
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