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The Meaning of Dreams

Welcome to "The Meaning of Dreams." There can be several meanings to a dream. It all depends on the main topic of the dream was. Some of the meanings can effect you later in life, so here's a way to predict the future! Try to remember your dream so if something were to happen, look back and find a solution. Here's a way to remember a dream: Keep a journal/diary next to your bed. When you wake up in the morning, write down the important facts of the dream. Such as where it was, who was in it, what happend, etc.

Remembering the meaning of a dream is only one way to pridict what MAY happen later in your life. But how can you find out what they mean? Read on for the most common dream topics and their meanings.

If you dream of/about...

It could mean:
Problems make you feel helpless, especially if things seem beyond your control. If you're hurt by the fall, hard times are ahead; If you're injured, your problems will pass soon.

It could mean:
You want to break free from boredom, limitations and difficulties-and this dream means you just might do it! If the flight is really fun, it's a sign of great times to come.

An Argument
It could mean:
You need to take control of a situation that's starting to get out of hand. It might be time for some big changes.

An Apology
It could mean:
A person from your past could make a surprise appearance sometime soon. You may lose or find a friend.

A Dog
It could mean:
Your social life will be lively! Happy times are ahead, especially if the pooch is friendly, powerful and protective. If Fido's fierce, beware of untrustworthy friends.

A Cat
It could mean:
You'll hook up with a handsome hunk/chick, as long as kitty's cuddly. When she shows her claws, beware of bad luck and unfaithful friends. Chase her away and you're in control of your destiny.

It could mean:
You weren't comfortable feeling furious when you were awake. It's time to pay more attention to your emotions. If your anger wasn't direct at anyone in the dream, change is in the air.

It could mean:
You'll get lucky in life, amybe even in love. Proclaiming your undying devotion means happiness and contentment is around the corner. Beware of lusty love- it could forecast failure.