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Hangout: AMC Mercado 20
Type: Movie Theatres
Location: Mercado Centre, Santa Clara
Price: cheap
Description: Asians are a majority there. It's the 5th busiest theatre in the nation. The parking lot alone is like an import showoff. Thx Shragon
Hangout: Bay Billiards
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Fremont, Ca off of Stevenson and 880 (Next to Race 'N Rock)
Price: normal
Description: Big pool hall for asianz and mixed crowd. Packed on Friday and Saturday nites. Thx rez
Hangout: Bilios
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Wheaton, front of Wheaton Mall
Price: $10 an hour
Description: mad azngurls and azn niggaz. Koreans, vietnamese, phillipinas, cambodians, indonesians... Thx Lee
Hangout: Billiard Club (BC)
Type: pool hall
Location: Hackensack, NJ. On route 4, u'll see a big green sign, near Amoco gas station. Looks like a big warehouse.
Price: average
Description: Big, always filled with Asians!!!! Laid back atmosphere. show off your skillz~!! Thx lisa
Hangout: Cashbox
Type: Karaoke
Location: Houston, Texas
Description: Karaoke bar.. and they don't card u... $10 for drinks Thx Denise
Hangout: Club 300
Type: Bowling alley
Location: Old Kennedy Rd. Markham, Ontario,Canada
Price: normal (expensive on weekends and nights)
Description: Great place to hit the pins, chicks around and open 24/7, even on Christmas and New Years. Chicks all over and great place if you just need something to do Thx TooSiao
Hangout: Cue T's
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Monterey Park CA
Price: normal
Description: 21 and over pool hall.(under age people can go in if you get to know the manager) Nice and clean quite place to kick back and relax. Thx LiLxLaZy
Hangout: Do Re Mi Music Studio
Type: Karaoke
Location: 442 Cambridge Street Allston, MA 02134 (617) 783-8900
Price: $30/Hour (expensive)
Description: A jump from Boston University and the colleges in the Kendall Square area. Popular joint hosting karaoke in Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and English. Howl like a banshee. Thx Dat
Hangout: Edgies
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Milpitas, Ca. On Milpitas BLVD.
Price: cheap-normal
Description: It's an asian meat market on weekends Thx Q
Location: GEARY ST. / NEAR MASONIC , San Francisco, CA
Price: 4.50/person/hour
Description: Best tables in the Bay Area...Good Food...Nice people...Fine Waitresses Thx End420
Hangout: Game Planet
Type: Game rental store Location: 3535 Kingsway , Vancouver B.C. Canada
Price: free
Description: They have the best and newest playstation game and Dream Cast also. But best of all there is always hot asian girls hangout there. Thx P.J.
Hangout: Gardena Bowl
Type: pool hall/bowling/restaurant
Location: vermont blvd in the city of Gardena
Price: really cheap
Description: really cheap to play pool. Where all the broke ass asian hang out, like me.hehehe thx bigF.O.B.
Hangout: Hawaiian Brian
Type: pool hall
Location: Honolulu, HI on Kapiolani Blvd across from Club Femme Nu
Description: : Lots of girls and cars! Oh, and pool tables too. Thx YW

Best place to shoot pool, throw some darts or play games...lotsa asians EVERYDAY! Especially on weekends! So packed sometimes you wait an hour for a table. Thx Miz-Pnay
Hangout: International Club aka IC
Type: Pool Hall
Location: take the 10 fwy get off on Rosemead and go toward the Long Beach side and it's the first left from the signal right there.
Price: Normal
Description: It's nice place to shoot pool. Lots of tables and waitresses for people to look at.
Hangout: Koray Billiards
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Korea town in Los Angeles on Vermont
Price: normal
Description: A small, clean pool hall which is 99 percent Asian, but mostly Korean Thx Dave
Hangout: Milpitas Square
Type: Asian Shopping Center
Location: Milpitas on Barber Ln.
Price: wide range
Description: The newest Asian shopping center there is. For all ages: new-born, teen, baby boomers, and the oldies. There are many restaurants, game stores, even a racing shop for all you racer's out there... Thx Dragonz012
Hangout: Robarts
Type: University of Toronto Library
Location: St.George & Bloor St. Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Price: FREE!!
Description: Good place to "study" cause there's lots of chickaroos!! Thx Skeme
Hangout: Santa Clara Billiards
Type: Pool Place
Location: Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara
Price: Cheap - Normal
Description: Lots of Asians. Hmmm... wonder why... Thx Shragon

its fun to just kick it there with you friends and play pool with them. its no smoking so your clothes and hair dont smell like other pool halls. Thx KLI
Hangout: Scoreboard
Type: sportsbar
Location: 3220 temple ave. Pomona and Diamond Bar border. Off the 57 freeway at Temple next to the Shilo Inn
Price: normal and worth it
Description: Live DJ, dancing pool tables catering to heavy asian crowd. thx john
Hangout: Solid
Type: pool hall
Location: Garden Grove, Beach exit off of 22
Price: normal
Description: everyweekend lots of Koreans flossing thier rides & gurls (= Thx Brian
Hangout: Town & Country
Type: pool hall
Location: On El Camino Real in Daly City
Description: t's usually lots of Asians at night.. very moody place but if you want to just kick it that's one of the good places to go. Thx G
Hangout: University Billards
Type: Pool hall
Location: Walnut, CA
Price: normal
Description: Lots of asian everyday! Thx bebehunnie
Hangout: Varsity
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Norwalk, CA...on Alondra
Price: cheap
Description: A cheap place to shoot pool and the tables have ball return. Thx ZzZ
Hangout: Village Karaoke
Type: Karaoke
Location: 5th Street, between 2 and 3 Aves. Downtown Manhattan, New York City.
Price: $6/hr Happy Hour on Weekdays, $30/hour for a room of 4+
Description: Extremely affordable karaoke in downtown Manhattan, great selection of English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese music. They also serve home-made Oolong tea, to soothe those crooner throats :) Thx moonberry
Hangout: Yaohan
Type: asian hangout
Location: Edgewater, NJ. Down by the big HESS tanks near the Hudson River. Near the George Washington Bridge.
Price: normal/expensive
Description: Lots of good Japanese Food, a pool hall, karaoke place, and a movie theater~!!! Perfect place to just chill w/ peeps! even sticker pics! =) Thx asia
Hangout: Young Billiards
Type: Pool Hall
Location: Elgin, IL
Price: 10 per hour
Description: the peeps up in there Thx Alex