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Westside Fitness Personal Training Services and Fitness Consultant Retail Services

Westside Fitness provides in-home Personal Training on the Westside of Los Angeles. For most executives and industry people, it makes more sense to exercise at home. We bring the service to you, with a program that will fit into your busy schedule. We are also available to come to the studio for your workout, and to location within the local area.

Some of the types of programs offered are circuit training, strength training, aqua fitness, fitness boxing, and inline skating and biking. Also just started are the power hike, and conditioning circuit. You can combine any of the different types of workouts to suit your needs.

Fitness Consulting For Retail

Selling exercise in today's market takes more then sales experience. A common problem is that the sales staff isn't versed in the equipment that they are selling, nor do they know how to match the customer with the proper piece of equipment. In order to fit the customer needs, sales staff must know not only how to use the equipment, but whether that piece of equipment is right for that customers needs. If customers learn how to apply the product correctly to their needs, they will come back time and again-the retailers goal.

With years as a Personal Trainer, and former Manager and Fitness Consultant to Play It Again Sports in Santa Monica, Calif, my goal is to educate the sales staff in your establishment on exercise, and how to deal with a customer making a big dollar purchase. In doing that, increasing the sales of exercise in your store. As more and more people turn to exercise, sales staff needs to go beyond just the selling aspect, making exercise more profitable for your store.

A Fitness Consultant can train your personnel, educate them, and increase your sales. If you want to take advantage of the fitness boom, let us bring the tools to you.

Westside Fitness Custom Gym Systems

Home Gyms must function to give you as complete workout as if you went to the gym. We offer a choice of Multi Station Gyms or Custom Single Piece Gyms for larger areas. Some of the equipment is space oriented, and takes up little room. Also, we offer cardiovascular training equipment such as treadmills and bikes. Whether you want something simple or a large gym, we can serve your needs.

We also have various accessories for your gym including dumbells and racks. There is a selection of free weights, either standard or olympic size. We will come and view your area and suggest what is best for the given area.

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