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Seal Beach Volunteer Firefighters


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Station 44   
Senior Officer - Joe Kalmick  
8th and Central, Seal Beach  
California 90740  

Station Meetings/Drill - Wednesdays 6:30 PM


 Interested in helping the community? Do you live in old town? Are you around much of the day? We are always looking for good people to join our team. Interested people should attend our Wednesday  night drills to learn more about the Fire Service and find out how you can become a Orange County Fire Authority Reserve Firefighter for the City of Seal Beach. 

Station Roster

Company Officers:
     Mitch Jones
     Fred Kalmick
     Joe Kalmick Sta Capt.
     Nate Kranda


Page Comments...

     Blake Acker
     Steve Dickinson
     Jim Fraser
     David Gasper

     Jay Cameron
     Curt Corbin
     2 Josh Burton
     Keith Huff
     Dylan Ridgel
     Ed Stary

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The Original Seal Beach Fire Department  " Do you know any of these people?"     

Seal Beach Volunteer T-shirts and coffee mugs are available at the station for purchase.  

T-shirts $12.00  - Quality T-Shirts with that antique look. 
Coffee mugs $5.00 - Available in any color you want.  (As long as it's Black or White) 

Would you like to trade your Fire Department Shirts for one of ours?

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