AzN pRyDe

AzN pRyDe
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If YoU dOn'T lIkE mAh MuSiC hErE's A fEw OtHa SoNgS
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AzN pRyDe RePrEsEnT!!!

Ya ThINk MaH dOgGiE iS cUtEż

ThIs PaGe Is DeDiCaTeD tO aLl ThOsE aZnS tHaT rEpReSeNt ThEiR pRyDe. JuSt ChEcK oUt MaH pAgE aNd WhEn YoUr DoNe DoN't FoRgEt To SiGn G-BoOk. FoR nOw RePrEsEnT! lAteRz!My AOL iS aznkyd.

HeRe'S sOmEtHiNg To ReMeMbEr:

"AsIaN PrIDe iS in mY mINd,
AsIaN bLooD iS in mY kINd,
sO sTEp asIDe anD leT me tHRouGh,
CuZ itS aLL abOUt thE AsIaN cREw,
AsIaN luV is aLL arOUnD,
foR mY feLLow AsIaNs
neVEr leT me dOWn,
shoW yOUr PrIDe anD say It tRue,
Cuz AsIaN bLOOd flOws thROugH yOu...

YoU gOtZ A qUeStiOn....tRy DiS

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