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Settings for the file Msdos.sys

You can always get the startmenu by pressing F8 when the text "Starting Windows 95" shows.
(It can be really hard if you have BootDelay=0).

[Options] Value 0 (zero)Value 1
BootMultiNO alternative for loading OLD DosAlternative for to load OLD DosNice if you have programs that only will run in OLD Dos
Logo NO Windows logo when bootingWindows Logo when bootingBetter to NOT have logo if you want to se your drivers loading
BootMenu Start WITHOUT a startmenuStart WITH a startmenuThe Menu can you get by pressing F8 while booting
BootGUIStart in Win 95/Dos 7.0 textmodeStart in Windows 95 Grafical User InterfaceNote! The programs will still report that you have Windows running :-(
BootKeys Only F8 works while bootingAloud you to press Fx while bootingx can be F4 or F5......
F4=Boot OLD Dos
F5=Start in DOS 7 textmode
BootDelay Do NOT wait for a keypress while bootingWait 1 second for a keypressI have 2 here so I got time to press ex. F8 for the startmenu.
BootMenuDelayNo wait in the startmenu1 second wait in the startmenuIf you have BootMenu=1. Enter the time to wait (in seconds)
Network No alternativ in exit to login as other userAlternativ in exit to login as other userWhen you want to exit all programs and continue in Windows 95 :-)
DoubleBuffer No Dubbel bufferDubbel buffersome SCSI harddisks needs a special "BUS mastering device" ????

This is how the caption [Options] look like in my Msdos.sys

[Options] Value

I take for sure that everybody knows that it shall be a = between "option" and "value"

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