Drinking Games

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Bat Beer
Beat the Barman
Beer 99
Beer 99
Beer Blow
Beer Hunter
Beer Pot
Beer Race
Beers for Cheers
Boat Races
Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Ball
Cardinal Puff
Century Club
Dazed and Confused
Dennis Miller
Drop the Dime
Drug Dealer
Drunk Driver
Fuzzy Duck
Fuzzy Duck
Go Fish
Guess the Note
Hi, Bob
High - Low
Icetray Quarters
Indian Poker
I Never
James Bond
Kings and Blood
Master of Thumb
Mille Bornes
Name Game
One Big Chicken
Peanut Races
Quantum Leap
Red and Black
Reservoir Dogs
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Sink the Battleship
Speed Quarters
Star Trek
Star Trek: TNG
Strange Brew
Suck and Blow
Super Quarters
Three Man
TV Characters
Twenty-One Aces
The Tower
Up and Down the River
Whales Tales

      This is a slightly more complex game, but very, very fun when
  mastered. This game requires a minimum of 5 people to play. High boot
      The first hand of asshole is the establishing hand. This will
  decide who is the President, V-Pres, Normal People, and the Asshole
  for the next round.
      Approximately 6 or 7 cards are dealt to each player, depending
  on the number playing this can be higher or lower. The rank of the cards
  is as follows (most powerful to least powerful) 2, A, K, Q, ... 4, and 3.
  Some is chosen to go first and they play a card, the next person has two

      1) to play a card higher than (but not the same) as the previous
      2) or to pass on that turn.
  For example, if a 4 is lead, a next player must play HIGHER than a 4,
  the the next player has to play higher than that. A new hand starts
  when all players pass, or when someone plays a 2 (the most powerful card).
  The last person to play a card, leads the next hand.
  This proceeds until all players are rid of their cards. The first player
  out of cards is the Pres for the next round, the next out becomes the
  VP, the next players out are normal, and the last person out is the
  However lets say that the person leading has two 5's, this person may
  play them both, then the next player must play two of the same card
  HIGHER than five; this player cannot play one card or three cards, only
  two. As well, three, or even four, of the same card may be lead.
  The only time a player may lay one card in a situation like this is if
  it is a two (the power card); a single two, beats everything, and the
  hand ends followed by a new lead.
  The roles for each player are as follows:
      President: can make any player drink at any time, no-one may make
                 the President drink but self. The Pres is the first
                 player to start each round (benefits of power). And
                 the Pres should never have to refill own beer.
      Vice Pres: can make any player drink at any time (except Pres),
                 the only the Pres or self can make the VP drink.
                 The VP goes second in each round.
      Normal People: These players can make each other drink as well
                  as the Asshole. They play in the order they
                  finished the previous round; first normal out
                  follows the VP, second normal out follows first, etc.
      Asshole: for many reasons, this player is truly the Asshole.
               This player has to do all dealing of cards, all sweeping
               of cards after the hands, and can not make any other
               player drink. The asshole plays last in each round.
  A few recommendations, at the end of each round, the players should move
  seats in order to reflect the hierachy, and proper playing order.  Play
  your lowest cards first.  Abuse the power when Pres or VP, but remember
  it will always come back to haunt you, especially when abusing the
  Play as many rounds as desired.

  This simple game is based on the 1987 movie of the same name. Rent a copy of
  the movie, and every time the main character drinks, you drink. By the time 
  you have finished the movie, you have completely forgotten the plot.
(from Jessica Dennis - liebling@email.unc.edu)


  Supplies:  4 shot glasses, beer, a quarter, and two teams of people
  Drinking involved:  LOTS!

        Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from home base (the 
        designated shooting spot for the quarter).  Each player on the visiting
        team takes turns shooting the quarter at the shot glasses.  The first
        glass represents a single, the second a double, the third a triple, and
        the last a home run.  Three strikes (misses of all shot glasses) and
        you are out.  Three outs and the other team is up to bat.
        Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the 
        same way (except that you have to keep track of the runners on base
        in your head).  Drinking happens in the following manner:
        -  Fill the shot glasses with beer.
        -  If a player makes the quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), he
           must drink the contents of the shot glasses behind the one he made.
           For example, if he hits a single, he must drink the remaining three
           shot glasses full of beer.  If he hits a triple, he only has to 
           drink one.  If he gets an out, he must drink all four.
        -  The opposite team must drink for each run the other team scores.

Bat Beer

  Holy cow Batman, it's a drinking game about our campy antics. Grab 
  some beer and tune in.

       BatBeer is played while watching a "Batman" movie (original 60's
  or those Michael Keaton ones), or the TV show, (original or 90's animated).  
  Every time anybody says "bat"-anything, you take a drink. If Robin says 
  "holy"-anything then finish your beer. If Robin is in really being "holy,"
  you may want to change this to 5 gulps or so. If O'Reilly says anything 
  Irish (original shows), then you chug an entire beer.

James Bond
  Just put on a James Bond Film
  Every time someone says "James" drink twice.
  Every time someone says "Bond" drink twice.
  Every time someone says "James Bond" drink half a beer.
  Can be quite amusing, especially when our hero says
  "My name is Bond, James Bond" 

Mille Bornes
  This game was created by Shari Simonds and Barry Mitchell
  First, get a Mille Bornes card game from wherever you like to buy your toys. 
  There are Mille Bornes games for the computer, but not everyone likes to play 
  a drinking game with the computer.  I do, and Barry might - I'll have to ask 
  him, but some people don't.

     Whenever you play a Roll card you must take one sip.
     Whenever a Hazard is played against you then you must take one sip.
  Safety Cards
     I'm talking about the Big Four - Extra Tank, Right of Way, Puncture Proof, 
     and Driving Ace
     Whenever you play a safety everyone else takes one sip.

     If it is a Coup Fouree then the person whose hazard you played against
     takes 2 extra sips.

     If someone gets all 4 safeties then as soon as the regular drinking is
     done everyone must take 4 sips to celebrate the event (or get drunker
     because they know they don't have a chance of winning the hand).

  200 Mile Card

     When you play a 200 mile card you must take 2 sips.
  End of the Hand:
     Everyone who didn't win takes one sip.
     If the winner had a Safe Trip then everyone else takes one more sip.
     If the winner won by Delayed Action then everyone takes one more sip.
     If any player was Shut Out they must guzzle the rest of their drink.
  End of the Game:
     All who lost the game take 2 sips.

      Beeramid (rhymes with pyramid, go figga) is a game that involves  a tremendous amount of drinking. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.        A Beeramid (pyramid) of cards is constructed by placing a certain number  of cards face down in a 

row (usually seven) as the base and building up until there is one card as the top of the Beeramid.  The remaining cards are  distributed as evenly as possible among the players. The dealer turns over the 
  first card at the base of the beeramid and calls out the card value. Anyone 
  who claims to have that card may give one drink to anyone else. That person may
  either drink or call the bluff by saying "bullshit". If the first person has 
  the card after all, he shows the card and the victim drinks twice. If he 
  doesn't have it, he drinks twice himself. Once a row of the Beeramid is 
  completed, the first card on the next row is drawn, and every card now has the 
  same value as its row.  Each person with a card on the second row can give two 
  drinks, on the third row three drinks, all the way up to the seventh row.  All 
  bullshit calls double the value of the row, of course, making them risky 
  propositions as time goes on.
       If someone has more than one of a card (say a five is drawn and someone
  has two fives in his hand) he can give both fives to the same person or split
  them up.  He only needs to show both cards if both players call bullshit; if
  only one player calls bullshit he only needs to show one card.
       At the seventh row, if people are taking honest drinks, a bullshit call
  should result in about a full beer's consumption by SOMEBODY.  For this purpose
  we usually buy a bottle or two of a heinous-tasting beer (your choice) to serve
  as the "Penalty Beer".  Anyone losing a bullshit challenge on the seventh row 
  must finish the Penalty Beer without taking it from his lips...
       This game has a surprisingly high intoxication factor, especially if
  played with eight levels instead of the usual seven.

  Beer Chess is chess played with beer as the pieces.  Beer chess is the  
  unification of the intellect with the inebriated.  Beer chess is stimulating 
  brain cells as you kill them. Beer chess was created during a weekend retreat 
  at the McEnaney Estate in Jackman, Maine, thus making Jackman, Maine the 
  Beer Chess capital of the universe. 
          Beer chess is played with beer, a lot of beer.  One side uses Light  
  Beer (white), the other side uses regular (black) of the same brands. (see  
  list below)  Our research and development team has concluded that one can  
  expect a standard Beer Chess game to last up to five hours, assuming neither 
  player passes out.  Intermissions, however, may be declared on a bilateral  
          As you may have realized, this game requires a big board.  While beer 
  chess boards are now commonplace in Jackman, in other places their availability 
  is still limited.   Again, our R+D team has arrived at a clever solution:  
  bathroom tiles-large white bathroom tiles. Placed on a darker table at regular 
  intervals, one can quickly construct a professional looking Beer Chess set. For 
  and even cheaper board, cardboard coasters, available at most bars, serve as 
  impromptu, portable boards. 
                  White:                         Black: 
  8 pawns:        Bud Lights (8oz can)           Budweiser (8oz cans) 
  2 Rooks:        Miller Light (12oz can)        Miller Genuine Draft (12 oz Can) 
  2 Knights:      Busch Light (12 oz Can)        Busch (12 oz Cans) 
  2 Bishops:      Coors Light (12 oz Can)        Coors (12 oz Cans) 
  Queen:          Michelob Light (Bottle)        Michelob (Bottle) 
  King:           Bud Light (Bottle)             Budweiser (Bottle) 
  STANDARD RULES:          
  1.      When one moves a piece, one must sip from the piece moved. 

  2.      When one's piece is captured, one must drink the entire piece. 

  3.      Castling requires two sips: one from the King, one from the Rook 

  4.      En passent requires only one sip (as in a standard pawn move) 

  5.      When one's pawn reaches the eighth rank, and is exchanged for a queen 
         (or other piece), one's opponent must drink the remainder of the pawn. 

  6.      Once a piece is sipped, that piece must be moved. (taking back moves 
          is not allowed) 

  7.      One may take as long as one wants to drink a captured piece, but the 
          piece must be quickly consumed when a second piece is captured. 

  8.      After each exchange of pieces, the players must toast each other's  
          health with the exchanged pieces. 

  9.      When one is put in check, one must sip from the King. 

  10.     Passing out constitutes a resignation. 

  11.     A player may not go the the bathroom before his move. 

  12.     When one is checkmated, one must drink: 

          1)  The remainder of one's King 
          2)  The remainder of opponent's King 
          3)  The remainder of one's pieces. 
                  (That's a lotta beer) 
  GENERAL HINTS:           

  1.      Take big sips out of pieces you expect to trade, when moving those  
          pieces.  This technique evenly distributes the amount of beer you 
          will consume, and decreases the amount you will have to drink from 
          that piece when it is traded or captured. 
  2.      If you are a light drinker, avoid exchanges (especially if you are 
          down a piece) 
  3.      Avoid sacrificing pieces for position.  A sacrifice will only force 
          you to drink more.  Remember, in this game, you can be beating your  
          opponent, not only by the fact that you have a greater number of pieces 
          left on the board, but also by the fact that you have a greater number 
          of surviving brain cells left. 

        Just like ping-pong, this can be played either in singles or 
  doubles. Supplies: players, beer, and a ping-pong table (or make your
  own, described later).
        Each player fills a cup with beer and places it one paddle-width from 
  the end of the table, in the center (or a paddle-width from the side for
  doubles). Hitting your opponent's cup earns you a point and requires the
  opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup). If you get the ball in your opponent's
  cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains
  in the cup (excluding the ball).
        No player may touch the ball prior to its hitting the table or a cup; 
  if the ball hits a cup before hitting the table, it remains in play even after
  a single bounce on the table. A player may attempt to save a point after the 
  ball hits a cup by returning it (provided of course the ball has bounced no 
  more than one time).  Multiple hits count only as a single point (exception: 
  a ball hitting a cup and then bouncing inside the cup, or inside the partner's 
  cup, counts as a 5-point inside-the-cup "poofter"). 
        A number of house rules are common - knocking a cup over is grounds 
  for a penalty chug (but no points); ball may not be "auto-returned" via a
  fortuitous bounce off the cup, etc. The trajectories of the volleys should
  be high arcs, to keep things civilized (and to maximize your chance at a
        Travel hints: Beer pong nets can be created using some string, two 
  chairs, and three or four paper towels.

Beers For Cheers
        Very simple. Low-mid buzz factor. Grab a few beers, watch old
  episodes of "Cheers."  Everytime Norm touches his beer, you must take 
  a gulp of your beer.  Anytime he actually drinks from the beer you must 
  pound your beer during the entire time he is drinking.

Dazed and Confused
      Get lots of beers and a copy of Dazed and Confused.  Whenever anyone 
  says "man", drink. At certain points in the movie you must down a whole beer. 
  These points are:
     * When Melvin says "You know us, we got a few sixers!  You with us?"
     * Funneling scene at the moontower.
     * When Wooderson pulls into the fast food place  "Allright,
  Contributed by Benjamin Wien (benjamin.wien@mail.cc.trincoll.edu)

Dennis Miller
  After his network show got canceled, this game wasn't getting much action,
  but now you can get him on HBO. It's also possible to use one of his
  comedy tapes.                                             
  What you do:
  Turn the sound off, make a pitcher of kamikazes, and every time he runs
  his hand through his hair you either have to do a shot or take off an
  article of clothing.
  (From richh@tigger.jvnc.net )

Go Fish
        A very simple adaptation to the card game of the same name.
  Supplies: people, beer, and cards.
        Deal the game as you normally would. Anytime you ask for a card
  and are told to "go fish," you drink once. Everytime you have to give a
  card to another player, you drink twice, three times for face cards and aces.
  Everytime time you lay down a pair, your opponent(s) drink twice.
  It's that simple.

Peanut Races
  You need:
    * 2-6 players, each with a full glass (cups will NOT work) of beer 
      (and pitchers on hand for refills)
    * Shelled peanuts (fresh roasted or out of a can - it doesn't matter)
  The Object:
  The object is for each player to drop a peanut into their own glass of beer, 
  and then watch to see how long it takes to rise back to the surface. The 
  player whose peanut reaches the surface last is the loser, and must 
  drink the entire glass of beer. The loser's glass is then refilled and 
  another round is played.
  The Rules:
    (1) The loser from the previous round calls a countdown for dropping the
    peanuts, e.g. Ready-3-2-1-DROP!
    (2) Players must drop their peanut exactly when DROP is called. If a player
    drops their peanut too early or too late, they are the loser and must 
    drink their beer.
    (3) If a player drops their peanut on time, but it falls outside the glass
    (believe me it happens), then they are the loser and must drink their beer.
    (4) When a player loses, the other players may not point a finger at the
    loser, nor shout "DRINK". If a player points a finger at the loser, or 
    shouts "DRINK", then they too (along with the loser) must drink their beer.
    (5) After a round, players must retrieve their peanut from their glass, eat
    it, and choose a new one.
    (6) All players must use similar peanuts (e.g. brown skin removed, brown
    skin not removed, halves, or wholes), the choice of which is made by the 
    loser of the previous round.
  The results:
  This game is unbelievable fun in groups of 2-6. More players means it's
  difficult to keep an eye on all the glasses when the peanuts are surfacing.
  Someone is bound to get legless. I have many happy memories of playing this
  game at various pubs in Perth, Western Australia.
  Contributed by Liam Gumley (LiamG@ssecmail.ssec.wisc.edu)

Quantum Leap
  with special thanks to Marshall Maresca, Jim Berniger, Scott Casteel, Lady
  Johanna Constantine, Loren Finkelstein, Erik Reid Jones, Dotty Klein, Terri
  Librande, Billy Don McConnell, Deborah Ramsey, Mel Rupinski, and Sally Smith.
  Items marked '*' come from the Quantum Leap Drinking Game written by Mary
  Allison with Shari Feldman, Miriam Ferziger, Dara Golden, Paul Woodard, and
  Caren Pelletier.
  Items marked '+' come from the Quantum Leap Drinking Game written by
  Christine White with special thanks to Sally Smith for bringing it to
  my attention.
  This is a variation of a standard television show drinking game.  It is
  recommended that you play this game either during a rerun or while watching
  episodes on videotape and that you pre-select which situations you want to
  look out for, otherwise you'll probably be wasted by the end of the first act.
  Please feel free to distribute this list freely and to make any additions
  you feel should be included.  Please send any additions or comments
  via Internet email to finifter@gandalf.rutgers.edu or through postal mail
  to Tracy Finifter, 560 Gravelly Run, Mays Landing, NJ, 08330.  I'm really
  interested in how this list will be circulated.
  Before you begin, once you know which episode you're watching, everybody
  playing take a guess as to how many drinks will be scored (sips don't count).
  The winner gets to take home the leftovers (if any) while the loser has to
  clean up.
  Notes: # All values are doubled if Al is in uniform at any point during the
         # For "The Leap Back", substitute Sam for Al and Al for Sam regarding
           conditions that are Leaper and/or Observer specific.
  Take a sip when:
  - Sam looks in the mirror.
  - Al slaps the handlink.
  - Al has a cigar (an extra drink if he's actually smoking it).
  - We hear, but not see, the Imaging Chamber door.
  Take 1 drink when:
  - Sam says "Oh, boy," in the leap-in.
  - Sam fumbles around because he doesn't know someone's name.
  - Sam gets into a fistfight (an extra drink if he performs a 'flying noodle
  - Sam "predicts" history.
  - Sam leaps out while hugging someone.
  - Sam makes an excuse for why he can't remember something.
  - Sam speaks in a foreign language.
  * Sam makes a comment about being a woman.
  + Sam talks poignantly of Elk Ridge, Indiana (extra drink if he also mentions
    something that he and Tom used to do together as boys).
  - Al mentions an ex-wife other than his first wife, Beth.
  - Al has trouble remembering which wife was which.
  - Al talks about Tina.
  - Al yells to Gooshie from the Imaging Chamber.
  - Al passes through something (an extra drink if he passes through someone).
  - Al doesn't hear Sam because he's too busy eyeing a woman (an extra drink
    if Sam has to whistle to get Al's attention).
  - Al runs off synonyms for 'zero' (an extra drink if he runs off synonyms
    for something else).
  * Al instructs Sam how to do something (an extra drink if Al learned how to do
    it from an ex-wife).
  * Al says "That's impossible."
  + Al mentions Gooshie's bad breath.
  + Al calls someone a nozzle.
  - Someone makes a remark about Sam's 'Swiss cheesed' memory (the words 'Swiss
    cheese' must be used).
  - Someone makes a comment about Al's wardrobe.
  - Gooshie is referred to as a "little guy with bad breath."
  - We see the Imaging Chamber door.
  - A reference is made to the heavenly entity controlling Sam's leaps.

  Take 2 drinks when:
  - Sam says "Oh, boy," AFTER the leap-in (opening credits).
  - Sam asks Al how long he's been there and Al replies, "Long enough to...".
  - Sam leaps before his birthday (Aug. 8, 1953) by less than one year.
  - Sam takes his shirt off (an extra drink if he takes something else off).
  - Sam and Al go into the bathroom in order to talk (an extra drink if Al
    complains about that).
  - Sam gives an inspirational speech.
  - Sam pretends to talk on the phone so he can talk to Al.
  - Sam does something that is physically impossible for the leapee to do.
  - Sam leaps outside the United States.
  - Sam plays the piano.
  - Sam says that he has never been more embarrassed in his life.
  * Sam says "That's impossible."
  * Sam sends Al to watch someone.
  + Sam sings or dances.
  + Sam disregards what Ziggy says he's there to do because of a feeling in his
    gut or the look in her eye.
  + Sam mentions the simo-leap.
  + Sam experiences symptoms or memories particular to the leapee.
  - Al bemoans the fact that he can't eat because he's a hologram.
  - Al pops out without using the Imaging Chamber door.
  - Al brings an object other than a cigar or the handlink into the Imaging
  - Al tries to sing.
  - Al tells Sam someone's going to die (an extra drink if that someone is Sam;
    two extra drinks if that person is going to die because Sam changed history).
  - Al tells a lewd tale.
  - Al says, "Ain't that a kick in the butt?" (wording does not have to be
  - Al wants to get into a fistfight.
  - Al complains that they need more power from Ziggy.
  - Al makes any mention of his first wife.
  - Al stops in mid-phrase or mid-word when trying to read data from Ziggy.
  - Al flicks ashes or blows cigar smoke at someone.
  * Al makes a comment about Sam being a woman.
  + Al mentions having recently been or planning a trip to Las Vegas.
  + Al uses "bingo", "bango", or "bongo" in a sentence (finish the drink if he
    uses all three).
  + Al accuses Sam of falling in love with someone.
  + Al looks gravely concerned about Sam.
  - Sam or Al talks to God.
  - Some mention is made of a relationship between Tina and Gooshie.
  - Someone other than Sam sees, hears, or otherwise senses Al (including
  - Someone catches Sam 'talking to himself'.
  - Someone sees Sam for who he really is.
  - We discover another skill Sam has.
  - We see someone from the project other than Al.
  * We learn something else Al did in his past.
  - You spot an overdub (actors' lips don't match the soundtrack; an extra drink
    if you can lip read what they were originally saying).
  - Your tape contains any of the following:
    = LeapWeek Ad.
    = One of those dumb "Quantum Quiz" puns.
    = An ad for next week's QL.
    = The original last-leap, this-leap voiceover instead of a saga-cell.
    = End credits that aren't talked over by a network announcer.
    = End credits with other than the usual theme.
    = An advertisement customized for QL.
  - The leap takes place on either Sam or Al's birthday (Aug. 8 or Jun. 15).
  - There's a 'kiss with history' (where interaction with a celebrity or
    participation in a historical event is not the main focus of the episode).
  - There's a Buddy Holly song playing (an extra drink if Buddy Holly is there
    singing it).
  + There's a reference to another Belisarius Production (an extra drink if
    we hear or see it playing).
  + The girl kisses Sam.
  + One of the guest stars appeared in a previous episode as a different
  - Ziggy is making life difficult in some way.
  - Ziggy's prediction as to why Sam was there was wrong (Sam had to do something
    else to leap than what he spent most of the episode doing).
  Take 3 drinks when:
  - Sam or Al relate a personal experience in some way related to the leap.
  - Sam leaps more than a year before his birthday.
  - Sam wears a dress.
  - Sam runs into someone he knows or used to know.
  - Sam tries to convince someone he's not really the leapee.
  - Sam plays an instrument other than a piano.
  + Sam kisses the girl.
  + Sam leaps into a non-human.
  - Al says "Oh, boy."
  - Al talks about a woman *other* than Tina, implying a relationship in the
    present tense.
  - Al wears black leather.
  - Al fades out due to some technical difficulties.
  * Al mentions a pet of Tina's.
  * Al uses technobabble instead of simply saying, "We don't know."
  + Al denies remembering the simo-leap.
  - Someone other than Sam or Al says "Oh, boy."
  - Someone has or mentions calla lillies.
  - Something Sam does directly effects Project Quantum Leap (either the
    personnel or its operations).
  - We see Sam's reflection from the leapee in the Waiting Room.
  - We see someone other than Sam leap.
  - We see the future or the project.
  - We meet somebody else named Sam or Al (finish the drink if we meet a Gooshie
    or Ziggy).
  * We learn another one of Sam's Ph.D.'s.
  + We see a member of the Bellisario family or someone from the crew in the
    episode (an extra drink if you don't realize it until the credits, two extra
    drinks if you only knew because someone told you).
  - There are more leaps than the standard leap-in and leap-out.
  - There's someone else in the Imaging Chamber besides Al (whether we see them
    or not).
  - There's an internal reference to Quantum Leap or another Quantum Leap
  - The leap is dependent on a historical event or the involvement of a
  Finish your drink when:
  - Sam sleeps with a woman (take another drink if it's Donna).
  * Sam and Al say, "Oh, boy," together.
  - Al does something he shouldn't be able to do as a hologram (climb stairs,
    climb hills, sit in a chair, etc.).
  - We see two Als.
  - We see Sam's reflection in the mirror coming from Sam.
  - The leap makes a radical change in his and/or Al's past.
  Take one drink for everyone in the room if:
  - The leap takes place on your birthday (regardless of year).
  Finish the bottle if:
  - We never see Sam's reflection (what the leapee looks like).
  Call out "Keep the Leap!" and take a chug when:
  - Someone explains the string theory of Quantum Leaping.
  (Donated to the IU list by CCALABRE@indiana.edu)

Reservoir Dogs
  What you do is get a copy of the movie 'Reservoir Dogs' (just watching 
  the movie is  entertaining). 
  Now every time a the word "fuck" is used, you  must drink. A 
  recommendation would be to drink for every three or five. We have not 
  found the perfect number-nor have we ever made it through the whole 
  movie. It is used so many times that if you drank for every  one you 
  would probably kill yourself. 
  Contributed by Curt Peterson (CURT@caelab1.cae.wisc.edu)

        Nothing quite like a musical drinking game. Get yourself a copy 
  of the Police's "Roxanne" (originally released on _Outlandos D'Amour_ in
  1978), a lot of beer, and plenty of people.
        Divide the room in half, one half being "Roxanne," the other
  half being "Red Light." Play the music. Anytime "Roxanne" is sung,
  the Roxanne side drinks. Likewise, anytime "red light" is sung, the
  "red light" side of the room drinks. It's that easy.
        Alternate version: everybody drinks when either "Roxanne" or
  "red light" is sung.
  This game will also work with a number of other repetitive songs like
  Alabama's "Roll On" (If you are a Country Music fan).

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  Basically, you watch the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red Nosed
  Reindeer, and every time his nose lights up, you have to take a drink.
  If the nose is lit for a long time, you take a long drink.  It really is
  self explanatory. 

The Simpsons
  Have one sip of the cheapest beer per successfully met condition:
        "D'oh!" 2 sips if it's not Homer
        eats donuts
        has an erection
        mentions humanity
        participates in another dike feminist cause
        plays the sax 2 sips if one sings with her playing
        makes crank phone call 2 sips if someone dies from prank
        goes to france 2 sips if he goes to Amman, Jordan
  Grandpa Simpson:
        writes a complaint letter 3 sips
        hair casts a giant shadow
        kisses Homer
        growls at Homer
  Marge's sisters:
        are in a scene 3 sips if they are separated
        smoke 2 sips if they shootup
        mention God  5 sips if they convert to Islam
  Itchy and Scratchy:
        are in a scene 
        one of them dies 10 sips if Scratchy sodomizes Itchy
        their theme song is played
        falls down
        says something in a flash forward
        urinates and excrementsin her tight silk panties
  one sip for the following:
        a warm fuzzy happy ending where the family gets closer together.
        a life in hell type character is shown
        someone talks to God or Allah
        CARASSO is seen in Moe's tavern
  (by carasso@netcom.com (RDC))

Star Trek (Original)
  Sip if any of the following occur:
        Bones says "He's dead, Jim."
        Bones points out he's a doctor, not a ___________
        Kirk gets the girl
        Kirk outwits a computer
        Kirk violates the prime directive
        Kirk's shirt gets ripped
        Kirk bluffs his out
        Kirk takes responsibility for the whole crew
        Kirk saves the day with a stirring speech
        Kirk kisses the girl
        Kirk says "We come in peace" and "shoot to kill" in the same sentence
        Kirk says "Phasers on stun"
        Spock shows emotion 
        Spock uses the Vulcan neck pinch
        Spock looks into the science station
        Spock refers to the doctor as illogical
        Spock says "Fascinating" or "Indeed"
        Scotty complains about the warp speed requested/demanded
        Scotty pulls off a miraculous technological feat
        Scotty says "The engines canna take much more a this, Captain"
        Chekov promotes Russian history
        Chekov says "But Keptin...."
        Chekov pronounces a 'w' like a 'v'
        Sulu sets course
        Sulu has the con
        Uhura says "Hailing frequencies open"
        Uhura opens a channel in all frequencies and all languages
        Uhura sings
        Yeoman Rand gives Kirk something to initial
        Yeoman Rand serves coffee
        Nurse Chapel lusts after Spock
        Kyle makes his appearance as transporter chief
        Lt. Leslie appears or is mentioned
        A redshirt dies
        The weapons are powerless
        The transporter is inoperative
        Dilithium crystals are drained/inoperative/missing 
        Communicators malfunction
        The shields are about to collapse
        The Enterprise goes faster than it is possibly able to
        The Enterprise is taken over by a superior alien power
        You see a styrofoam planet or a planet with no atmosphere
        A newly discovered planet is "Much like Earth"
        Klingon and Romulan technology is mixed up
        Special effects people cannot tell phasers from photon torpedoes
  CHUG if any of the following occur:
        Kirk does not get the girl
        Sulu gets a sword
        Major character dies/is assumed dead
        Starfleet exhonorates the crew for their violation of regulations/orders
        The episode was blatantly ripped off by ST:TNG
        Lt. Leslie speaks
        Anybody makes a "historical" reference to the 20th century

Strange Brew
        One of the all-time classics, a beer lovers "movie of a lifetime."
  What you need to do is get A LOT of beer and a copy of the movie "Strange
  Brew," starring Bob and Doug McKenzie, those whacked-out Canadian beer
        Version 1: Watch it. Anytime somebody says "eh" (pronounced like the
  letter 'A'), drink. For example, "Get me a beer, eh?" 
        Version 2: Watch it. Anytime somebody says "hoser," drink. For example,
  "You're a hoser."
        Version 3: Watch it. Anytime somebody says "eh" or "hoser," drink.
  It's all that simple.

          I've said it before, I'll say it again, there is nothing quite like
  a game based on stuff out of our childhood. And what is more childlike
  the anything from Dr. Suess? For this fine game you will need people, beer,
  and either the book or video of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." If you
  choose the book, then choose somebody with good storytelling skills to be
  the narrator.
          Only one rule for this game: anytime the word "who" is said, take a
  drink. "All the Who's down in Whoville" would be two drinks.

Beer Blow
      Another very simple game (the best kind) with a high
  buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, deck of cards, empty bottle.
      The deck of cards is placed on the empty bottle. Each player blows
  cards off the deck on the bottle in turn. The one who blows the last card
  off the bottle has to drink one glass of beer.
      Variation: If sombody spots an ace among the cards a player blew
  off - that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down a bunch of
  cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice.

Beer Hunter
      The rules are so easy, a drunk person could understand. All you
  need for this game is a sixpack, a box, and people to play it with you.
       Take one can.  Shake it.  Now I don't mean just shake it, I mean
  SHAKE the sucker!  Till it's about to blow up.  Then put it in the box
  with the others and mix them around (one person not looking) and then
  switch them around again (the other person not looking) Basically, nobody
  knows where it is.
       Now, one person picks a can, holds it to his/her head at an angle,
  and opens it.  If it's not the one, s/he has to drink it.  If it is the
  one, s/he gets a wet head and you can start all over or whatever.  Then,
  if it wasn't the one, the next player takes one and tries.  etc.

Beer Pot
      An incredibly simple game that will knock you out of your chair.
  Basic supplies: beer and people (as usual), plus a big pot, or pitcher.
       All players sit in a circle.  Each player contributes one beer to
  the pot.  One player starts drinking from the pot.  This person can drink
  as much or little as s/he chooses.  When done, the pot passes to the next
  player who does the same thing.  The person who empties the pot is the
  winner.  The person who drink immediately before the winner is the loser.
       The loser must then put a beer in the pot for each of the players;
  then play starts again.  Or a variation is that the loser puts in two
  beers, the winner zero, and everybody else puts in one.
      This is also a great game to be played in bars. Buy a big pitcher
  of beer. Pass it around. The loser buys the next pitcher.
      It is important that the pot/pitcher is big - it makes it harder to
  judge the amount of beer remaining.

Beer Race
      The rules are quite simple; potentially high buzz factor.
  As usual the basic supplies are people and beer.
      Each person starts with a full glass/mug/stein/tankard/cup of beer.
  Any beer will do, but preferably something quite inexpensive.
       All platers start drinking at the same time.  To signal that you
  have finished you hold the glass *upside-down* above your head; if anyone
  does so then the other players must do the same whether or not they have
  finished drinking.
       IMPORTANT NOTE: It isn't required that you actually drink the beer
  before claiming to have won; the winner is the first person to invert
  their glass above their head regardless of whether they actually drank
  the contents.

Boat Races
      One of those classic endeavors that leaves everyone wet and drunk.
  Very high buzz factor. Supplies: people and lots of beer.
       Have everybody divide up into two even teams.  Each team lines up
  opposite each other, preferably down a long table, or just sitting on the
  ground.  Fill each glass full of beer and place in on the table in front
  of each player.  The players can not touch their glass before they are
  allowed.  The first players on each team start the game by drinking all
  of their beer and setting the glass back on the table.  When the glass
  touches the table the second person drinks his beer and sets his glass on
  the table.  This continues until the last beer is gone.  The first team
  to place their last empty glass on the table wins.  Wins what you may
  ask?  Nothing.
      Alternate version: each player has two glasses of beer. The race
  goes down the line and returns. That means the turn-around players have
  to drink two beers in a row.

Bouncing Ball
      A very interesting and imaginative game. Mid level buzz factor.
  Supplies: people, beer, and an imaginary ball.
      Everyone sits around a table. There are only three words
  that can be said: WHIZ, BOUNCE, and BOING. Someone starts by saying
  one of the words.
      WHIZ = the ball passes to next player.
      BOUNCE = the ball skips the next player and goes to the following
      BOING = ball hits wall and reverses direction.
  The penalty for errors is drinking.
  Variation: play with difficult words such as PERFIGLIANO, SCHWARTZ, and
  a players name.

      Another mentally challenging card game that involves beer.
  High level buzz factor. Supplies: beer, people (not more than 6
  for a good game), and a deck of cards.
      Sit in a circle, deal out the entire deck of cards evenly,
  or thereabouts, to each player. The object of the game is to get rid
  of all your cards. Starting with aces, the first player lays down
  the number of aces s/he has, stating the number of cards. EVEN if the
  player doesn't have any of the card, LIE.
      If someone thinks that you are lying, they say "Bullshit!"
  If that person is right, you drink an amount proportional to the
  number of cards in the stack; lots of cards already played = lots of
  drinks. However, if you were honest in your play and someone says
  "Bullshit!" that person ends up drinking the prescribed amount.
      Play starts with aces, then goes on accordingly, through kings,
  then repeats back to aces.
      Oh, by the way, if have to drink because of either being caught
  bullshitting or falsely accusing, in addition to drinking, you must
  also pick up all of the cards already played and add them to your hand.
      Play continues until someone runs out of cards. If you so choose,
  play could continue down to the last two players.

       Simple game, low buzz factor.  None the less entertaining when a
  good buzz is already attained.  Required supplies: people, and of course,
      Sit in a circle. The first player says 'one,' the next player
  says 'two,' and so on down the line. However, when someone reaches
  a number that is divisible by 7, s/he says "buzz."
      If the player misses a "buzz" when needed, or when an unnecessary
  "buzz" occurs, that player drinks.
      The obvious challenge is to see how high of a number can be
  attained; but this also means very little drinking. The known current
  record is over 1200.
      Variation: An honest "buzz" would change the direction of
  the circle. Or add '11' into the rotation and say 'Bizz' for divisibles
  of 11. In this case, watch out for 77.

Century Club
      This is another straight forward simple game, the best kind.
  You will end up very drunk, very quickly if you play this.
  The necessary materials are: people, lots of beer, and a designated
  time keeper.
       Every minute for 100 minutes, each player takes a shot of beer (1 oz
  or 1.5 oz, you choose).  At one oz, this equates to just short of nine
  cans of beer in just over 1.5 hours.  That's a lot of beer.
       The game starts out slow, but in the later rounds you wonder where
  the time went.
       It helps to have a timekeeper because otherwise, you tend to miss a
  few shots in there.
       Remember, not everyone makes it to 100.  But if you do, feel proud.

      Quite similar to, but not as involved as Three Man. Still,
  a high buzz factor. Standard supplies: beer, people, liquor, dice.
       Roll two dice.  Anything that adds up to six (i.e.  2-4,5-1) or has
  a six in it (i.e.  6-1, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5), you drink a "good" gulp
  of beer.  Any time you roll double 2s, 4s, or 5s you drink that many (2,
  4, or 5) "good" gulps of beer (You can modify this to just one "gulp" on
  doubles).  If you roll double 3s you are penalized twice, for getting
  doubles and adding up to six.  Thus four "good" gulps (or 2 if you play
  the modified rules).  The killer is double 1s or double 6s.  For this you
  do a SHOT of your favorite poison (i.e.  JD, Southern Comfort, tequilla,
  etc).  Lastly...you continue rolling until you get something that you
  don't drink on (i.e.  1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 2-3, 2-5, 3-4, 3-5, 4-5).  If
  you roll the dice off the table, you are also rewarded with a gulp of

Drop the Dime
       To play this game you will need a cigarette, a glass, a napkin, and
  a dime.  Unfold the napkin and place it over the mouth of the glass so
  that it will stay in place (may need to secure with tape or rubber band).
  Then place the dime in the center of the napkin.  The object is to see
  how much of the napkin you can burn away, taking turns, with the
  cigarette.  The player to cause the dime to drop consumes a full glass of

Drug Dealer
      Quite a simple game actually, with a low-mid boot factor.
  This is a game to play while doing other things at a party. To play the
  game you need one playing card for each participant. You always
  need one King and one Ace, and a variety of numbered cards some
  low, some mid, some high, but just one card per player.
  The cards are dealt face down, take a quick peek. The person who
  gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace is the drug
  dealer, everyone else are bystanders.
  It is the drug dealers job to very VERY discreetly wink at another
  player, this person while enventually say 'the deal has been made.'
  At this time the cop identifies him/herself and tries to figure out
  who the dealer is. The cop chooses a player, if wrong the cop drinks
  the number shown on the card, and then chooses again, if wrong again,
  he drinks the number on that card. When the cop chooses correctly,
  the drug dealer drinks the NUMBER OF CARDS remaining NOT the total
  of the numbers on the cards.
  After that, the cards are redealt and the game goes on.
  This is a great game for when people don't feel like playing a game
  because it's the regular socializing that helps disguise any winks
  and keep the cop on his/her toes. However, it helps alot if the players
  do sit in a circle while playing, and not spread around a room.
  Obviously if you want to increase the boot factor, play with high
  numbered cards.

Drunk Driver
      The rules for this are easy, there is a dealer and one 'driver.'
  The dealer deals 6 cards (more for a greater challenge, less for an
  easy road) face down to the driver. The driver turns over a card and
  one of the following will happen:
      if the card is a non-face card or ace, nothing happens and
      the driver moves onto the next card.
      if the card is a face card or ace, the driver is dealt additional
      cards based on which card; Jack = +1 card, Queen = +2 cards,
      King = +3 cards, and Ace = +4 cards. As well, as being dealt more
      cards, the driver also has to have a drink for each additional card.
      (ace turned over --- 4 cards and 4 drinks).
  The game continues until the driver has successfully made it off the road
  (gone through all cards dealt). If the dealer runs out of cards, simply
  reshuffle the cards already played.

Fuzzy Duck
      A good get-to-know-ya kind of game. Simple supplie: people and beer.
  Low buzz factor. Not too bad of a game after everybody's had a few.
       Begin the game by saying "fuzzy duck" to the person to your left.
  That person then says "fuzzy duck" to the person on his/her left.  This
  continues until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying
  "does he" (duzzy).  "Does he" changes the direction and the phrase that
  is said.  Not only does the direction change but the people must say
  "ducky fuzz." Now the game is going to the right with "ducky fuzz." The
  direction is then changed back by saying "duzzy." The words to say go
  back to "fuzzy duck."
      Any screw-ups ===> drink. After awhile when the mistakes are more
  frequent, it turns into, "Does he F**ck?" or "F**k he does."
      Variation: the same player cannot say the same thing
  consequtively within the same round. ie: if player 1 starts with
  "Fuzzy Duck," and play comes back around to him, he must say "Does He"
  before being able to say "Fuzzy Duck" again.

Guess the Note
      As many people as are interested can play, the more the merrier.
  A game for the more musically inclined. Low buzz factor. Supplies:
  people, bottled beer, and some musical instruments (piano is best).
       One player takes a seat at the instrument.  The other players drink
  unspecified amounts of beer from the bottles.  The first player blows a
  note on his bottle, as if playing a flute.  The person at the instrument
  has 3 tries to repeat the note with the instrument.  If repeated
  correctly, the first player drinks.  If the person never matches the
  note, he drinks three and passes his turn.

Hi, Bob
      Similar to "TV Characters," another old style drinking game
  steeped in tradition. Mid-High buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer,
  and episodes of the original "Bob Newhart Show," or even "Newhart,"
  if desperate.
       Simple rules: whenever anybody on the show says "Hi, Bob!",
  everybody calls out "HI BOB!" and takes a very generous drink of their
  beer.  People on the show say "Hi, Bob" so often, that even the guys who
  can hold their alcohol the best will get at least a good buzz.

High - Low
      This is another very easy game with a pretty decent buzz factor.
  Materials needed: people, beer, cards.
      Player one is dealt a card. S/he then guesses whether the next
  card will be higher or lower than the next card. If wrong, s/he
  drinks once (because one card was showing). If correct, s/he
  guesses again. After taking at least three cards, the player
  may choose to continue or pass, BUT ONLY after having taken
  at least three cards. If the player pass, the next player starts
  where the previous left off.
      When a player guesses incorrectly, s/he drinks for each
  card showing. SO, the strategy is to build up a lot of cards and
  then pass it to the next player.
      Before play starts, determine by vote if equal cards
  are a loss or correct guess.

Indian Poker
      A pretty silly looking game, but that's what makes it fun.
  Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards. Mid-high buzz factor.
       Each player is dealt one card that they can not look at.  They must
  place the card on their foreheads so that everyone else can see the
  cards.  That means you can see everyone card but your own.
       Dealer begins by betting that he has the highest card by saying how
  many drinks he wishes to bet.  Players who don't think they can win fold
  and take as many drinks from their beer that the current bet is at.  The
  player who ends up losing with the lowest card with the lowest card must
  drink the total of the bets.


The Name Game
      Another good "get to know ya'" kind of game. Mid buzz factor.
  Only the standard supplies are needed: people and beer.
      Everybody sits in a circle, (isn't this how most games start?)
  and someone starts by saying the name of someone famous, or pretty
  close to being famous as far as those people are concerned.
      The next person says a name that starts with the first letter
  of the last name of the previous name. Sound confusing? Not really.
      Mel Brooks
          Bart Simpson
            Sam Donaldson
                Dick Vitale
                  Vincent Price
                       Pat Robertson
                           Rick Mears
                             Michelle Pfeiffer
      If a player can't think of a name IMMEDIATELY, they must consume
  for the DURATION until they can think of an appropriate name.
      Play never stops, it is always moving. Now, if someone says
  a name that begins with the same letter on first and last names
  (ie: Doanld Duck, Mickey Mouse) or is a singel name (ie: Madonna, Cher)
  then the direction of the circle reserves.
  For example:
      Michelle Pfeiffer
            Patty Duke
                  Donald Duck
                      | (direction change)
                      Davy Jones
                        Jesus (direction change)
                        Jim Morrison
                            Mike Tyson
  and so on.
  (also referred to as "Think While You Drink")

      A drinking game adapted to the card game Eu. If you
  don't know how to play Eu, don't ask. It has to be seen to be
  understood, and not many people get it after that. So, this
  game is for those who know how to play the game.
      Lose a point: one drink per point.
      Get Eud : five drinks, plus drinks for points.
      Take all during loner: losers drink 10, plus points.
      Partner over-trumps when not necessary: partner has two.
      Caught Reneging: Kill entire beer.
      Victorious: Have a few to celebrate.
  Add to and adjust as needed.

      A mindless game that actually requires a certain amount of
  coordination. Supplies: people and beer (as usual), a quarter
  (hence the name), and a shallow juice-type glass.
      All players sit around a table, or similarily hard surface, and, in
  turn, try to bounce the quarter off the table into the juice glass.
  If successful, the player tells any other player to have a drink, as well
  as receiving another turn. If the player fails, play passes to the
  next in the circle.
      If the player is fortunate enough to make three bounces in a row,
  this player may make a rule. Anything goes. Some favorites are:
      "Can't say drink, drank, or drunk."
      "Can't point with your fingers."
      "No proper names."
      "Have a drink before each attempted bounce."
      etc. (be creative)
  If any rule is broken during the course of play, the violator
  subsequently "consumes some beverage."
      Early days variations:
      The glass that you bounce into also contains the beer to drink.
  The trick is to then drink the beer without swallowing the quarter.
      If the player bounces and hits the rim of the glass, without
  the quarter going in, s/he receives another free attempt.
      If the player misses, and feels confident enough, s/he may
  "chance" for another attempt. If the player makes the chance attempt,
  things proceed as if it were a normal turn.  However, if the chance
  attempt fails, that player must drink the beer.
      Following a failed "chance" attempt, the player may wish to
  attempt a "kill." if the attempt is succesful, play continues as normal,
  but if the attempt fails, the player must drink a full glass/can/bottle
  of beer non-stop.

      Another decent card game with a mid-level buzz factor.
  Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.
      Shuffle the deck of cards. Spread them out so that any card
  can be chosen. Someone, doesn't matter who, goes first by choosing a
  card. The following tells what action is going to be taken:
      Ace - Pick any player to drink
      King - All players drink
      Queen - Ladies drink
      Jack - Men drink
      10 - 2nd person on right of chooser drinks
      9 - 2nd person on left of chooser drinks
      8 - All players drink
      7 - Person to right of chooser drinks
      6 - Person to left of chooser drinks
      5 - change direction (ie from clockwise to counter-clockwise)
      4 to 1 - the person picking the card drinks that many drinks.
  Play continues to the left, unless a five, the change of direction
  card was drawn.

I Never
      This is a great game for a group of close friends or people
  who really like to share hints of their dark pasts. Only supplies
  are people with enquiring minds, and beer. You probably won't
  get drunk playing this, but it's a great ice-breaker for a party.
      Everyone sits around around a table, or on the floor if you
  so desire. One person goes first by making a TRUE statement that
  begins with "I never...." For example, "I've never been to Disneyland."
  Then, if any other player HAS DONE what the person said, they simply
      As the game progresses, the statements tend to get more personal
  and explicit. But the game only works when people are honest. However,
  if somebody drinks on an "I never..," no explanation is necessary.
  For example, if someone says, "I've never had sex with an inflatable
  doll," and someone ends up drinking to it, no explanation is needed, just
  a drink of affirmation.

      A simple game, could be quite interesting. A game that could very
  easily be played in a bar, making the lives of others more interesting.
  Played with liquor not beer. Supplies: people, a variety of liquor,
  and a deck of cards.
      Shuffle the cards. Start dealing one card at a time, face up,
  to each player. The first person to be dealt a king picks a liquor, the
  second dealt a king picks the mixer, the third makes the drink (or buys
  it), and the last dealt a king drinks it.
      This can turn out to be quite a laugh; it relies purely on chance,
  and if you pick a really disgusting liquor or liquor/mixer combination, it
  could happen that you'll be the one required to drink the concoction.

Master of the Thumb
      This game is played in conjunction with any other game during the
  course of the evening. It is very simple and easily adapted.
       The game starts by picking the person who will be the first Master
  Of The Thumb.  While sitting around the table having a good time, the
  Master Of The Thumb can, at any time s/he chooses, non-chalantly place
  her thumb on the edge of the table.  After she has started this, anyone
  who notices must follow example.  The last person to place his/her thumb
  on the table loses and has to drink, but they do become the new Master Of
  The Thumb.  If anyone places their thumb on the table without the real
  Master Of The Thumb starting it, they have to drink.

           Takes a bit to catch onto, but once understood, quite a
  competitive game. Requires people, beer and dice. Mid buzz factor.
      Someone arbitrarily goes first by rolling the dice. The score for
  the dice is as follows:
         2 & 1 = Mexican, the highest possible roll.
        (if you throw one of these, the eventual loser has to drink
        double the standard drinking quantity being used for the game.)
        (each subsequent mexican in that round will double the required
        drink for loser). More easily understood later.

         3 & 1 =   scumbag
        the thrower immediately has to consume one drink.  This
        throw does not count as one of the thrower's goes.

        Any double = 100 times the double i.e., double 1 scores 100,
        double 2 scores 200 etc.

        Any other throw = The highest number multiplied by 10 + the smallest
        number i.e., 5 & 4 scores 54, 6 & 1 scores 61 etc.
        The starter has the choice of one, two of three rolls to obtain the
        best score they can.  The starter's score is the score of their last
        throw i.e., if you throw a 61 then 63 with your first two throws and
        elect to take a third throw, you must count the third throw even if it's
        lower.  Every other player in the game has the choice of throwing up to
        as many times as the starter i.e., if the starter takes one throw, all
        other players have only one throw.
        Holding a dice - if a player has more than one throw available, they
        may hold a 1 or a 2 (if thrown) for subsequent throws i.e., if you have 
        2 or 3 throws and you throw a 4:1 on your first go, you may, if you wish,
        only pick up the 4 and throw it as your next go.  This tactic will
        increase your chance of a mexican, while also increasing your chance of 
        a low score or scumbag.  If you throw a scumbag you may not hold the 1.
        The loser is the person who throws the lowest score.  In the event
        of a tie, all players with the lowest score must roll one dice and the
        lowest number loses.
        Play as many rounds as desired.

      This is a favorite drinking game, although it's often difficult to
  find people willing to play it. Mid level buzz factor. Basic supplies
  only: people and beer.
       It starts with a room full of people, the more the merrier.  The
  object is to ask a question when it is your turn, but this is much more
  difficult than it seems.  The rules are:
  1. Obviously, the infraction of any rule is punishable by a drink.
  2. You can only ask one person one question at a time.
     a. The person who asks the question must address the person queried
        by name; no pointing.  (newcomers to a crowd are allowed some
        leeway until they learn names.)
     b. The questions must be answerable by <> or <>.  (This
        rule is optional, but be certain beforehand if it will be
  3. The person asked the question must immediately ask another person
     a. Any hesitation, answering the question, laughing, or doing
        anything else besides asking somebody else a question is
        punishable by a drink.
     b. Asking a question back at the person who asked is punishable by a
     c. Any question can be asked only once.  Simply rephrasing somebody
        else's question is a cheat.  A person who repeats a question must
        take a drink.
  Other notes:
      If the crowd cracks up (after, for example, a spectacularly personal
  question), a <> is called.
       The best way to play is to keep a question or two rolling around in
  your head, to be spewed out after you are asked a question.  Good
  questions are the innocent sounding ones: <>
  <> <>
       The other best way to play is to get personal (the game usually
  descends to this level fairly quickly): <> <> <> <>
       You can see the game demonstrated (after a fashion) in the tennis
  court scene in _Rosencrantz_and_Guilderstern_Are_Dead_.

Red and Black
      Simply a simple game with a pretty high buzz factor.
  Simple supplies: people, beer, deck o' cards.
      One player goes first. Using mental telepathy, s/he
  tries to predict the color of the card about to be turned over.
  If correct, s/he continues; if incorrect - drink.
      If correct three times in a row, the player can make a rule
  concerning procedure for the game. Intersting rules are:
      "Can't say red"
      "Can't say black"
      "Tap head before drinking"
      As always, be creative.
      Of course, if some is caught "violating" a rule, s/he drinks.
  But be sure not to break the rules while enforcing them.

       This is not really a drinking game, but more or less a contest
  to see who could drink a can of beer the fastest. Very high buzz factor.
  Supplies: beer, and something to puncture the can with.
      Punch a hole near the bottom of the can, on the side.  BE CAREFUL:
  that can is now dangerous with sharp edges possibly exposed.  Put your
  mouth over the hole, lift your head upo with the can while opening the
  can.  Drink fast.  The first person to finish is the "winner."

Sink the Battleship
      A game of skill, a game of challenge, a game of intrigue? Low-Mid
  buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, pitcher, and glasses.
      Each player will need a glass of beer. Float an extra glass in
  the pitcher of beer (adding some beer to the glass may be needed for
  stability). Each player takes turns pouring beer into the floating glass.
  After a five second wait, the next player then pours into glass. Whoever
  causes the glass to sink must retrieve it and drink its contents.
  The object is to leave the glass just short of sinking and leave the
  care upto the next player.

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Canonical Drinking Game
  Requirements: Episode(s) of ST:TNG
                This list
                People (the more the merrier)
                Beverages of your choice
  Instructions: Simple.  Watch the show, and whenever a condition is met,
                take the appropriate number of drinks.  The definition of
                "drink" should be decided before game play starts.  Usually,
                a good mouthful will suffice.  Optional rules are included
                at the end of the list for fun variations on the "standard"
  Compiler's Note: I would advise taking some time before game play starts
                   to decide which conditions to use and which to ignore.
                   Remember that this list is canonical, so you probably will
                   _not_ want to use them all (especially with a new episode,
                   since you'll spend all your time reading the list, rather
                   than watching).  Please send any corrections, suggestions,
                   requests, submissions, flames, etc. to the address listed
  Category: Condition                                      : Number of Drinks
  General :  "Open hailing frequencies"                    :          1
  Quotes  :  "Medical emergency"                           :          1
          :  "Belay that order"                            :          1
          :  "Energize"                                    :          1
          :  "Hell", "Damn" and other swearing.            :          1
          :      SEE ALSO: Riker's special swearing rules. :
          :  "It's not like anything I've ever seen before":          1
          :  "Impossible"                                  :          1
          :  "Impossible" while watching the "impossible"  :          2
          :  "Shut up, Wesley"                             :          3
          :  "On screen"                                   :          1
          :  "Understood"                                  :          1
          :  "Set phasers on..."                           :          1
          :  "Acknowledged"                                :          1
          :  "Priority One"                                :          1
          :  "Just a little more time...!"                 :          1
          :  "Eastern/Western/Southern/Northern Continent" :          2
          :  "The Klingon Home Planet" or other reference  :
          :      without actually giving it a name         :          2
  General :  A female crewmember has flawless makeup after :
  Actions :      she's been put through the ringer         :          1
          :  A crewmember straightens his/her uniform      :          1 ea.
          :      SEE ALSO: Picard's special uniform rules. :
          :  A crewmember drinks (outside of 10 Forward)   :          1 ea.
          :      SEE ALSO: Picard's special drinking rules.:
          :  A bridge officer is seen in casual clothes    :          1 ea.
          :      SEE ALSO: Picard's & Beverly's special    :
          :                clothing rules.                 :
          :  A bridge officer is seen in dress uniform     :          1 ea.
          :  "Ensign Ethnic" or "Ensign Buxom" gets a line :          1
          :  Someone is referred to by their first name    :          1
          :  First names while sexual tension present      :          2
          :  The sarcophagus is used in sickbay            :          2
          :  Nobody leaves the ship, but we still see more :
          :      than one room of the alien ship/planet/etc:          2
          :  The same matte painting of an alien planet is :
          :      used after each commercial break          :          1
          :  The matte painting has a moving ground vehicle:          2
          :  Transporter Room 3 is used                    :          1
          :  A shuttlecraft appears unsafe                 :          1
          :  Someone reads a book                          :          1
          :  Mention of dilithium crystals                 :          1
          :  Someone adopts a persona (Dixon Hill, Sherlock:
          :      Holmes, etc.)                             :          1 ea.
          :  Someone receives a shot                       :          1
          :  Someone receives a shot from a non-medical    :
          :      officer                                   :          2
          :  A new alien has latex on its forehead         :          1
          :  A new alien also has differently shaped hands :          1
          :  A new alien doesn't have latex on its forehead:          2
          :  Someone preaches the Prime Directive          :          1
          :  Someone other than Picard preaches the P.D.   :          2
          :  Someone preaches about "Humanity's Unique     :
          :      Potential"                                :          1
          :  An "Old Earth Saying" is brought up           :          1
          :  A member of the bridge crew takes over a      :
          :      by pushing someone out of the way         :          2
          :  Someone wakes up from a nightmare             :          1
          :  The bridge crew contemplates mutiny           :          3
          :  The holodeck appears in its "natural" state   :          2
          :  Holodeck characters become aware of their own :
          :      ephemerality                              :          2
          :  Someone implies that 10 Forward is a Happening:
          :      Place                                     :          1
          :  They fade to commercial playing the "ominous  :
          :      horns"                                    :          1
          :  They fade to commercial with a soap-opera-like:
          :      close up on someone's face                :          1
          :  The Enterprise is hurled somewhere by another :
          :      force (Q, Tin Man, etc.)                  :          2
          :  Klingon is spoken                             :          1
          :  English is spoken by Klingons when they are   :
          :      alone and have no reason to speak English :          2
          :  Picard or Riker order a course change by      :
          :      exact X, Y, and Z coordinates, rather than:
          :      something like "Set course for Starbase 8":          3
          :  The computer makes that "I'm listening" chirp :          1
          :  An "expendable" is killed                     :          1 ea.
          :  A new alien ship is revealed                  :          1
          :  Something escapes the sensors                 :          1
          :  Something escapes the sensors and they use the:
          :      word "interference" as an excuse          :          2
          :  Communications malfunction/go out             :          1
          :  Transporter goes down                         :          1
          :  A token alien is shown in the background      :
          :      and has no lines                          :          1
          :  The token alien is a Vulcan                   :          2
          :  Yellow Alert                                  :          1
          :  Red Alert                                     :          2
          :  Intruder Alert                                :          3
          :  The Enterprise docks at a starbase            :          3
          :  Another Captain or Starfleet Command officer  :
          :      is shown                                  :          1
          :  A desk hologram is seen                       :          2
          :  There is a countdown                          :          1
          :  Someone stops the countdown                   :          2
          :  Bridge command is handed over                 :          1
          :  The Enterprise avoids a conflict rather than  :
          :      using force                               :          1
          :  The Enterprise actually fights (shots must be :
          :      fired)                                    :          2
          :  Someone uses the episode's title in a sentence:          2
          :  The saucer section separates                  :  Whole Beverage
          :  They contact someone via communicator or      :
          :      intercom without activating it            :          1
          :  Communicators don't work                      :          1
          :  Communicators are out of range                :          2
          :  The battle bridge is used                     :          1
          :  The battle bridge is used with the saucer     :
          :      section still attached                    :          2
          :  TNG contradicts a fact stated in TOS          :          2
          :  Dialogue in the turbolift                     :          1
          :  A poker game is shown                         :          1
          :  A log entry is made                           :          1
          :  A log entry is made - not by Picard           :          2
          :  A stardate is mentioned - not in a log entry  :          1
          :  An Old Earth Date is mentioned                :          2
          :  Someone requests that an image on the main    :
          :      viewer be magnified                       :          1
          :  Someone requests magnification when it's      :
          :      painfully obvious that it's necessary     :          2
          :  Readings go off the scale                     :          1
          :  The ship/crew is seconds away from disaster   :          1
          :  Someone removes their communicator            :          1
          :  Someone places their communicator on something:
          :      so it can be beamed away or destroyed     :          2
          :  Someone gives their communicator to a non-    :
          :      crewmember so they can communicate with   :
          :      the Enterprise                            :          3
          :  The transporter room can't lock on to someone :          1
          :  The transporter room pulls someone through    :
          :      after their ship explodes                 :          2
          :  Someone who normally pronounces "sensors" as  :
          :      "SEN-sers" pronounces it as "SEN-sohrs"   :          1
          :  Someone brings up the matter/antimatter ratio :          1
          :  A member of the bridge crew looks WAY too     :
          :      pleased with him/herself                  :          1
          :  A Captain's Log entry is made by someone other:
          :      than Picard                               :          2
          :  A sound effect from TOS is heard              :          1
          :  The camera pans > 90 degrees to show how BIG  :
          :      the ship is                               :          1
          :  Someone changes their pronunciation of a word :
          :      within the same scene                     :          1
          :  Someone throws/is hit by/etc. styrofoam props :          1
          :  Someone quotes Shakespeare, etc. (See Picard) :          1
          :  A bad fight scene occurs                      :          1
          :  The Enterprise is taken over                  :          1
          :  The weapons are rendered useless              :          1
          :  Phasers are used for a different function than:
          :      intended (e.g. overload, power            :
          :      a transporter, etc.)                      :          1
          :  Harmonics are changed in shields/phasers/etc. :          1
          :  Someone alludes to a work/person/event/etc.   :
          :      that hasn't been made/existed/happened yet:          1
          :  A guest appearance is made by someone from TOS:          3
          :  Security alert or request                     :          1
          :  Part of a set is destroyed in a fistfight     :          2
          :  A succession of five face closeups with no    :
          :      dialogue                                  :          1
          :  A shuttlecraft is launched                    :          2
          :  A probe is launched                           :          1
          :  Someone mentions Jack Crusher                 :          2
          :  Someone is seen out of uniform (in civvies)   :          2
          :  The Enterprise is boarded by hostiles         :          2
          :  The warp engine light goes really fast        :          2
          :  The auto-destruct sequence is activated       :          3
          :  A principle character is put on trial         :          1
          :  The Enterprise is captured in a nebula/cloud  :          1
          :  A star returns from the dead                  :  Whole Beverage
          :  Ancient alien technology screws things up     :          1
          :  Someone is transported to somewhere other than:
          :      a transporter room or sickbay from        :
          :      somewhere other than a transporter room   :          2
          :  The Enterprise encounters an unknown energy   :
          :      form                                      :          1
  Picard  :  "Make it so"                                  :          1
  Quotes  :  "Engage"                                      :          1
          :  "Come"                                        :          1
          :  "Come" (in personal quarters)                 :          2
          :  "Captain's Log"                               :          1
          :  "Captain's Log, Supplemental"                 :          2
          :  "Proceed"                                     :          1
          :  "Number One"                                  :          1
          :  "The boy" in reference to Wesley              :          1
  Picard  :  Straightens his uniform                       :          2
  Actions :  Straightens his uniform before giving a speech:          3
          :  Drinks                                        :          2
          :  Drinks tea                                    :          3
          :  Drinks tea identified as Earl Grey            :          4
          :  Wears chest-revealing bedwear                 :          2
          :  Has an accident or is attacked                :          2
          :  Accident or attack draws blood                :          3
          :  Is possessed                                  :          4
          :  Requests a Level One Diagnostic               :          1
          :  Makes a speech that saves the day             :          1
          :  Tries to avoid Lwuxana Troi                   :          1
          :  Surrenders                                    :          1
          :  Leaves the ship                               :          1
          :  Leaves the ship to lead an away team          :          2
          :  Demonstrates knowledge of a foreign language  :          1
          :  Swears/hurls an insult in a foreign language  :          2
          :  Appears uncomfortable (around women, children):          1
          :  Quotes Shakespeare, etc.                      :          2
          :  Leaves the bridge during a crisis to talk with:
          :      Dr. Crusher or Guinan                     :          1
          :  Talks about death to Dr. Crusher              :          1
          :  Takes a communique from Starfleet in his ready:
          :      room                                      :          1
          :  Is called upon to mediate a dispute           :          2
          :  Takes the helm in a tricky situation          :          3
          :  Is seen on the bridge out of uniform          :          2
          :  Calls a meeting                               :          1
          :  Calls a meeting in the middle of a crisis     :          2
          :  Cries                                         :  Whole Beverage
  Worf    :  "Impressive"                                  :          1
  Quotes  :  "Admirable"                                   :          1
          :  "Grrrrr" (A simple sneer qualifies)           :          1
          :  "I am a Klingon"                              :          1
          :  "Klingons do NOT..."                          :          1
          :  "Security Override!"                          :          2
          :  "Human women are too fragile"                 :          2
  Worf    :  Uses the word "human" in a sense meaning puny,:
  Actions :      weak, or otherwise >not< Klingon          :          2
          :  Gets beat up                                  :          1
          :  Actually wins a fight                         :          2
          :  Throws someone in the brig/Arrests someone    :          1
          :  Asks for an explanation of a human term/custom:          1
          :  Says something with a tilt of his head/nod    :          1
          :  Has a suggestion shot down offhandedly        :          2
          :  Fusses about his discommendation              :          2
          :  Makes a reference to his sexual prowess       :          2
          :  Mentions or participates in some bizarre      :
          :      Klingon ritual                            :          2
  Data    :  "Fascinating"                                 :          1
  Quotes  :  "Accessing"                                   :          1
          :  "Inquiry"                                     :          1
          :  "Intriguing"                                  :          1
          :  "I am an android"                             :          1
          :  "I cannot feel emotions", etc                 :          1
          :  "Increase speed"                              :          1
  Data    :  Uses his strength                             :          1
  Actions :  Uses his strength and shows up Worf           :          2
          :  Uses his superior android speed               :          1
          :  Innards are revealed                          :          1
          :  Innards are revealed other than his head      :          2
          :  Is cut off mid-sentence                       :          1
          :  Is cut off during a list of synonyms          :          2
          :  Stops himself during an inappropriate speech  :          2
          :  Has to have "An Old Earth Saying" explained   :          2
          :  Gives a list of synonyms for the term he did  :
          :      not understand                            :          1
          :  Is able to interpret/use alien technology in  :
          :      no time                                   :          1
          :  Uses a new colloquialism                      :          1
          :  Uses a contraction                            :  Whole Beverage
          :  Affects a human mannerism (e.g. Sherlock Data):          2
          :  Corrects somebody's grammar                   :          1
          :  Brent Spiner breaks character for comic effect:          1
          :  Gives an "approximation" out to several       :
          :      decimal places                            :          1
          :  Does that little head twitch                  :          1
          :  Gets kissed, etc.                             :          3
          :  Is told that he's more human than he thinks   :          2
          :  Is "used" to save the ship, beam down, or hang:
          :      around infected people because the        :
          :      situation is too dangerous for humans     :          3
  Riker   :  "Hell"                                        :          2
  Quotes  :  "What the hell is going on?"                  :  Whole Beverage
          :  "You are personally responsible for the       :
          :      Captain's safety" to Worf                 :          2
          :  "With pleasure, sir"                          :          1
  Riker   :  Walks forward as if he's trying to knock an   :
  Actions :      imaginary door down with his forehead     :          1
          :  Demonstrates knowledge of a foreign language  :          1
          :  Swears/hurls an insult in a foreign language  :          2
          :  Thrusts his chin out with a smug look         :          1
          :  Stands with his feet more than 2 ft. apart    :1 per ' beyond 2'
          :  Pronounces a word in a way that does not match:
          :      his heritage (e.g. charade=shur-AHD)      :          2
          :  Acts blatantly like Kirk                      :          1
          :  Gets that annoying smirk on his face          :          1
          :  Gets the girl                                 :          1
          :  Gets the girl for no apparent reason          :          2
  LaForge :  "...lost a lotta good people down there..."   :          1
  Quotes  :  "Maybe not" in response to "Impossible"       :          2
          :  "I'm workin' on it!"                          :          1
  LaForge :  VISOR is taken or knocked off                 :          1
  Actions :  Tweaks the warp engines/shields/tractor beams :          1
          :  Wishes he had human vision                    :          1
          :  Is used as a "human tricorder"                :          1
          :  Sees with his own eyes (VISORless)            :  Whole Beverage
          :  Interacts with a woman (real or not) in the   :
          :      holodeck                                  :          2
  Beverly :  "This won't hurt a bit"                       :          1
  Quotes  :  "This shouldn't be happening"                 :          1
          :  "Nothing yet, but we're working on it"        :          1
          :  "He's dead "                           :          1
          :  "He's gone..."                                :          2
          :  "This man is dying!"                          :          3
  Beverly :  Can't figure out some bizarre medical problem :          1
  Actions :  Uses the word "stumped" in regards to problem :          2
          :  Is seen in a sweater                          :          2
          :  Beams directly to sickbay or orders someone to:
          :      be beamed directly to sickbay             :          1
          :  Is seen on the bridge for no apparent reason  :          1
          :  Appears without her lab coat                  :          1
          :  Appears without her lab coat in sickbay       :          2
          :  Uses one of her ridiculous 24th century       :
          :      medical terms                             :          1
          :  Performs major surgery                        :          2
          :  Diagnoses something really obvious            :          1
          :  Shows maternal instinct                       :          2
          :  Loses a patient                               :          2
  Deanna  :  "What do YOU think about that?" or other quote:
  Quotes  :      reminiscent of ELIZA                      :          1
          :  "Are you troubled?" (when they obviously are) :          1
          :  "Mother!  Please...!"                         :          1
  Deanna  :  Senses something really shocking              :          1
  Actions :  Gives us Betazoid insight into something      :
          :      really obvious                            :          2
          :  Senses (and lists) more than one emotion      :          1
          :  Cries                                         :          2
          :  Is hit on                                     :          1
          :  Rolls her eyes                                :          1
          :  Can't shut out all the feelings               :          1
  O'Brien :  Has a line in a first or second season episode:          1
  Actions :  Disables a weapon during transport            :          1
  Wesley  :  "It's easy!" (or "simple", etc.)              :          1
  Quotes  :  "Wow", "Gee", "Ooh", etc.                     :          1
  Wesley  :  Talks back to his mom                         :          1
  Actions :  Saves the day                                 :          1
          :  Saves the day and nobody understands his      :
          :      pseudoscientific babbling                 :          2
          :  Saves the day and nobody thanks him           :          2
          :  Appears to be hitting on someone              :          1
          :  Gets that annoying "impish" grin              :          1
          :  Creates some spiffy new science project       :          1
          :  Gets that "I'm not just a kid" attitude       :          1
          :  Swallows really hard                          :          1
          :  Has his life threatened                       :          2
          :  Has his life threatened and he dies           : Party like it's
          :                                                :       1999!
          :  Is seen with a girl (other than when on duty) :          3
  Lwuxana :  "Little One" in reference to Deanna           :          1
  Lwuxana :  Reads Picard's mind (or pretends to)          :          1
  Actions :  Is referred to in an episode in which she does:
          :      not appear                                :          1
  Yar     :  Suggests that the Enterprise fight, upon      :
  Actions :      meeting another ship, etc.                :          1
          :  Denise Crosby makes a guest appearance        :          1
          :  Decks someone                                 :          1
          :  Decks someone just to show her strength, etc. :          2
  Pulaski :  Mispronounces Data's name                     :          1
          :  Calls Data "it" or accuses him of being unable:
          :      to do something because he's an android   :          1
          :  Cuts Picard off                               :          1
  Guinan  :  Makes someone sigh at the end of a talk       :          1
          :  Talks about "her people"                      :          1
  "Engage", "Make It So", "Energize", "Accessing", "On Screen" and "Magnify"
  are shot words - you must take a drink unless you say the exact word _in
  unison_ with the dialogue.  Two drinks if you say the wrong word.
  Whenever Riker appears in a scene, the last person to say "Oink Oink" takes
  a drink.
  If Troi "senses" something, everyone must stick a finger down their throats
  and make gagging sounds - last one to do so takes a drink. (This one could
  be dangerous in the latter stages of the game.)
  At the start of a commercial break, guess who will do the next log entry.
  Take a drink if you're wrong.  If there's no log entry, everyone drinks.
  When Data launches into a long explanation, the last person to interrupt
  with "Thank you, Commander..." takes a drink.  Doesn't count if you say it
  after it's said on the screen.
  Whenever Wesley saves the ship, throw something at the TV.  Take a drink if
  you don't hit Wesley.
  Before the show, everyone predicts Dr. Crusher's hairstyle.  Everyone who
  is wrong has to take a drink.
  Whenever Troi gets a headache, drink until the headache subsides.
  Before the show, everyone predicts Guinan's hat style (stop sign or
  teardrop).  Everyone who is wrong has to take a drink.
  Whenever Data embarasses himself, drink until somebody stops him.

  Simple game, high boot factor.
  Line up six cups, size unimportant.
  Get a pitcher(s) of beer.
  And a single die.
  Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice.
  (clockwise or counter, direction matters not)
  The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line.
  If it's empty fill it as much as you want,
  if it contains beer, drink it all, and roll again.
  If you clear the table chances are the party will become more enjoyable
  ( at least to you ).

      Highly adult game. Low buzz factor, nonetheless quite
  enjoyable to play.
      Approx 6-8 guys or girls (all one sex or mixed, for that matter)
  sit around a table with a table cloth that hangs to the floor.  The
  participants drop their pants/skirts/shorts to their ankles and a willing
  person goes under the table to do whatever s/he wishes.
      The first "player" to smile has to drink.
  Originally a bachelor party game with hired prostitute.

      A game of speed, challenge, and intellect? (or was that
  Thumper?) Anyways, a good game with a Very High buzz factor. Supplies:
  people, beer, and cards.
      Best played with a large number of people (for obvious reasons).
  One person is designated as the dealer. (This person should be changed
  every round because the dealer is at a distinct disadvantage. Some
  people play that the dealer does not play on his/her turn.) The dealer
  begins by placing cards, face up, in a stack, and calls out the number
  on each turn. When two cards of the same number come up in a row,
  the first person to bring his/her hand down onto the top of the
  pile gets the top card, and is then allowed to "give out" the
  number of the card in drinks to whomever he/she wishes. Rounds
  end when the dealer runs out of cards.
      Some people try to add some more fun to the game by requiring
  that all players have the 'snap hand' behind their backs. Others
  call snap on two face cards of same suit in a row, or cards in either
  assending or decending order.

Speed Quarters
      This one is said to be more fun than the original game.  This one
  doesn't allow for those certain people to concentrate for half-an-hour
  while everyone else gets bored.  The cardinal rule in this game is - you
  snooze, you loose!  Supplies: people, beer, a shallow glass, and two
      Situate everyone in a circle.  Give the two quarters to two people
  opposite each other in the circle (or as opposite as possible).  Then,
  say "GO!" and the two people try to bounce their quarters into the same
  glass.  They get as many tries as it takes and can take as long as they
  want...BUT when one does make it in, that person passes his/her quarter
  to the person on their left.  Then this person must bounce the quarter
  in.  This goes on until a person gets passed a quarter when s/he already
  has a quarter.  This person then must drink some beer, you choose the
      Sometimes, depending on the number of people playing, it's better
  to play with two glasses. Then both the quarter and glass get passed
  after a successful attempt.

Three Man
      A most excellent good time dice game. Supplies needed are the
  standars people and beer, plus dice. Check the variation below for
  additional optional supplies.
      Everyone sits in a circle. The first order of business is to
  determine the Three Man. This is done by each player rolling a die
  in turn. The first to roll a three becomes the Three Man (see below
  for variation with the Beer Helmut.)
      The player to the left of the Three Man goes first, and play
  continues in a clockwise direction. The player then rolls both dice
  and acts according to the following combinations:
      1:1  Doubles - see below
      1:2  Three man drinks (sum to 3)
      1:3  Three man drinks (three on die)
      1:4  Thumb to table or floor (playing surface)
      1:5  Index finger to side of nose.
      1:6  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
      2:2  Doubles - see below
      2:3  Three man drinks (three on die)
      2:4  Pass turn
      2:5  Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
      2:6  Pass turn
      3:3  Doubles - see below; three drinks twice
      3:4  Three man drinks; player to left of roller drinks
      3:5  Three man drinks
      3:6  Three man drinks; Social
      4:4  Doubles - see below
      4:5  Social
      4:6  Pass turn
      5:5  Doubles - see below
      5:6  Player to right of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
      6:6  Doubles - see below
  However, if on the Three Man's turn, s/he rolls a three or combination
  thereof, s/he is no longer the Three Man and then can designate
  any other player as the new Three Man. (This also includes if the
  Three Man rolls during a doubles give; see below)
  Social: Everybody drinks
  Doubles: The roller has the option of giving both dice to one player
  or one dice to two players. Whatever the case, the dice are rolled
  and the number on the dice is what that person(s) have to drink.
  (ie. roller gives the dice to Y and Z. Y rolls a 3 and Z rolls a five,
  Y drinks 3, Z drinks 5. Or Y gets both both dice and rolls a 3:5, Y then
  drinks 8.) However, if the given dice roll to doubles, the original
  roller has to drink that amount. But the original roller also
  keeps the turn.
  To condense everything:
      Total of 7 - player to right of roller drinks
      Total of 11-           left
      Total of 9 - Social
      Any 3 or sum to 3 - Three man drinks
      1 and 4 - thumb on floor
      1 and 5 - finger on nose
      Doubles - give 'em away
  Variation with the Beer Helmut:
      To make the visual effect of the game more interesting, the
  Three Man should have to were some some of strange hat, the Beer Helmut.
  The Helmut could be almost anything that can be worn on the head,
  orange hunters' hat, lampshade, undergarments, etc. But tradition
  holds that the Helmut be made from a discarded case of beer, cut
  so the the handle serves as eyepieces and a nose bridge. Other
  ornamentation may be freely added, such as a plume from other
  cardboard or feathers. It should look like something worn into battle.
  Thus the name, Beer Helmut.
      When the Three Man no longer is the Three Man due to skillful
  rolling, part of the ceremony is the passing of the Helmut onto
  the new Three Man.

      Simple game for highly energetic people. Low buzz factor.
  Required supplies: people and beer.
      The first thing to do is for each person to choose a hand
  gesture that they would like to have represent him/her during the game.
  Can be simple, polite, or sexually enticing, but it must be SHORT.
      Everyone sits in a circle, everyone starts the game by
  "drumming" their hands on the table or floor or whatever the playing
  surface may be. During the drumming, someone says "WHAT"S THE NAME
  OF THE GAME?" everyone responds with "THUMPER!!!" then the leader
  says "AND WHY DO WE PLAY THE GAME?" responded with "TO GET FUCKED UP!!"
      At this point the leader performs his/her own hand gesture,
  immediately followed by the gesture of any other player. This player
  then performs his/her own gesture followed by another players, etc..
  and so on. When a cue is missed or when someone responds too slowly,
  the "violator" must drink. This person then is the leader for the
  next round.
      Also be creative with what is said during the drumming, it's
  not limited to the above two questions. You could also call a slo-motion
  or high speed switch at anytime.
      The game takes a lot of emotional involvement, good when played
  when eveyones hyper because there's no where to go, or nothing better
  to do.

TV Characters
      Originally named the "Love Boat Drinking Game." Very fun, with
  a high buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a tv show with enough
  different characters for each player.
      Before the show starts, each player chooses what character s/he
  will play. For example, if watching the "Love Boat," someone will play
  the Captain Stuebing, one will play Gopher, another the Doctor, another
  Isaac, and even someone will be the Pacific Princess.
      During the show, when ever the character appears _on screen_,
  the player must drink for the duration of the appearance. If the
  character is simply referred to without being present, one drink
  must be taken.
      Many shows are very well designed for this game. For example,
  "Cheers" has many characters on screen for long durations. This means
  that a lot of beer is necessary.

      A physically and mentally "challenging" game. Low buzz factor.
  Supplies: people, beer, and a quarter.
      A group of people sit around a flat table with one quarter.  One
  person takes the quarter and stands it on edge on the table, holding it
  with the end of his/her finger.  with his other hand, (or with the same
  hand holding the quarter), he hits the quarter, causing it to spin (like
  a top) across the table.
      Immediately after "spinning" the quarter, he/she calls the name of
  someone else sitting at the table.  This person must then do one of two
      1) stop the quarter from spinning by capturing it (still on edge)
        with the tip of his/her index finger.            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      2) hit the quarter using his/her finger so that it continues to spin
         on edge; after which they call someone elses name.
      If the person who "spins" the quarter causes the quarter to spin off
  the table when they hit it, he/she must take a drink.
      If the quarter stops spinning and lands flat before the "receiver"
  manages to catch or spin the quarter, he/she must drink, and the original
  "spinner" gets to spin the quarter again.
      Rules can also be added regarding such things as if the quarter
  stops, who drinks when it is heads, or when tails.

Suck and Blow
      A classic game for the purpose of meeting people, not for
  getting drunk. Supplies needed: people of both sexes (depending on
  sexual preference) and something along the lines of a good sized
  index card or sheet of paper.
      Everyone sits in a circle, generally male - female. Someone
  chooses to start, and places the card against his/her lips, then
  using nothing but air pressure passes it to the person sitting
  next to him. This person takes the card by sucking on it and attempts
  to pass it to the next person, of course, never touching the card
  with hands.
      If the card is dropped during the exchange, those involved
  take a drink. Then the game resumes.
      There is another version where after the card is dropped, it is
  torn in half, and then the game continues. Eventually, there becomes
  more lips involved in the exchange than actual card.

Super Quarters
      An extension of Quarters, and Speed Quarters. This game has
  also been referred to as Chandeliers. Supplies: people, beer, many
  cups, and a quarter. High buzz factor.
      Take one cup, "the big chug," fill it with beer, and place in center
  of table. Put a small amount of beer in a cup for each player, and place
  these cups around the big chug; remember which cup is your own.
      The game begins with a player attempting to bounce the quarter
  into any of the cups. If the player misses, s/he must drink the contents
  of his/her own cup. If the player makes it, whoever's cup the quarter
  landed in must drink. If the quarter lands in "the big chug," everybody
  must drink, and the last one to finish must drink the "big chug."

Twenty-One Aces
       This is a good game to start in a Bar. Simple, straight-forward,
  no gray areas.  Mid-high buzz factor.  Supplies: people in a bar
  (preferably ones you know, or people you want to know), and five dice.
      The game is played by counting the "ones" that are rolled.  The
  person who rolls the seventh 'one' gets to pick the shot that will be
  consumed at the end of the game.  The person who rolls the fourteenth
  "ace" gets the honor of paying for the shot.  The person who rolls the
  twenty-first ace has to drink the shot.  Play the game by taking die out
  of the roll so that you only have one dice left when the twenty-first ace
  is rolled.
      For example:
                           Count  | # dice rolled
                          1-16    |    5
                            17    |    4
                            18    |    3
                            19    |    2
                            20    |    1
                            21    | You Drink

Up and Down the River
      Quite an excellent game with a potentially very high buzz factor.
  Required materials: many people and at least two decks of cards. A good
  rule of thumb is one deck for six people, than an additional deck for
  every additional eight to ten people.
      Everyone sits in a circle, one player is the dealer as well
  as a participant. Each player is dealt four cards face up, to be kept
  in front of that player.
      The dealer then starts 'up the river' by turning over the first card,
  each player with the same card in front of him/her (suit doesn't matter),
  must take one drink.  If the person has more than one of the same card,
  it is a drink for each card.
      The dealer then turns over the next card. Same thing, except this
  time it is two drinks. The next deal is three drinks, and the the last is
  four drinks.
      After the fourth card, the dealer returns 'down the river' by dealing
  the next card on top of the fourth card dealt.  Players with matching
  cards now GIVE four drinks away in any combination; four to one player,
  or maybe one drink to four different players.  Same situation of the
  player has more than one of the same card; the player gives drinks for
  each card.
      The dealer continues back 'down the river' by dealing the next
  card on top of the third card dealt. This time players give three cards
  for each matching card. The next deal is a give of two drinks, and the
  last deal is a give of one drink.
       After all the cards are dealt, simply shuffle and deal again.
  Lastly, the dealer starts turning over cards, while counting from 1 (ace)
  to 13 (king), if the count and the card turned over are equal in value
  then all players drink that many drinks.  Play continues until everyone
  is sick of the game, or sick from the beer.

      Another very simple game, with a low boot factor. No limit on
  number of players, but more than ten or so is not recommended.
      The players sit in a circle, one person goes first. The player
  makes "wiggly viking horns," simply thumbs in, or near, ears and wiggles
  the remaining fingers for a second or two, then claps both palms
  together, and points them at any other player.
      This player then does the "viking horns," but the player on each
  side of the "viking" must "steer the boat." This entails rowing to
  whatever side of the Viking the player is sitting on; right of the
  Viking rows right, left rows the boat left. The Viking then claps
  both palms together and designates another Viking.
      This continues until either the designated Viking misses his/her cue,
  or either rower fails to row the boat in the appropriate direction;
  whomever fails drinks, and then that person resumes play with "the

  Need:  2 dice and a cup to roll them in.
     Everyone at the table has thier own drink.  The object is to shake
  the dice in the cup, slam it on the table, lift it up and take a peek
  at the dice (don't let anyone else see them!!) and then announce what
  you have.  There is a lot of bluffing involved because if your roll
  doesn't top the privious roll you have to drink.  If you bluff and get
  caught, you drink.  If you get called on the roll but really have
  beaten the privious, then the person who called you has to drink.
  If you bluff and get away with it the dice pass to the next person.
  The only person who can call your bluff is the person who's roll you are
  trying to beat.  Rolls are based on the two digit number they form
  when placed side by side (ex. a 3 and a 4 would be "43") or if you
  throw doubles the value is one die times a hundred (ex. double 2 would
  cound as "200").  There are also some other special rolls that affect
  the game: "21" (a 2 and a 1) is called a Mexicali and beats all other
  rolls (including double 6, or "600"), a "31" is a "reverse" and play
  goes back the other way around the table, "32" is a "social" and
  everybody drinks.  "Reverse" and "social" both cancel out the previous
  roll so you don't have to worry about beating the privios guy's score.
  If you are caught bluffing a Mexicali you have to down the whole drink.
  To sum:
  2-1  "21"  Mexicali  Beats all
  3-1  "31"  Reverse
  3-2  "32"  Social
  4-1  "41"
  4-2  "42"
  4-3  "43"
  4-5  "45"
  5-1  "51"
  5-2  "52"
  5-3  "53"
  5-4  "54"
  6-1  "61"
  6-2  "62"
  6-3  "63"
  6-4  "64"
  6-5  "65"
  1-1  "100"
  2-2  "200"
  3-3  "300"
  4-4  "400"
  5-5  "500"
  6-6  "600"
  When rolling all you have to do is tie the priviou roll, so if a
  Mexicali is rolled you can either call the guy's bluff or accept it
  and try to tie it.  Optional: Successive Mexicalis double the amount
  of drink to consume on a challenge or bluff.

The Tower
  This is a Swedish game I learned in a bar in Austria.  Construct a tower
  out of the following drinks, placing a cardboard beer coaster between
  glasses:  (in order from bottom to top) 12 oz beer, glass of white wine,
  tall mixed drink (e.g. Tom Collins), small mixed drink (e.g. whiskey sour),
  shot of schnapps (or tequila, etc.).  Participants roll a die in turn.
  The first to get a 6 drinks the schnapps.  The next to get a 6 removes
  the coaster that was under it.  The next drinks the small drink, the next
  removes the coaster, and so on.  The next to roll always waits to roll
  until the previous person has drunk (or removed the coaster) EXCEPT when
  the beer is drunk.  When that happens, the game speeds up, because if
  someone rolls a 6 before the person drinking the beer finishes it, the
  beer-drinker must pay for the whole tower.  If the beer drinker finishes
  first, then the next person to roll a 6 (the beer drinker is exempt) pays.

  I learned this in a bar near Mt. Lassen ski area, in California.  Again
  people roll a die in turn.  The first to get a 6 names the drink.  The
  second to get a 6 drinks it.  The third, pays!

Pennies In a Pitcher
           1.) Everyone chips in and buys a pitcher.
           2.) The pitcher is passed around the table clockwise. Each
               person drinks as much as they want from it.
           3.) The person sitting to the right of the one who
               finishes the pitcher buys the next round.
           It's simple, but great. (You really have to play a
               round or two to understand all the subtleties of this game.)
      A similar version is as follows:  Each time a sip is taken, a quarter
  (or suitable ante) is tossed into the pitcher by the drinker.  Whoever
  chugs the pitcher dry, i.e., drinks for dollars, collects the loot.
  It could be advised to use nickels vs quarters as, when swallowed, they
  tend to pass through the digestive system easier.
      These and many other gnarly beer games are described in the two
  book series "The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games", written by three
  Yale students.  The first one is better, very intertaining.

Bouncing Ball
      A very interesting and imaginative game. Mid level buzz factor.
  Supplies: people, beer, and an imaginary ball.
      Everyone sits around a table. There are only three words
  that can be said: WHIZ, BOUNCE, and BOING. Someone starts by saying
  one of the words.
      WHIZ = the ball passes to next player.
      BOUNCE = the ball skips the next player and goes to the following
      BOING = ball hits wall and reverses direction.
  The penalty for errors is drinking.
  Variation: play with difficult words such as PERFIGLIANO, SCHWARTZ, and
  a players name.

Beat the Barman
      Another game for the insane, very very high buzz factor. As the
  story goes, nobody has ever won, lost or drawn.
  Some tips :
      - don't play it in a crowded bar (you may lose 'your' barman).
      - Make sure the bar staff are friendly and can take a joke
        (very important to avoid a draw).
      - Don't make any plans for the following morning.
  The steps are very simple :
      1  The drinker approaches the bar and orders a shot
         drink (whisk(e)y, bourbon, vodka, etc., etc..).
      2  The drinker pays for the drink with too much money
         (i.e. hand over a $5-bill for a $2 drink).
      3  As the barman goes away to get change, the drinker
         shoots the shot.
      4  When the barman returns with the change, go to step
         number 1.
  The game ends in a number of possible ways:
      - drinker falls over (Result: Bar wins).
      - barman punches drinker's lights out (Result: Draw).
      - drinker gets thrown out (Result: Draw).
      - bar closes (Result: Drinker wins).

Beer 99
      An interesting card game involving that "new" math. Mid level
  buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.
      The object of the game is to play cards into a pile and have the
  value of the pile equal 99. You start off by dealing four cards to each
  player, then turn the top card over. Play goes around the circle with
  each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of total value of
  the pile.
     Special cards:
        King - Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on
               Someone else, usually used near end of game.
        Four - used as a skip card when you have none to play, can also be
               used to skip drinking responsibilities goes.
        Tens - When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10,
               otherwise its a regualr card.
     Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special
     socials on 69 and 71. On special you must drink twice.
  Whoever gets hit with 99 must drink 0.5 glass.
  After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards,
  reshuffle those already played.

Kings and Blood
     Simple game, simple rules.  Very High buzz factor.  Supplies: people,
  beer (as usual), and a deck o' cards.
     Shuffle a deck of cards, spread out face down on a table.  Place a
  cup, or some sort of container in center of table.  Go around table
  drawing cards one at a time.  If you draw a red card, drink twice.  If
  you draw a black card, don't drink.  If you draw ANY king, pour a desired
  amount of beer into the center cup.  Whoever draws the final (fourth)
  king, must chug the center cup.

      An adaption of the game Parchesi. If you already know how to
  play, it's just as easy. If you don't know, learn. Supplies: people
  how want to play Parchesi, the game itself, and some brew. Low-mid
  buzz factor.
      Play the game as usual, if you get sent back, or cannot move,
  take a drink. It's that easy. Good with two players, each player taking
  two sets of pieces on opposite corners.

     Another adaptation of board games, this one obviously to Backgammon.
  A pretty tame game, that just gets tamer.  Supplies: you and a partner
  who wants to play Backgammon, the game itself, and some beverage.
  Low-mid buzz factor, depending on how fierce the competition is.
     Play the game as usual.  Any time one of your pieces gets sent to the
  bar, drink.  As well, each time you take a piece off the board, drink
  again.  Pretty straightforward.

One Big Chicken
      A great bar game, any number of people may play.  High buzz factor.
  Supplies: people and beer, the basics.  But what's really important is to
  have someone who know's all ten phrases.
      The person who knows all the phrases begins, one phrase a time.  The
  game follows the same routine as the Twelve Days of Christmas.  So, the
  sixth person in the circle would have to repeat the sixth phrase, as well
  as the previous five.
      If you mess up a phrase you drink the number of phrases you had to
  complete, and then start over at the first phrase.  This continues until
  the game is completed, saying all ten without screwing up.
  The phrases are:
      1 Big Chicken
      2 Cute Ducks
      3 Brown Bears
      4 Hairy Running Hares
      5 Fat Females Sitting, Sipping scotch, and smoking cigarettes
      6 Sheets Slit by Sam the Sheet Slitter
      7 Sexy Siamese Sailors sailing the seven seas
      8 Echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
      9 Naughty Knocked up Nuns navigating the nigerian desert towards
        the nunnery
     10 fig pluckers plucking figs, I'm not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers
        son but I'll pluck figs until the fig plucking's done!

      An adaptation to the classic game of Monopoly, with a slight twist.
  Buzz factor is very high.  Supplies: players, the game itself, and beer.
      The game is Monopoly, but no money is needed; players use beer
  instead.  Each $100 = a drink (sip usually).  The rules of money changing
  hands is a bit tricky.  If a player owes money to the bank or another
  player, that player that owes drinks.  If a player is owed money by the
  _bank only_ (passing GO, for instance) that player must drink.  (a
  variation is to have everyone ELSE drink when a player should collect
  money from the bank).  All dollar values are rounded UP.  (i.e.  $2 for
  Baltic is still one drink).  It's a social game, and extra rules should
  be added as needed.  Buying property at the start of the game is the
  hardest part.  But then again, imagine paying $2000 rent on Boardwalk
  with a hotel!

  Supplies:  Icetray, beer, a quarter, and people
    Play follows as regular quarters except you are shooting into an
    icetray.  The right side of the tray is the "give" side and the left
    side is the "take" side.  The number of drinks to be given or taken
    corresponds to how far away the hole is.  One drink for the hole
    closest to you and then one more for each one further away.  You shoot
    until you miss or hit the "take" side and must drink yourself.

      A very very very fun game.  Very high buzz factor.  Supplies: people,
  beer, and episodes of MASH, the televison show.
      Simple rules: watch the show, any time a rank is said, drink.  (ie.
  corporal, private, major, etc).

Whales Tales
     Very confusing at first, but you'll get the hang out it, enventually.
  Beer and people with an imagination are needed.  Any number of people
  stand together in a circle & 1 person (the prince of wales) starts by
     "Whales tales, the prince of wales calls  tales, on a court
  of , on "
     There are thousands of different types of tales, many of the custom
  jobs, but I'll list those at the end....  The court size is the number of
  people counted off from the prince, depending on the type of tales it
  could be just numbers, letters, etc...  when introducing a new type of
  tales, it is polite to point to each person as you count off the ordinal
  for them.
     Once the prince picks someone ('on four') for example that person must
  say 'nay', the prince then responds 'who', and the person then picks a
  new person '1' which would be the person next two him, who would respond,
  'nay' and the person who said one would then say 'who' and the person who
  said nay would then pick a new number...  here's a graphical?  picture:
                                   B C
  A: "whales tales, the prince of wales, calls regular rotational tails,
     on a court of 4 on 2"
  D: "nay"
  A: "who"
  D: "3"
  B: "nay"
  D: "who"
  B: "4"
  B: "nay,who,1" <- this is legal, generally it is polite to use the
      sizeof as max
  D: "nay"
  B: "who"
  D: "1"
  C: "nay"
  D: "who" and so on....
  There are like i said, many variations on the type of tales you can play
  though generally there are only 3 types of rotation, regular, reverse, &
  counter regular & reverse are counterclockwise & clockwise & counter
  oscillates between if it goes to C clockwise, from C it goes
  Tales :
  Regular (1,2,3,4,etc)
  Greek   (Alpha,Beta,Gamma,Delta,etc)
  Fat Albert (One-ba, two-ba, three-ba, etc Note: all words are -ba'd.
              ex: on 1-ba, nay-ba!, who-ba?, 3-ba)
  Jamaican   (One-mon, two-mon, three-mon... (See Fat albert for the rest))
  Canadian   (One-eh, two-eh, three-eh, etc)
  Also, you can add in speed tales...  in which the nay/who lines are
  As in most of the beer games, when you screw up or it takes you too long
  to respond you drink...  The person who drinks becomes the new prince for
  the next round & gets to call the type of tales, etc.

Beer 99
  A great game my friend taught me, you start offf by dealing out 4 cards
  to each player (do not show cards) then you put the rest of the deck down
  turning the top card over.
     Special cards:
        King-(Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on
             (Someone else, usually used near end of game)
        Four-(used as a skip card when you have none to play, can also be
             (used to skip drinking responsibiliteis goes to next player)
        Tens-(used when approaching 99 or 98,97 only drops points by 10
             (otherwise its a regualr card)
  The object of the game is to reach 99 by adding up the amounts on the
  cards, you nall know how to add right?  Well whoever throughs down the
  card that equals 99 the next person drinks, unless he or she has a
  special card King Hopefully, because then you can pick the person you
  want to drink.
           Socials occur whenever the cards = a number ending in 9
           Special socials on 69(you know) and 71(69+2 fingers up the ass)
           On special you must drink twice.
  Whoever gets hit with 99 and must drink must drink 0.5 glass or whatever
  is preferrable.  Important:cards are held throughout game, only thrown
  cards are reshuffled, if you lose a card (throw one down and forget to
  pick one up, your screwwed) Object: to get totally zooted.

Cardinal Puff
  I played Cardinal puff many times.  The wording we used was slightly
  different.  We said "Cardinal puff, may I begin?" and whoever was a
  cardinal would say "Yes, you may begin".  Then you say: "I am drinking
  cardinal puff for the very first time tonight".  I recall picking up the
  glass and only holding the pinky away from the glass.  The second time,
  saying "I am drinking cardinal puff puff for the second time tonight" and
  holding the glass with the pinky and ring finger away from the glass.
  The third time, I said "I am drinking cardinal puff puff puff for the
  third and final time tonight".  This time I held the glass with the
  middle, ring, and pinky away from the glass.  The rest is the same as the
  previous poster's version (i.e.  tapping the glass once, twice, three
  times, standing up, etc).
  We got "bored" of cardinal puff and tried eagle puff.  We would have to
  do the whole thing with one less "glug".  Then we did "speed races"
  trying to go through the cardinal puff sequence without messing up and
  trying to beat the other players.  The first time I played this game, I
  got all the way to the end and got dinged on not picking up the glass
  correctly when I was saying "Once a cardinal, always a cardinal".  I
  recall we ran out of the liquor I was using and so they gave me some
  other concoction the 3rd time around--- I quit after the 4th mishap :-)
  It's a fun game, but can be brutal if you don't have a lot of people
  playing (because you learn it by watching and listening to the ones
  before you, who inevitably mess up somewhere in the sequence...).

Fuzzy Duck
  This is a British drinking game called fuzzy duck.  It's a good word type
  game which becomes much harder when pissed.  The rules are quite
  straightforward , the players sit round a table or in a circle on the
  floor.  Each participant has a drink in front of them, we like to do this
  using small glasses each with a very strong shot in it.
     The play commences as follows;
     1. one player is nominated to start.
     2. They either say "FUZZY DUCK" or "DUCKY FUZZ" the choice is theirs.
     3. If the first player said "FUZZY DUCK" then the player on their left
        can either say "FUZZY DUCK" or "DOES HE".
     4. If the first player said "DUCKY FUZZ" then the player on their
        right can either say "DUCKY FUZZ" or "DOES HE".
     5. If the second player in either direction repeats the first player
        then the play passes on to the next person round the table. They
        can say "FUZZY DUCK"/"DUCKY FUZZ" following the second player or
        "DOES HE".
     6. The phrase "DOES HE" reverses the play around the group ie
        switches clockwise for anti-clockwise or vice-versa. It also
        has the effect of changing the phrase so "DUCKY FUZZ" becomes
        "FUZZY DUCK" and vice-versa.
     7. Two people can say "DOES HE" one after another, this has the effect
        that the play carries on in the same direction as before and with
        the same phrase.
     8. There are only two more rules, you cannot say the same phrase twice
        in one session. If you said "DUCKY FUZZ" last time and the order
        of play means that you should say "DUCKY FUZZ" again you must say
        "DOES HE" so reversing the direction of play and the phrase.
     9. If anyone makes any form of mistake in pronunciation or in the
        order of play,ie saying the same phrase twice, then a forfeit
        must be payed. Normally this consists of downing your shot in one,
        any mistakes in carrying out the forfeit can lead to further
  O.K it sounds complicated but it isn't to bad if you try it.  Below is a
  simulated game between five people (number 1 to 5 in a clockwise
  direction), player 1 starts.
  Player  1. "FUZZY DUCK"
          2. "FUZZY DUCK"
          3. "FUZZY DUCK"
          4. "DOES HE"
          3. "DUCKY FUZZ"
          2. "DOES HE"
          3. "FUZZY DUCK"
          4. "FUZZY DUCK"
          5. "FUZZY DUCK"
          1. "FUZZY DUCK".....Player one is at fault for saying the same
                       phrase twice. They should have said "DOES HE".
  The game works best if you start a session slowly and gradually build up
  speed.  A session lasts until someone makes a mistake.  A small tip watch
  your pronunciation "DUCKY FUZZ" can quite easily become "F**K HE DOES"
  and "FUZZY DUCK" becomes "DOES HE F**K".

  You have to let at least one male/female in on it before you start.  Send
  the guys and girls off into separate rooms.  Have the guy and girl who
  are in on it start by calling in a guy or girl.  You line up and
  whoever's in the front of the line preferably whoever knows the game
  starts.  (now this is where there could be some variation I suppose) The
  leader says 'now everybody has to do what I do so pay close attention.'
  The person behind the leader who is "in on it" puts their hands on the
  leaders hips.  So, supposedly whoever is there will do the same to
  whoever is in front of them.  Then the leader turns and kisses the person
  behind them and this continues until you get to the first person who is
  new in line.  The person in front of them turns and instead of kissing
  them slaps them in the face.  As long as you don't play with anyone
  really violent it is pretty funny.  You continue until everybody has been
  called out of the rooms.  (helps if it is an all couples party or same
  number of guys and girls attend.) When people get liquored up and play it
  can be downright hilarious.  TRUST ME.

      Group players in a circle.  Put any question/answer type game
  in the center.  The game begins by choosing one person as a
  "chaser" and another as the "runner".  The chaser picks a question
  from the deck and reads it aloud.  The runner decides whether to
  play or pass.  If the runner passes then he must drink.  Activity
  cards may make the game more interesting.  If the runner answers
  the question correctly then the chaser has to perform the action on
  the card.  If the runner gets answers wrong then he must do the action.
  Obviously, it is possible to avoid a 50% possibility of performing
  an "activity" by simply continuing to pass... but this also means you
  drink *every* time.  Eventually, you might decide to risk it.
  Now if you are the chaser... you are more or less at the mercy of the
  Each turn is for only one question, and the runner and chaser position
  each rotates one person clockwise each turn.  Everyone gets to play.