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The Coolest In Extreme Sports(at least in snowboarding)

Since I personally feel that snowboarding and nike don't really match you should check out this sight to how others feel about the argument.
jupiter snowboards

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I like to consider myself an extreme athlete(really that's no reason to laugh). To me the so-called extreme sports are a way to cut loose, screw the law and do what God intended teenagers to do, run around reckless. Now eventually this page will have some pretty phat pictures and maybe even some music. I mean what are sports without music, especially some hard hitting SKA or maybe even a little punk. Well anyway I'm signing off, so keep checking back to my homepage for some improvements, I would really be honored if maybe you even listed me on your own sights or marked me in your favorites file.

Okay at the top of my list would definately have to be SNOWBOARDING, without my life would be nothing. I'm not a great snowboarder(actually I'm trying to be modest) but I'm not too bad at carving a hill. To me snowboarding is a direct gift from God, of course you basketball, or football players don't know shit about it because you're too busy talking shit. But there's this freedom you feel when you're cutting the trees, not knowing whether this is going to be last run. And right when you drop into a park, and setup for that first table-top you feel this tingle in your stomach. All of a sudden you launch, stick your grab and hopefully land, the feeling cannot be described, it's that immense.

If you happen to be interested in snowboarding well take a look at these sights, and they can give you a little more in depth info.

I Get So Stoked Just Thinking About It

Snow boarding is really what I live for, but I do have some other tastes. Take for instance Surfing, another great sport which some JOCKS will never know about.Your perfect A-frame is all you think about, besides the fact you hope some giant ass shark doesn't swim up and take a bite out of your ass. I'm not too familiar with surfing but I have experianced it, and even though it's not as cool as snowboarding it still has my vote.

All I have to say for bike riders(BMX) is you have my respect any day. These guys are the sickest, and I give them so many props for biting the bullet when it comes to dropping into a half pipe, starting a killer run in a streep course, kick'en it on the flat land, or just hitting the dirt jumps. These guys are my heroes(that is with the exception of tony) and that's all there is about it.

Really at the last of my list is Inline Skaters. I mean what they do is cool and I used to be one of them. But I'm not diggin it. Especially when people ditch snowboarding for sk8ing, the respect is fading. And that's the way I feel.

So You Wanna Be A Sk8ter

You know I really feel like an idiot, cause here I'm talking about a whole bunch of really bitch'en sports and I forget to mention so many. So if there are any SKATEBOARDERS out there who are a bit pissed please don't be. If I get enough angry letters I'll put a little intro about skateboarding. But I would like to give a little recognition to wakeboarders. I personally have never participated in the sport but I have a great ambition to do so. So this summer will be my chance(hopefully) So at this point you can call me a wanna-be, I really don't give a shit. I'm going to post some pics anyway.

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