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La Casa de Sublime

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This is going to be the start of a great page, and this page is souley dedicated to the great band Sublime.
the greatest band ever
Now I'm going to have a whole bunch of personal information about the band and I do intend on having some pics(so be patient if the page takes
a while to load up) and even some streaming music from this great band.

say a pray for bradley

Now if you wanna know a little bit about the band you'll have to click here to see a whole bunch bunch of articles I gathered from other pages and magazines.

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Sublime, what a great band, don't you think? If not I have a feeling you are a loser. And to start off this party I'd like to point out that those of you who like Sublime and also like your typical R&B shouldn't be here. you gotta love these guysI know you're all thinking what's it matter? But I mean come on, it's like a black guy wanting to join the KKK. It just isn't right. So you can dislike me all you want, but I don't think you should be at this page, this is for TRUE Sublime fans.

You see I'm not the only one with the really cool Sublime page. There is this one I'm really fond of. So if you wanna see some personal shit, lyrics, buy and album, or just kick back and chat take a look at this sight.

Since I'm throwing out links why the hell don't you check out this one!

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Well I know I'm really a big stud. And that this page kicks ass, but I couldn't have done it without some other pages. And so it turns out that I got some of these pictures you see here from The Sublime Pad.

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" I know you guys are sad you didn't look at my homepage so here's your second chance."

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