Kickass Free Stuff

Here's a list I've compiled of free things you can get on the interenet, some of which have been very helpful to me in the creation of this website. If you're into getting "somethin' for nuthin", then this page is definitely for you.
Get Your FREE Guestbook From Guestworld

In my opinion, the best place to host your website/homepage for free. Unlike Geocities or Tripod (two other major hosts), Angelfire does't force me to have those annoying pop-up ads that are constantly freezing our computers and causing general disarray for the common netsurfer. If you've ever entered a Geocities site and seen numerous JavaScript errors or (insert annoying frill here), then you probably agree. I've had a site on Tripod as well, and if you've had Angelfire and Tripod both, you also probably agree that the Angelfire "webshell" is ten times nicer to work with and easier to use than the Tripod "file manager" if you're fairly new to web design. And as a matter of fact, Angelfire has revamped their webshell as of 12/18/98, and now it's even nicer than before.
The most popular guestbook service in the land is where I got my guestbook, and despite my friends' complaints about them, I think they're definitely the best. Here's an example: Have you ever been to a guestbook (let's say, for instance, Dreambook) where you couldn't post HTML in the comments box effectively because the carriage return was showing up as a space in a URL you were trying to post? This never happens with Guestworld. And how about the daffy little 'perk' that allows one to preview their entry before submission? I know I've made a couple mistakes before that I've had to go back and correct. Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that, when viewing, you only see the ten most recent entries (and only ten entries per page). Not everyone has time to wait for 600 entries (including images) to load when viewing a book. OK, enough said.
Man-o-man, is this place great or what? Here you can download just about anything for free. In fact, it's where I got the program to make those kickass images you see around this site (i.e.- The Brass Tax banners). This is probably my favorite place to go for free stuff because they have virtually anything you could imagine...for free. They also have a ratings system for the things they offer which is useful and very influential in my decision making process, as to which things I'd like to download, etc.
The Freesite
Similar to Tucows, The Freesite gives you just what the name implies. Free stuff, and lots of it. I got alot of snazzy fonts here. If you can't find what you're looking for at Tucows, try this place.
Cool Nerds
Coolnerds is another great place to get the free stuff you want, as well as HTML help and so forth. The odds are that if you can't find whatcha' want at Tucows, The Freesite, or Cool Nerds, then you're not looking very hard.
Yet another place to find freeware/shareware, if you're still not able to find what you want.
Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond
Basic HTML, tables, frames, sounds, dynamic HTML, Java Applet, JavaScript, style sheets, image maps, automatic loading to another page, browser differences and solutions, GIF's vs. JPEGS, font styles, image tricks, cgi, web promotion, and so on...this is the single most useful guide I've ever found anywhere on the net. It has anything and everything; the name says it all.
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
A helpful place for your HTML questions and more. If you don't like the layout of the afforementioned site's HTML help, then this is probably the place for you.
Case Western Reserve University
A very good list of links to HTML references with brief descriptions, this is very useful to someone relatively new to web design.
I.C.Q. (Mainpage)
For those of you who don't know what it is, ICQ is basically a quick easy way to communicate with your friends and others. It's free and well worth a quick little download. The most common version, ICQ 98a, takes a little less than 2 megs of space. The new ICQ 99 is around three and a half, I believe. If you want to bypass the jumble of crap on their main page and get straight to the download, go HERE! Just read the simple instructions and get to downloadin'.
A.O.L. Instant Messenger
AIM is similar to ICQ (both are owned by A.O.L), but if you don't have either, then I'd reccomend getting ICQ.
A & A Pacific Products
Here's a cool place to send free automated greeting cards. No knowledge of HTML necessary.
FreeSite Free Digital Postcards
These cards are much the same as the A & A cards, but some HTML knowledge is pretty much required. If you've got the know how, these are probably better.

I'll be adding more to this list when I get a little time, so y'all come back now ya' hear?