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N ~The PAF Award~ N

Here are the criteria:
1. I gotta' think it's worthy.
    -If you want me to check out your site for a possible award, leave your URL and email addy in my guestbook. If I think you're worthy, I'll email you the HTML code for the award, which will be linked to my site. Simple.
2. No business/commercial sites.
    -Personal sites only. However, zines and band sites are eligible.
3. No porn or nazi sites.
    -If you want an award for your stupid ass, you're in the wrong place, turkeyneck.
4. The obvious...
    -If you have a geneology site or (insert irrelevant topic here) site, then you need not apply. Your site must correspond with the award topic.

I won't be able to notify non-winners necessarily, so please don't email me asking if you've won or not. If you win, I'll letcha' know. Enough said.

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