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this page is just a collaboration of a few different things that I like. I am 17 years old and live in a small town of Ringgold, Georgia. I am a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (A.K.A: Mormons) but I am also into heavy metal, Sk8boarding, and things of that nature (I also like country music and am a Garth Brooks fanatic). I also am a complete Army freak. I also am a bit obsessive with learning things, so call me a geek or a nerd or whatever, but I just like the fact of knowing that I know alot more than many other people. Hmmm... A mormon-sk8er-country music lovin' intellectual Army freak... I guess I am just a little bit unique, but what can I say, I like variety. Anyway, this page is somewhat new, so if you have any ideas on what I should put on here then just e-mail me and if I like it I will put it up and put your name beside it. Oh yeah, take my quiz and visit my linx, who knows, they may change your life forever!
True False Questions

Matt's True/False Quiz

1. Adolf Hitler was part Jewish. True False

2. Los Angeles is the capital of California. True False

3. Einstein was an expert at advanced Calculus. True False

4. Nonillion is a real number. True False

5. Dexter Holland is the lead singer of Pantera. True False


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