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Welcome to Matt's Army Humor!
Barbed wire

Whip Me?

During the Vietnam war years, I was invited to join the Army - but I enlisted in the Navy.  During the first few days of boot camp, our Company Commander - a crusty old first class petty officer who had been in the Navy for about 200 years - lined the entire company of new recruits up in front of him at attention and said in a gruff voice, "Does ANYONE here think they can whip me???"

One very large, young man stepped forward and stood at attention.

"Well", said our Company Commander, "You think you can whip me, huh?"

"YESSIR!" yelled the very large recruit.

"Step over here, boy!" Ordered the CC.  He then turned to the rest of the company still standing at attention and said, "NOW, does anyone here think they can whip BOTH OF US?"