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Some Pictures of Me

Here is me about a year ago in my mom's office trying to look pretty.

In this picture I am getting ready for a Military Ball and had my hair nice so my mom took lots of pictures...

This is me laying around being lazy.

Another military ball picture with me looking scared.

And me smiling here... something I dont do for pictures very often and still look okay in the picture.

This is me in 5th grade, what a cute girl. Wonder what happened? That was the last day I let my mother dress me...

This is me and my brother in my house.

Dont know the date of this picture but I sure do wish I still had that shirt.....

This is one of the most recent pictures I have of me. My hair is longer now and I took the picture myself but that is me.

This is me with my two cousins. The one on my right is Mimi and then on the far side is Shannon. They live in Kansas.

This is a picture of a few of my friends (with the person on the left being my lovly Mat) at a dance club i frequent.

This is Mat and me at Orange Kamp watching a talent show.

That same talent show but durring an intense moment.

This is durring that Elton John performance we all loved so much.

This is a few Orange Kids practicing yoga at orange camp. Can you spot me?

Yeay TripleX. This is my favorite actor Vin Diesel, who's good looks and charm are only exceeded by the one and only...... MATATTACK.