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____________________________________________________________________________ Welcome Duck Hunters ____________________________________________________________________________ FIELD REPORTS: So,are all of you just going crazy yet??????.I want to go hunting already!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Stay tuned ,we are going to be talking about these duck attractors soon!!!!!!__________________________________________________________________ ____ GEAR AND EQUIPMENT: One of the best kept secrets,that I have found,in the way of a duck gun,is the Winchester Model 1200.Always reliable,nicely weighted,aluminum reciever,and commonly 30 inch barreled.For some reason,the design of the bolt,makes it a little quieter.It really seems to to hush up those 3 inch mags.I suppose it is because the bolt goes up into the chamber,instead of up against it ,like an 870 Remington.But the best part is ,you can pick one up for about$175 to $225,so it won't hurt your wallet. ____________________________________________________________________________ Lets talk boats.There are many effective boats that you can have great hunting success with.But it depends on your envirement,as to what style of boat you choose.I personally hunt in often rough water,so I choose a V-hull style,i.e. : Klamath.The Klamath line of boats have not changed much since there start,except now they are welded,instead of riveted.But the basic shape has not changed too much,still deep and wide for their size.If you hunt rougher waters ,and you can find an older Trailorboat Klamath (Trailorboat was the company that made Klamath boats until Klamath became its own company) in good condition ,then you've got a really stable duck boat.Plus,they are not all that expensive,when you find them.But if you hunt calmer waters ,then a Jon boat would do just as well,in the duck getting department.Basically,I would say,buy a boat to suit your water needs ,then make it a duck boat.Any boat ,with the right paint job and camo ,will fool any duck. ____________________________________________________________________________ Now,as for decoys,I have two words: Plasti-Duck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I do own other brands of decoys,but my Plasti-Ducks are by far,the best anitomically eye pleasing,on the market.Oh,and how they fool those late season Cans!!!!. ____________________________________________________________________________ So,you have that favorite old shotgun,that you used for so many years.But then one day,you were told that you would be required to use steel shot,and your old faithful could not handle it ,right?.Well I got news for all of you,(in my own opinion and experiances)thats a load of S#!% !!!!!!. I have been using old shotguns,without choke tubes,for a while.They say it will both ruin your gun ,and distort your pattern.Well I have done quite a bit of pattern testing to see if this is true.But my results ,with Federal 3 inch #2 steel,is a really nice tight pattern(just like lead).It has also reduced the number of cripples I was getting with ,modified or improved cylinder.One thing , I must say,after shooting about 3,000 rounds of 3 inch #2 steel through my 1967 Winchester Model 1200,the full choke has widened to almost ,improved modified.Thats right inbetween full,and modified,and there is no signs of any other stress. I noticed the size increase after about the first 1,000 rounds,so I think that is where it is going to stay,because it has not opened any wider.Myself and four others I know, hunt with older,non-choke tube guns,all with great success.Keep in mind,not all shotguns can take this,and I am not telling you to do it,but it works for me. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ TIPS AND TRICKS: In order to keep water from destroying your gun's finish,car wax can help.The regular application of a fine auto wax , can prevent rust,without harming your gun.Please look for more tips and tricks to be posted soon. ____________________________________________________________________________ So,you get a boat,and you want to make it a duck boat.But ,you want it to look like those boats you see in magazines,with the perfect camo job.Well ,all you need to do is put a base coat of paint,in a color that you want.Then draw tules on cardboard,and cut out the tules.Now you have a stencil.Just hold it up to your boat ,and break out the spray paint cans.In a matter of minutes,your boat will start to take on a proffesional camo look,just keep layering over and over.Its simple ,easy,and it looks a hell of a lot better than those XXXXXXXX stripes that some guys paint on there boats. ____________________________________________________________________________ This site will be constantly being added to and updated. If you have any ideas ,comments,questions,or anything to add to this site,please e-mail me,I would love to hear from you. Thanks , Clint ____________ Remember,speak out against animal activism.Hunting is your right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

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