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July 2005 Newsletter

Web Page Address:                            Issue: 07/05 July 2005

2550 Camino Tassajara

Danville, California 94526

(925) 736-7600

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600,

July Meetings:

Club meetings are in the Rotary Room of the Heather Farms Garden Center,Walnut Creek, on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. The Rotary Room is on the lower level of the Garden Center. A ramp leading to the lower level is to the left of the Main Building Entrance off the parking lot. We are able to provide vehicular access to the lower level for a few members who may be disabled or have very large trees to carry in to the meetings.

Meetings will start promptly at 7:30PM with a brief business meeting, and will end at 9:30PM. Please be ready to meet at 7:30PM.

Bring plant material appropriate to the class topic for the workshop. Working on the tree in the style discussed aids in understanding the lecture and the style.

Wednesday - July 13th - Joint Class Meeting. 7:30 - 9:30PM. Lecture 7:30-8:00PM - Care of trees during Summer dormancy and Review of Year. Workshop. Refreshments: Marcia Cozins and Jack Mahshi. Assist with close: Marci Cozins and Don Meeker. The August Meeting will also be a Joint Class Meeting.

From the President

As we go into the summer season, the Diablo Bonsai Club has some good news- and unfortunately- some disappointing news. First the good news. In the few weeks since the April show the club has gained four new members and there are two or three others who have come to an initial meeting and are considering joining. We hope they will find membership in the club to be a rewarding experience.

Then there is the disappointing news. It is that since the show we have had a serious lack of participation by the members at club meetings and at extra events that the club has scheduled. For example, at the June Basic Club meeting there were only four of the fourteen Basic members in attendance. At the June Intermediate meeting only seven of the fourteen members were there. At the interclub tree sale held at Charlotte Wood School on Saturday, June 4, only two members other than the Board of Directors were there and at the planned work on the San Ramon juniper tree on Saturday, June 18, only two members beside Kay and myself showed up.

I believe we all need to recognize that membership numbers are meaningless without membership participation. Just as your Bonsai trees need water and fertilizer, the club needs the energy of active members. It is at the meetings and the field events that we learn not only from Kay but from each other.

It is obvious that most of us have many demands on our time. However, we all proved by the strong show we mounted in April that we have put serious effort into our trees. That effort should be further developed and encouraged by active participation in all that the club has to offer.

We will have a joint Basic and Intermediate meeting in both July and August on the second Wednesday of the month. Many of you have asked for these joint meetings so you can talk to, and see the trees of, more of the members of the other group. So lets work toward a full turnout. Who knows? If we have an increasing membership and full turnouts, we may be able to afford the large upstairs room at Heather Farms again.

Jim Stalker

Diablo Bonsai Club Look Ahead Schedule

Wednesday August 10th - Joint Class Meeting 7:30PM - Lecture 7:30-8:00PM - Topic to be announced. Workshop. Refreshments: Colin Horn and Don Meeker. Assist with close: Colin Horn and Don Meeker.

Events Elsewhere

June 30 - July 4th, San Rafael - Marin Bonsai Club Annual Bonsai Show at the Marin Veteranís Memorial Auditorium, at the Marin County Fairgrounds, Highway 101 (exit N. San Pedro Rd.). Show hours are 11AM-10PM daily. Admission to the Fair is $11 adults, $9 seniors 65 and older and children ages 4 to 12. Free for children under 4.

Editor: Don Meeker,