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February 2004 Newsletter

Web Page Address:                            Issue: 02/04 February 2004

2550 Camino Tassajara

Danville, California 94526

(925) 736-7600

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600,

President: Jim Stalker,                                         Vice President: Nick Nickelson

Editor: Don Meeker,                                           Webmaster:

February meetings:

Monday - February 9 - Basic Class Meeting, 7:00 - 7:15PM Library Open, 7:15-7:30 Business Meeting.

7:30 Class Instruction by Sensei Akabane, Topic: Chokkan Formal upright. Wiring technique. 8:00-10:00PM - Workshop.

Refreshments: Lois Naye and Nick Nickleson

Monday - February 23 - Intermediate Class Meeting 7:00 - 7:15PM Library open, 7:15-7:30PM Business Meeting.

7:30PM Class Instruction. Topic: Arrangement of roots. 8:00 - 10:00PM Workshop.

Refreshments: James Stalker.

Saturday February 14 - Second field trip: Lotus Nursery, North of Highway 50, Sierra Foothills. Meet at the Nursery about 10:30AM. Details will be available with the sign up at the February class meetings.

Saturday February - Second potting session, Saturday February 21st, 9:30am. Tassajara Nursery, Danville.

From the President

The Club annually does field trips to several bonsai nurseries for members to acquire material to work on for the new year and as donation materials for future shows, and to get ideas for future development. A reminder one of the traditional expectations of all members is the donation of suitable bonsai material for the show.

Intermediate members are expected to donate material of a five gallon or larger size and that has had basic training and development for at least one year.

Basic class members are expected to donate two trees of a one gallon or larger size and that has had some basic training and development for at least one year.

It is often economical and prudent in thinking ahead to acquire some material for the next year or two.

Lois Nye has agreed to be the Basic Class Representative setting up and closing the meeting room. Barbara Richards has agreed to be the Basic Class Representative liaison to the Board. Basic Class Members may tell Barbara any ideas, suggestions or concerns they wish conveyed to the Board.

Please help with the clean up and storing of the Club materials. People are encouraged to leave in groups of two or more and be sure that Lois is not left to close alone.

Club Library, Carol Lynn Hansen Bassett, a new member, has agreed to be the Club librarian. Thanks to Carol for taking on this task. Please assist Carol in maintaining the Library. Always checking out materials when you borrow them and be sure to return them on time. There are a lot of valuable resources available in the Club Library for study and review.

The San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled for April 24 and 25. Our Club has again been invited to participate. This is the Bay Area's only multi-club show. Showing bonsai is by invitation and Sensei, "K" Akabane will ask individual club members for display materials. It is important to staff our display both for security reasons and as a courtesy to the visiting guests, participation is expected of the members. Sign up sheets for assisting at this show will be available at Club class meetings.

Work-Learning Projects The Club is scheduling two projects that offer members a chance to participate in a bonsai styling and training-educational project and contribute to the local communities.

First, in late February or early March, Don Meeker will organize a crew to trim the Club trees at Heather Farms Garden Center in Walnut Creek. This is an annual project to keep the trees the Club donated to he Garden Center looking good and to control and direct their growth as in-ground bonsai styled trees.

Second, in late March or April, we will organize the first of a number parties to re-style and develop a large old juniper tree at a San Ramon park. The City has asked the Club to do this and it is a rare opportunity to work on a tree this large and old to rescue it from neglect and return it to its great potential as a beautiful large, in-ground, bonsai styled tree. This brings a very different perspective than working on small potted trees and will help us develop our "eye" or sense of style and proportion. Sign-up sheets will be available at Club Class meetings.

Diablo Bonsai Look Ahead Schedule

Board Meeting The Board held their February meeting at the Tassajara Nursery after the Saturday, January 31st potting session. No March Board meeting is scheduled.

Monday, March 8 - Basic Class Meeting. 7:00-7:30PM - Library and Business Meeting. 7:30 - 8:00PM -Lecture - Topic: Fukinagashi; Windswept style. 8:00 - 10:00PM Workshop.

Refreshments: Barbara Richards and David Skidmore.

Monday, March 15 - Intermediate Class Meeting. 7:00-7:30PM Library and Business Meeting. 7:30 - 8:00PM Lecture - topic: Branch Development I. 8:00 - 10:00PM Workshop.

Refreshments: Norman Wanek

Events Elsewhere

February 28-29, Oakland Golden State Bonsai Collection-North, 13th Annual Mammoth Fundraiser Event at the Lakeside Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Ave. Special Auction - Saturday (Feb 28), 1-4pm, preview - noon to 1pm. Mammoth Fundraiser Sunday, Feb 29, 10am - 5pm. Demonstration by Kathy Shaner, noon - 4pm. Bonsai and pre-bonsai materials, vendors, benefit drawings.