* DBC April 1999 Newsletter
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April 1999 Newsletter

Sensei: Kunitoshi Akabane (925) 736-7600
President: Ed Burns (925) 829-6463 or ednsue@znet.com
Editor: Ed Burns

April Meetings

Heather Farms Garden Center
1540 March Banks Drive, Walnut Creek, CA.
All meetings are 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Beginner:Monday April 5th
Refreshments:Bill Magee

Combined:Monday April 12th
Refreshments:Don Meeker, Ed Burns

Advanced:Monday April 19th
Refreshments:Bob Eden


President's Message

Boy, there are plenty of exhibits to keep us busy this month! Were lucky to be in an area with so many bonsai organizations that offer activities literally throughout the year. Be sure and check the events listing at the end of this issue and try and get yourself to some of them.

I've talked about the value of visiting bonsai exhibits with several club members and we agree that it can be a very valuable learning experience. Of course, most of them offer demonstrations so we all can pick up some tips just by watching and listening. In addition though, I believe that just carefully evaluating the trees on display can be just as valuable. When you see one that you really admire, what is it about that particular tree that you like? That is sometimes a very difficult question to answer. More times than not, Im sure there are more than one or two things that combine to make the tree special. It could be the tree itself, or a combination of a nice tree well fitted with a pot that compliments it well

Of course, the same goes for trees you may not care as much for. Why dont you like them? Are the branches out of balance, or is it badly placed in its pot? Too tall for its trunk thickness? Again, its probably a combination of things that give you the feeling.

Go to some of the events available this month and really study some of the trees that you like most, and some that you like least. If you can see just a thing or two that makes a tree stand out for you, youve learned something very valuable. Remember those thoughts when evaluating your own trees and youll be able to apply them when its time to work on them.


Cherry Blossom Festival

Take advantage of a chance to see the best bonsai from many area clubs displayed in one place during the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco this month. Trees from our club will be among those available for viewing at the Radisson Myako Hotel on April 24th and 25th.

The festival is quite an event so make a day of it and take in the many displays and activities relating to Japanese culture.

We like to have a couple of club members available at all times to answer questions and generally "take care" of our display, so please check with Bob Evans to see how you can help.


Bargain Osmocote

I recently purchased a 50lb sack of Osmocote 14-14-14 and have some extra I can share at the price I paid. It's much less expensive than purchasing small amounts, so if you can use some I'll have it available at this month's group meeting on the 12th. I'll keep it simple and just have bags of 1.5 pounds for $2.00. If youve purchased it, or even just noticed the price in the stores, you understand thats quite a bargain.

I'll put some printed instructions for using it in the bags too.


April Bonsai Events

Lots to see this month!

April 10-11
American Bonsai Association of Sacramento Annual Spring Show and Sale at the Sacramento Garden and Arts Center, McKinley Park, 3330 McKinley Boulevard, Sacramento, CA. Demo at 2pm each day. Pre- bonsai, completed bonsai, plants, tools, and pots for sale. Show hours 10am-5pm both days. For more information, contact Jay Stahler (916) 481-5506.

April 10-11
Stockton Bonsai Club Annual Exhibit at Micke Grove Park, 11793 North Micke Grove Road, Lodi, CA. Demo at 2pm on Sunday. Show hours 11am- 5pm both days. Call Pam Gallego for information at (209) 463-6279.

April 17-18
Bonsai Sekiyu Kai 22nd Annual Bonsai Show at the Sacramento Buddhist Church, 2401 Riverside (Riverside Boulevard and X Street) Sacramento, CA. Demo by John Uchida both days at 2 pm. Bonsai sale during the show. Show hours 12-6pm on Saturday, 10am- 5pm on Sunday.

April 24-25
Fuji Bonsai Club 45th Annual Exhibition at Lakeside Park Garden Center, 666 Bellvue Avenue, Oakland, CA. Demo by Jimmy Inodomi at 2pm both days. Show hours 10am-5pm.

April 24-25
Kusamura Bonsai Club 39th Annual Show at Mitchell Park Community Center, 3800 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA. Demos by Tatemori Gondo at 1:30 pm on Saturday; Sandy Planting and Jim Ransohoff on Sunday. Bonsai stock, pots, and a selection of imported Satsuki azalea on sale. Show hours 12 - 5 pm on Saturday, 11am- 5pm on Sunday. For more information email susanc@sirius.com.

April 24-25
Spring Bonsai Exhibition at San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin, 640 North 5th Street, San Jose, CA. Demo by Harry Hirao both days at 2 pm. Door prizes; bonsai plants, tools and pots sale. Show hours 12-5pm on Saturday, 11am-4pm on Sunday.

April 24-25
Cherry Blossom Festival, Radisson Myako Hotel, Geary at Laguna, San Francisco.

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