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Constitution of The Diablo Bonsai Club
Revision adopted August 3, 1992

Article I


This club, organized as a non-profit organization under the laws of the state
of California, shall be known as The Diablo Bonsai Club.

* * *

Article II


1.To enhance and teach the art of bonsai.

2.To interest and educate the general public in the art of bonsai.

* * *

Article III


1.Membership is open to all who have an interest in bonsai and who pay
dues in advance.

2.The membership year is January 1 to December 31.

3.After October, new members join for the following calendar year.

* * *

Article IV

Officers and Elections:

1.The officers of the club shall be:
a. President
b. First Vice President
c. Second Vice President
d. Corresponding Secretary
e. Recording Secretary
f. Treasurer

2.All of the above officers shall be elected annually at a general election
in December.

3.The elective officers shall take office at the January meeting following
their election.

4.The President's term and all other terms shall be for one year or until the
office is assumed by a successor.

5.Candidates for office proposed by a nominating committee, together with
candidates nominated from the floor shall constitute the slate of nominees.

6.A simple majority of the membership present at the December meeting is
required to elect an officer.

7.In the event of a vacancy in any elective office, an appointee to the
position will be selected by the Board of Directors for the balance of the term.

8.Removal from any office will follow the recommendation of the Board of
Directors and a simple majority vote of the membership at the regularly
scheduled monthly membership meetings.

* * *

Article V


This constitution may be amended only by vote and approval of fifty-one (51)
percent of all members present at the regularly scheduled monthly membership meetings.

* * *

Article VI


The club may be dissolved by a recommendation from the Board of Directors
and a majority vote by all members present at the regularly scheduled monthly
membership meetings. Upon dissolution, the assets of the organization shall
be disposed of in a manner consistent with the current legal statutes governing
tax exempt, non-profit organizations.
* * *

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