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Diablo Bonsai Club Bylaws
Revision adopted August 3, 1992

Article I


1.Membership meetings shall be held monthly. The time and place of the
meetings shall be established by the Board of Directors.

2.Regular members shall pay annual dues in an amount fixed by the Board of
directors. All dues shall be paid in advance.

3. Removal of members by the Board of Directors shall be enacted for:
a. Non payment of dues ninety days from the due date.
b. Conduct unbecoming of a member or representative of the Club.

4.Voting members present at the regularly noticed and combined membership
meetings shall constitute a quorum.

* * *

Article II

Officers and Board of Directors:

1.The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, First Vice President,
Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary,
Treasurer, Historian, Social Co-Chairs, Newsletter Editor, the immediate past
President and four (4) persons from the general membership appointed by the
Board of Directors. Kunitoshi Akabane shall be a permanent member of the
Board of Directors.

2.The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. The
President shall, with the approval of the Board, assign special committees and
appoint respective chairpersons.

3.The First Vice President shall assist the Board of Directors and is charged with
all matters concerning programming. The First Vice President shall preside in
the absence of the President.

4.The Second Vice President shall assist the Board of Directors in all matters
relating to membership.

5.The Corresponding Secretary shall assist the Board of Directors in all
correspondence, publicity and such matters relating to outside contacts.

6.The Recording Secretary shall record and maintain an accurate
record of business meetings.

7.The Treasurer shall collect all dues and deposit the same as required by the
Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall also keep an accurate accounting of all
funds received and expended by the club in the form of a written monthly
income/expense report and an annual financial report.

8.The Board of Directors shall appoint each January a committee to audit and
report upon the financial records.

9.The Historian shall maintain a continuing history of the Club.

Article III


These bylaws may be amended only by vote and approval of fifty-one (51) percent of all members present at the regularly scheduled monthly membership meetings.

* * *

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