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DCRA is composed of two major land parcels and several smaller lots - a total of about a half-section or 360- acres

DCRA land and features

DCRA, at 2,000 feet altitude, is below most of the winter snows and above the fog of the Central Valley.  There is, usually, some snow each winter.  Summers are hot and dry, but slightly cooler than Redding or Red Bluff because of the altitude.

The Manton Valley is relatively flat with less than 80 feet difference in elevation throughout the parcel. The land is volcanic soils and lava rock.   The property is covered by Pines and Oaks of various types, and typical valley grasses.

As shown in the Tax Assessor's map to the left, DCRA is composed of parcels 20 (230-acres) and 24 (128-acres), and imbedded 3-acre building lots for the owners.

The Double Creek Partners may develop the property as a low-density residential airpark in the future. The land to the North of the runway could be subdivided to provide 20 to 30 building sites with taxiway access to the runway.  The Partners would deed the Southern parcel to an Airpark Association to maintain the recreational features of the property.

The photo shows the East end of the airstrip looking from the North to the South.  The Main Entrance Gate is in the extreme lower right and the caretaker building lower center. The airstrip runs East (left) to West (right) in the center of the photo.  The prevailing winds are from the West, favoring runway 24.

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