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The Double Creek Ranch  Airpark

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The Double Creek Ranch is so named because it is bounded on the South by the North Fork of Battle Creek, and on the East by Millseat Creek.  These are both year-round streams from the Mount Lassen water shed.  Battle Creek is a popular Trout fishing area. Bass fishing is available in our private pond.  Swimming can be enjoyed in both the pond and creeks. 

View from a Building lot

Swimming hole on Battle Creek

The DCRA Partners are pilots and aircraft owners who, like many others, enjoy a weekend getaway that is readily accessible by air, has lots of recreation potential, and is sufficiently far off the tourist trail to allow peace and quiet.

DCRA is 30 miles by road from Redding and Red Bluff.  In addition to the recreation on the ranch property there are numerous hiking and horseback trails in the vicinity, and at Mount Lassen 18 miles to the East.

DCRA may be found on the Klamath Falls Sectional Chart and the CF-16 WAC.  The private airstrip is located at Latitude 40 26.750' North and Longitude 121 52.867 West, is at 2,000 feet MSL, and is 3,400 feet long .  Permission is required before landing, and may be obtained by phone, fax or e-mail from Mel Klemmick.

5-acre Bass fishing pond

Horse barn, corral and pasture

On the run-up pad

Runway 06

The main entrance is at 4800 Wilson Hill Road, and this locked gate is monitored by a resident caretaker.  The caretaker residence, maintenance building  and horse barn are located near this entrance.  Owner residences may be accessed through this gate or another private locked gate. The 360-acre property has four additional locked entrances for maintenance and fire protection.

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BUSINESS: 415-499-3390
FAX: 415-499-1364
RANCH: 530-474-5757