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Chainsaw Vigilante's Tick Page

Chainsaw Vigilante's


Welcome to Chainsaw Vigilante's Tick page. This page contains links, character profiles (comic [someday] and cartoon!), episode/issue summaries (coming soon!), and oodles more. Aren't you atingle just thinking about it? I know I am. Just think, you're visiting the homepage of someone who has cosmic powers beyond human comprehension, much less yours. Keen, eh? And, hey: you can actually talk to this demigod! Just e-mail me at this adress: . Jeepers!

I'm currently working on some Tick comic book summaries and comic bios (finally!). There's just one thing: for pics of the covers, would ya mind if I scanned ones that have a "Tenth Anniversary" stamp on it (hey, they're the only kind my comic book store had! Okay, so maybe I don't go there that much. Probably because it's three hours from where I live! And besides, not all of them have it)? Just e-mail me yes/no.

And now, finally, you can sit back, relax and click till you're sick...

Giant Circus of the Mighty
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