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Christmas With Blitzen

Now, every recalls, the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. However, in the part of the song beforehand, we hear that we know all the other reindeer, amoung them Blitzen. But how much do we know about Blitzen? Well, here's a little story about how Blitzen prepares for Christmas Eve.

Blitzen arose with a yawn. Not that he got much sleep, what with today being Christmas Eve. He was all pumped up over tonight's flight around the world. Sure he had done it many times before, but it never ceased to be the greatest event he could possibly wish to be part of. He scrounged up some berries for breakfast, and headed out for the morning's work out. Flying around the world was no easy task, and he had to train everyday for at least three months to prepare. Butterflies in his stomach made it hard for him to keep down his berries as he flew around the obstacle course Vixen had made for the reindeer training this year. He was in top form and was ready for the night.

Blitzen met up with the other reindeer for a last minute meeting, to make sure that they were all prepared for the ride tonight. Comet was just getting over a cold, but he seemed to be in good enough condition to make the trip. Rudolph laid down the directions that they would be going that night, and pointed out possible trouble spots. Then Donner came in with the world-wide weather reports, to see if there were any places that would be dangerous. Luckily this year's weather seemed to be good enough that the magical reindeer shouldn't have any problems with the route. They broke up and promised to all be ready right after dinner.

Blitzen decided to spend the afternoon at the elf work shop with Dancer. He had been good friends with Blitzen for many years, and it was a tradition for them to check up on the elves every Christmas Eve. The elves were pretty busy, but they always had time to say hello to the two reindeer. Thousands of gadgits, toys, and other things Blitzen couldn't even put a name on (Dancer called the widgitsamagigs) were being put together. Blitzen told them they were all doing a fine job, and promised that not a toy they made would be lost tonight. He and Dancer than split up as Blitzen decided to go back to his home to do some last minute groomings. Hey, he wasn't vain, but if someone should by chance actually see the reindeer tonight, he wanted to look his Christmas best. Dinner time rolled along, and he was invited to a Christmas Eve dinner with Prancer and his family. It was a good meal, and the two reindeer were sure it would give them enough energy for the nights fly.

Blitzen showed up by Santa's house about an hour after dinner. Rudolph, since he was to be in the lead, was of course alread their and harnessed, going over the route one more time. Dancer and Cupid were also already there and in the process of getting harnessed with the bells and lines. Two elves, Jane and Bobby, helped Blitzen into his harness, and got him into his place with the sleigh team. He was to be riding in the second row back from Rudolph, teamed up with Dancer. By the time that was all done, all the reindeer were there and were at least almost ready to go. Finally, Santa came out, looking jollier than ever, getting a few last minute tips from his wife. Blitzen had to snicker a bit at the pained expression on Santa's face as Mrs. Claus went over all kinds of last minute details with him. Finally the gift bag was put on the sleigh, and Santa hefted himself up. The moment had finally arrived. Blitzen gathered up all his muscles, as Santa gave a hearty "Ho! Ho! Ho!", and the reindeer slowly took off, to fly around the world one more time. Blitzen couldn't have been happier, nothing was better than Christmas.