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STEP INTO MY WORLD........goin' deep with C'los

An abundance of time has elasped since the last encounter. The thunder's roar grew louder and louder as rain pellets brushed against the window pane. The light in the room goes dark, as the mood ascends to one of extreme intense! She then reaches out for comfort, but his presence is nowhere to be found. The tacit setting begins to surrender to the pounding throbs of lust and desire. Suddenly, she feels a slick quiver within the crevice of her toes, hmmmmmm. The initial shock ignites severed flames of passion as his sensual caress surpasses the calf muscle and moves toward the inner thigh. Subsequently, the barrier begins to overflow, releasing a tide of essence like no other! Being drawn to the appetizing aroma, he slowly advances deeper, and deeper, approaching the broadening cleft, and then.........Ohhhhhhhh...........