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A Small Tribute to Dean Cain

At first, producers of "Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman" thought Dean Cain, then 27, too young for the role of Clark Kent/Superman. Luckily, after 4 auditions, Dean was chosen for the role opposite Teri Hatcher's Lois Lane. Dean fit into those tights quite nicely, and made red briefts (outside his tights, mind you) look good.

Step-son to director/producer Christopher Cain (Young Guns), Dean was born in Mt. Clements, Michigan on July 31st, and grew up around shores of Malibu, California. He attended Santa Monica High School and was an awesome athlete. He excelled physically as well as academically, and was offered 17 scholarships to play football. Instead, Dean chose to attend Princeton University. There, he received a BA in history, and played football on the starting line-up of the Princeton Tigers.

(left) Dean grinning for his college yearbook picture; (right) Dean looking good now.

Dean flew to new heights as Superman on the abc show, and even had time to write 2 scripts for 'L&C'. He attended charity events, celebrity functions, and also adressed congress on the importance of education. He starred in, directed, and produced an abc special on the private lives of celebrities, and still managed to take time off to attend photoshoots, and appeared in many photo spreads.

Photo of Dean for 'Entertainment Weekly' magazine cover.

For 'Esquire'--

Dean Cain is now married to country singer, Mindy McCready (22). It was announced around the end of 1997. The same year that the final episode of 'Lois and Clark' aired on abc.

Reruns of 'Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman' now airs Monday-Friday at 3pm pacific, and Sundays at 6am pacific on TNT.

Look for Dean in his 1st motion picture-"Best Men". He co-stars with Sean Patrick Flannery (Powder), and Drew Barrymore (The Wedding Singer).

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