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Interests...Dharma and Greg

"Dharma and Greg"

The abc sitcom "Dharma and Greg" is a wonderful tv show about an odd couple who fell in love. I like it because it's characters are so funny, and it's portrayed so well by such great personalities. My favorite episode was the one when Greg pulls his groin while trying yoga!

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UPDATE ON JENNA AND THOMAS--they were featured in TV Guide as two of TV's Best Dressed. Thomas was on the cover!!! For the short Q+A with Thomas and his cover and article pictures, go to his Celeb Page: Thomas Gibson . For Jenna's pic and Q+A, scroll on down!!!

"Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson"

You've probably never heard of them. Well, they play Dharma and Greg on the abc sitcom. Jenna is! She's been on short lived sitcoms for awhil before landing the role of Dharma Finklestein. She's married to fellow actor Bodie Elfman. If you remember, there was once a Honda car advertisement where a coffee stand vendor kept asking: "Decaf...or regular?!" Jenna was the comic vendor! If you're a fan of the show, you'd have to know of Dhamra's wonderful personality. Jenna portrays the role so well, the lives of Dharma and Greg becomes so believable.


"Dharma and Greg" star, Jenna Elfman is a nominee for the Emmy Awards!!! Nominated for 'Best Actress in a Comedy Series', she's up against Ellen DeGeneres, Kristie Alley, Calista Flockhart, Helen Hunt, and Patricia Richardson.


TV Guide: Describe your character's look.
Jenna Elfman: Half vintage, half sweats.
TVG: And your own look?
Elfman: Sexy tom-boy. I'm a T-shirt and jeans girl; I do like skirts, but they have to come to my knee.
TVG: Are you actively involved in Dharma's look?
Elfman: Absolutely
TVG: Favorite color-
Elfman: Teal
TVG: What would you steal from your TV wardrobe?
Elfman: There's an off-white skirt with pink and light green butterflies. That's my favorite skirt of all time.
TVG: My costume supervisor is a genius because...
Elfman: She's innovative, playful and doesn't conform to established designs.
TVG: Personal Wardrobe favorite?
Elfman: My Levi's 501s. They have a little hole in the thigh. My husband [actor Bodhi Elfman} and I always fight over them.
TVG: Any product you can't live without?
Elfman: Vincent Longo dew finish foundation. It's the ultimate perfect base ever on planet Earth.
TVG: Whom would you like to dress like?
Elfman: I hope nobody, but I really admire Gwen Stefani and Winona Ryder.
TVG: Anything you won't wear?
Elfman: See-through clothing. But I try never to say never.
TVG: What is Dharma thinking when she gets dressed in the morning?
Elfman: "Who am I today?"
End--Sizing up Jenna: "It's like dressing Barbie," says costume supervisor Nipar. "Everything looks good on her."


In the picture, she's got on: skirt by Jill Stuart/Bloomingdales; top by Tooke/Bloomingdales.

Thomas Gibson plays the charming Greg Montgomery. He's married and is a sweet romantic off-screen. He used to be on the drama Chicago Hope before he began on D&G, and I've been looking out for him on Chicago Hope reruns, which airs on CBS I think. Thomas also starred in a whole bunch of television movies, all of which I missed because I'm a new fan of his work. And if you saw "Far and Away" starring Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman, remember the boyfriend/manager? That was Thomas!!! You probably wouldn't have recognized him, 'cause he looked really different. The only way to tell it was him would be to listen to his voice. Then you'd realize it's him; and you'd freak!

Thomas Gibson was also in a TV movie, "The Devil's Child". In that movie, you get to see Thomas from a whole different perspective. The darker, evil side of Thomas comes into view, which differs quite greatly to the nice, sweet character he plays on "Dharma & Greg".

Thomas on "The Devil's Child"


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