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La Famille de Céline

Here is a little about Céline. This part of the site will be constantly changing for the good of the people. This is a bit of the things about Céline that may or may not interest you...

Full Name: Céline Dion(WOW! Who Knew?)
Born: Charlemagne, Quebec; on March 30th, 1968
La Famille: Adhémar and Thérése Dion( her lovely parents) Clement, Claudette, Liette, Michel, Jacques, Louise, Linda, Daniel, Ghislaine, Manon, Paul, Pauline, and Denise(All her brothers and sisters; not necessarily in chronological order), loads of nieces and nephews(she stopped counting @ 37), and her husband, René, in which she owes her success(HARDLY!)

Elle préferes...
Flower-The Gardenia Things she does in her free time- Céline enjoys golf, cooking, cleaning,
spending time with her husband, and shopping(She declares that her "most
expensive game!). She also likes to water ski. She learned
how at age 18.
Golf- She started playing in 1996, she bought a golf course,
she played VH1's Fairway to Heaven. She is determined to beat her
husband(played for 27 years)and says he is afraid of her. She has
beat the 100 many times and her next goal is 80.
She has 42 holes of golf in her back yard in Montréal.
She hits balls during warm-ups before concerts(So if you ever catch her
concert, be looking for golf balls, possibly by CALLAWAY!)