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C'est Pour Toi

~About the Author~

Name- Celine

Age- 15 years old

Birthday- 14th of April, 1984

Grade- Ninth

Where I live- No where interesting

Family- Mother, Father, 2 brothers(one older, one younger), and a                stupid brain-dead cat named Persephone

Friends- My bestest friend Stacey, my CÚline friend, Rose, my                  other friend Jessie, my long lost Beaches buddy Tabitha, and                  my fellow softball teammate Casey.

Favorite Celebs- CÚline Dion, Teri Hatcher, Ricki Lake, Michelle                               Pfieffer, David Duchovny(My Davey!), Gillian Anderson,                               Shania Twain, Jon Tenney, and Calista Flockhart

Disliked Celebs- Leonardo Dicaprio(what a baby-faced little boy!),                               Courtney Love, LeAnn Rimes, Garth Brooks, Tea Leoni                               (OK, I like her as an actress, but did she HAVE to                               marry my Davey?), and whoever the heck played Agent                               Spender on the X-Files! Mariah Carey is also someone                               I can't bear to watch anymore(I don't want to see fer                               nude body, get some clothes on!)

Favorite subject in School- French class

Least favorite- Math

Coolest thing we are doing in school- Breeding fruit flies!

Favorite CÚline songs- Zora Sourit, Misled, Love Can Move Mountains,                                         J'Irai O¨ Tu Iras, If That's What it Takes, Call the                                         Man

Least Listened to song- If I Were You

# of CÚline c.d.s own- 28

Free time activities- Homework, piano lesson, music, tv, internet,                                      nothing!

Dreams- To be an actress, to meet CÚline Dion, to visit Paris and                  California

Favorite CÚline interview- Her on ANY Rosie but especially the one                                              where they fought about golf, and CÚline                                              blew up @ Rosie about it in French!

Ideal vacation- Disney World or Paris!

Favorite tv show- X-Files, and Ricki Lake

Favorite Movie- One Fine Day, and Up Close and Personal

Favorite Sport- Hockey

Other interesting things- I have a pen pal in Germany! She is so neat!  I                                             enjoy translating CÚline songs to English and                                             to French. I am passing all my classes in                                             school! My dad is in a wheelchair because of a                                             freak accident.

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