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Being in the music main-stream does have it's cons. To the fans, it looks great because
they see the artist singing and smiling and enjoying themselves but this is only the best and the good
sides of the job. Only the artists truly know what the cons of the business are.
Just one of them are those tabloids. The Globe, The Enquirer, The Sun,and many more all
find and expose some awful or "bad" things the celebrities did or has. Most
stories prove to be false and some are not but are believed. The tabloids are
bad rumour providers. All they serve to do is to hurt someones image.

This holds true for CÚline. She has been in millions of tabloid articles
stretching from her marriage to her health, from her house to her future plans regarding her dreams.

I have collected a few of these articles; of course just for the fun of it.

The Globe Articles

The Enquirer Articles

The Star Articles

If you have any articles you can give me it would be appreciated!

This page is not trying to defame the tabloids. It is for the mere fun of it. If any
employee of these papers have a problem with what is on this page, please
e-mail me and tell me. I will take it off my
site but don't sue me please! LOL! Remember...FUN!!!!!
La Maison