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CÚline Dion Gives Up Dream to Have a Baby

She and hubby RenÚ are going to stop trying for 3 years.

After years of heartbreak, superstar CÚline Dion has decided to wait at least three
more years before trying once again to have the baby she so desperately desires.

As GLOBE reported, the stick-thin 30-year-old diva has been hoping to conceive
with her manager-husband RenÚ Angelil, 56, since 1995.

But now, riding high on the tidal wave of her Titanic theme song's success,
CÚline is having second thoughts.

"We're putting our baby plans on hold," says the newly strawberry blonde singer.

"In show busuness, it's a question of timing. It's going to be a long time
before I take a break."

"When things are hot like they are now, you've got to go for it. How am I
supposed to have a private life? I'm not hiding the fact that
I'm really looking forward to a rest. But I'm not complaining.
I'll rest eventually, maybe after my tour."

CÚline says her doctors have been unable to find a medical reason why she hasn't
been able to have a baby so far. But experts note that stress and
the Canadien singer's grueling schedule
could be contributing to her pregnancy problem.

They warn that without a break, the high-energy performer may never have a child.

And CÚline's painfully slender figure could also make it difficult. "She'll have
to slow down, get some rest and gain weight to increase her chances
of conceiving," says Palm Beach Fla., gynecologist Dr. Esther Weisfogel.

CÚline, one of 14 children, credits her devoted husband RenÚwith propelling her
to superstardom and inspiring her love ballads. "He's my soulmate," she declares.

Now, the workaholic singer-who's sold over 80 million albums-is looking forward to her
Christmas release, "These Are Special Times". And she takes comfort knowing that
her romantic tunes have bben an inspiration for other couples.

"How many babies have my songs helped bring into the world?" she asks with a smile.

"I hope there are many because when I touch people with my music, it makes
what I do worthwhile." -Patrice Baldwin

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