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Je Chanterai!

   Bienvenue!  This is the lyrics section of my site.  Feel free to copy text(FYI-I typed it ALL BY MYSELF!).  If you have any songs that I do not have on, please send me the lyrics. I would appreciate it so much.  All the album lyrics that I have are all the albums I own. Oh and the French will be translated at a later date.  Merci et aimer!


                                              ----The Collection; 1982-1988 (1997)

                                                   ----Unison (1990)

                            unison.jpg (41645 bytes)


                                             ----Dion Chante Plamondon (1991)

                                 plamondon.jpg (29592 bytes)


                                                  ----CÚline Dion (1992)

                             cdalbum.jpg (25148 bytes)


                                             ----The Colour of My Love (1993)

                             coulour.jpg (46516 bytes)


                                                   ----Live └ L'Olympia (1994)

                              olympia.jpg (46912 bytes)


                                          ----D'eux/The French Album (1995)

                            deux.jpg (18955 bytes)


                                             ----Falling Into You (1996)

                                             ----Falling Into You-Limited Edition (1996-Asia Release)

                                 fiy.jpg (22199 bytes)


                                             ---Live └ Paris (1996)

                              liveparis.jpg (32334 bytes)


                                             ----Let's Talk About Love (1997)

                                ltal.jpg (18936 bytes)


                                             ----S'Il Suffisait D'Aimer (1998)

               suffisait.jpg (60627 bytes)


                                             ----These Are the Special Times (1998)

                           specialtimes.jpg (33804 bytes)



                                                             ~Happy to Meet You-Elmopalooza (1997)

                                                             ~The Prayer-Quest For Camelot (98)

                                                             ~Be the Man-2nd track-"Reason" Single (97)

                                                             ~Send Me a Lover-Women to Women II (97)


Albums I would like the lyrics for:


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Je Chanterai!


La Maison

This page is not copyrighted but I would like permission asked before using the pictures.

P.S.---You can get them all at CelineOnline. They have them too!

P.S.S---Does anyone have the Collection Album cover?

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