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Friends of Bear

bear.jpg (25619 bytes)I decided to get dressed up fancy tonight, because I wanted to introduce you to my friends. Since I put up my web page, I've been meeting all sorts of great friends, and I wanted to show them off some.

Ace is a new friend of mine. He wrote back in November. His web site is pretty cool, with all sorts of information about us Schips. Check it out at Schipperke Station / Amy & Ace's Place

A special note to Frugal Designer, a new Schip owner who was a little frustrated in learning about our... ahem... mischevious natures. I hope the little one has settled down a little, and that he doesn't mind doing his business outside anymore. Did buying him a furry toy help with the chewing problem? Please mail me again with a photo or two and the pup's name, so we can honor him here with the rest of the crew.

formalcleo.jpg (14847 bytes)Don't forget about Cleo! OH MY GOD is she a babe or what!? If I had a tail it would be wagging like crazy. She begs/plays patty cake like I do... She likes little stuffed hedgehogs (my personal favorite)! We're a match made in heaven. If I ever get out to New Hampshire, I'll visit her for sure. Until then... she's only a link away....

Hey Cleo: a neat trick I like to do with my paws... I let my owner hold me by my tummy in front of him. I take my two stiff little arms and push them forward, until it looks like I'm flying like SuperDog!

Special 'Howdys' out to my new friend out in Oregon: McChub Bear. I hear we look an awful lot alike, so he might be a long lost cousin. Hope you had a good Christmas, McChub. I sure did!

If you want to be my friend, please write me at the following address: I will always write back!

Thanks for viewing my site, and meeting my friends. I look forward to hearing from you all sometime!

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