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Welcome to Bear's Home Page

NEW! Updated 7/7/2000 NEW!


Happy 4th of July everyone! I have been EVERYWHERE this summer, and I hope you all have had a great year, like I have. My family took me to the beach, and Calico Silver Mine, and they even took me to Yosemite National Park, and I get to go to the park every weekend. Life is great!

Here I am after a hard day of chasing seagulls away from the campsite at Carpenteria State Beach.

And here's me getting ready for bed after chasing squirrels and bluejays away from our campsite at Lower Pines in Yosemite

People often ask how I like to travel. When I can, I go by train, as I did in Calico.

But my all-time favorite method is simply by car. Especially if the Air-Conditioner is set to full-blast! 

Remember that CAT my owners bought? She just turned 1! She's kinda cute, for a cat, and certainly isn't as fat and hairy as the others.

Big Howdys to all my Schipperke and dog friends around the world. Hope everything is well with you. Please continue to send me pictures or links, and I'll make sure my human gets them up here on the new site.


My good friend Kristen Henry, who runs the fantastic Bonchien Schipperke Website sent my human information about an organization that is going to start doing genetic studies of epileptic schipperkes. I don't know much about medical things, and I am fortunate enough to have been seizure-free my entire life, but if you or one of your friends has doggy-epilepsy, please visit their site

Who Am I?

Hello! I am Bear. Actually, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has me down as "Cap'n Bear E. Clary," but that's a mouthful, so you can just call me Bear. The first time one of my owner's friends saw me, she said "It's a little chorizo!" So, sometimes I go by that nickname as well. Which doesn't mean I'm fat... I'm just big boned (or as we like to say in dogdom, I'm just a little bit husky).

What Am I?

For those who don't know, I am a schipperke. Bred in Belgium to be ratters on barges, my kind now exists mostly to please children, and love families, and I do both quite well. Schipperke means "Little Captain," and it's no secret that I like to be the boss. In fact, I think my owners go to McDonalds on Wednesdays and Sundays now more for me than themselves.

Where Am I?

I live in the Santa Clarita Valley, which is near Magic Mountain, for those of you who know California Theme Parks. I have never been to Magic Mountain, but I do enjoy camping at many of the State Beaches west of here during the spring and summer.

Why Am I Here?

Well, that's easy. I'm here to love my family, and spread joy throughout the neighborhood. Of course, I'm also here to chase any rats that may show up, but I've got three step-sisters and a step brother here who are cats, so no mice usually come around. I did get to meet a hamster once. He was tasty, but my mom got mad and made me put him down.

He Shoots!


 (86008 bytes)/ca2/capnbear/images/bearkiss2.jpg (86333


He Scores!

I am so grateful that the people who bought me (almost EIGHT years ago!) have loved me and taken care of me. I'll probably never be a champion, and my family lines are probably not the strongest in the schip line, but I have found a real home, and to them, I am a champion. I know they love the cats (no one's perfect) and my cocker spaniel step-brother Zak.

My Family:

Here are the photos of my family!
I've added more pictures of my family here, and now I have a photo of Alley... the baby of the family.

My Friends:

Check out some of my friends here!
New Friends added this week: Cleo! Coming Soon: More pictures of my brothers and sisters, and me in a Family Album!

My Likes:

I love little furry toys like mice, and the beanie things that come out of toy crane machines.

I love soft tacos with no lettuce from Taco Bell. Yo Quiero indeed!

I love McDonalds hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and sometimes my owners let me have whole Whoppers or Famous Stars. MMmmmm...

Actually, I am a very clever dog, and can eat nearly anything. I learned how to open Tupperware, and most paper or plastic wrappers. My owners have found empty dog biscuit boxes, empty fish food cannisters, and even an entire package of chocolate-covered cherries near my favorite lounge chair outside.

I hope you like hearing about some of my adventures. If you'd like to hear more, send me some feedback at I sure would appreciate it.

Oh, and if any of you Little Captainettes are looking for a little action... I have to get tutored some day, and sure would like a little Bear Jr around the house before that. For some reason, my owners get a real kick out of imagining me and my son. BJ and the Bear, they call us. I can send my pedigree to any discriminating females out there.

Don't make me angry. I am all-powerful, and can capture your heart with my cute devil-dog eyes!


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