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This is my most recent web cam pic. (Taken: Nov. 3, 2001)

Notice my NEW email address (brandies@ncinternet.net)! The only difference between my new addy and my old ncinternet addy is the "s" after "brandie". Mail sent to other addresses will not be returned; so, please be sure you are sending to the correct (brandies@ncinternet.net) address.

(04-23-02): Soon, I will be graduating with my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts. I am looking to start a new job around the 1st of September. If you know of any job openings here in Bakersfield, please let me know. Thanks!

(10-21-01): Check out my new Anti-Osama webpage dedicated to those who would like to Piss On Bin Laden! Click here
Hello! I'm Brandie. Welcome to my homepage!

I started a webring for people in Bakersfield. If you would like to join Bakersfield Buddies or if you have any questions regarding the ring, please email me.

On New Year's day, I celebrated my 21st birthday. (Born in '81). My interest include the following: photography, traveling/sight seeing, size acceptance, college life, the Internet, family, fashion, plus-size modeling, Anthropology, Psychology...and monkeys!

If all goes as planned, I will be graduating from Bakersfield College with my A.A. in Liberal Arts this summer. I'm planning on hanging out at BC for another year before I transfer to a CSU or UC. I'm very interested in studying Biological Anthropology.

I modeled for Extra Hip on KTLA morning news at the end of January 2000. After the show, I had a photo shoot. I'll put a notice on my homepage if my photos are shown on Extra Hip's web page.

The Iris Silk's(modeling contest) is now over. I was one of the ten plus-size finalist; but, was not chosen to be the new plus model. I thank all of you who supported me in the contest!
If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, questions, or ya just wanna say "HI", feel free to email me!

Photographers interested in photographing me - PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO EMAIL! I'll trade time for prints.

Email Me                       Send a (text) message to my cell phone

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