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This page contains writings that might be viewed as bad taste or innapropiate or whatever it may be to some ppl. If you are one of those ppl, feel free to turn back.

I am afraid of myself. 
I am truly scared.
I don't know what's really in me...
a monster lurking maybe..
an angel sleeping.
I am afraid of myself on nights like these
when i am truly alone.
My monster likes to play
and i try hard to put him away.
He likes to see the blood and cover
his sinful body with it.
He like to drink my salty tears.
he feeds off of my pain.
I lock him up in chains,
and he doesn't like this game.
I will keep him there for the sake of me.
God help me if he breaks free.......

This needle is in my fragile hand wondering if it will have the chance to work it's magic. I wonder too, if i can be strong enough to withold from it's evil grip. I know that truly it would hurt much worse to get rid of my pain, it is my only friend. So i dig in, Scrape away my crying skin empty my blood instead of my empty tears.
Split down the middle no room for you wondering where i lost it, did i loose it with you? Split down the middle no room for myself everytime i thinki find it, i turn into somone else. Split down the middle, will you stay when i don't belong? When every second of the day i am terroized by who i am.... Split down the middle no thanks to you somehow my love was slipped into the crack and creeped into the confusion and now i am split.
Today it creeped up on me again and it struck me hard like a nail in my fist I wasn't prepared for it's torture, in the middle of my happiness i thought maybe it had gone away for good But it is never gone, really gone It is a part of me, my better half, the part of me, me hates to see Today i tried again, and won a battle in my losing war Today i found a smile and it brought me to the floor Today my tears were silent overpowered by your love Today i found a drug in you one of pure happiness
He tempts me with his far off looks He pretends that he really cares I know all of his darkest secrets How to avoid his eery stares He thinks he can control me but he thinks wrong I am not in love anymore it's gone on far too long He doesn't know what i am thinking Its all normal in his head He doesn't know what i am thinking, How bad i want him dead.
The hands of evil take me into theirs The eyes of the devil ook me over; filfth on thier mind Theses sick fucks just don't understand an innocent soul; and it used to be mine They captured all it's beauty power was thier hunger and me thier ugly prey They fed upon my body laughing at my pain. Fun at my pathetic expense is it me, or does that just make perfect sense I am here, taking pain for everyone on this earth.
Teach me how to sin agaisnt it all. Show me what is hiding, behind your forbidden wall. tell me what to say when my enemy befriends me, I look as though i'm blind, teach me how to sea. The ocean soothes at night, can you tell me why. My grass is blue unlike you, twisting black-n-white. I made me you, inside another world. I wanted to be rescued and put safetly into your box. I wanted you to answer, all of my unkown. I made me you inside my head, don't let me down you, I might make me dead.
My sollitude is my magic bitterness for only me to feel The contamination has got a hold of the heart beneath the whole of my insanity. I'm a mirror, broken into pieces Please don't fix me it's how i want to be A bucket for your emotions pour them all in don't worry if i'm overflowing of course you wouldn't. I won't be able to answer I am still imprisoned inside this jungle i have built caged in with all of my lonely passion unable to free myself and let go of the pain why can;t i have some company and finally let you in?

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