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Poetry Contest


Mini Short Story Contest

Win $100

Winning poems will be published in new off-line anthology, tentatively entitled, Internet Poetry. Deadline for entries: January 1, 2000

MINI-POETRY contest: Deadline September 1, 1999. Winning poem will receive $25.00 and show cased on On The Same Page.


Contest: Open to all writers

In honor of Independence Day, (July 4,), On the Same Page will sponsor a Short Story Contest with themes related to the American Dream and how it relates to your characters. If your characters are of a minority background, show how The American Dream affects them.

Winning story will be judged on content, originality and creativity. We are looking for unexplored territory in the fictional arena. Writer must show skill in the craft of short stories. Word limit up to 2,500 words.

All themes are welcomed

1 poem $5.00

or 3 poems $10.00


Entry fee: $5 per short story, $10 per 2 short stories
Deadline: August 31, 1999

Winning story will be featured on On The Same Page in September, 1999. Also, the winner will receive free autographed copy of the novel, The Ebony Tree, by Maxine E. Thompson

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